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07 October 2010 - 04:42 PM

I built another Cirello "Frankenstein" Magneto. Very popular Mag with the fuel crowd. Surprisingly, I haven't seen one in kit form so I built one...

...at this point you will need to find a dist cap...

If anyone is interested in seeing the fuel pump built I can do a tutorial just say the word guys.

There is a magneto very close to the Frankenstein in the Garlits WynnsJammer kit and its various re-releases, but I found the distributor cap on it very small & hard to drill out. I also got one on a resin parts sprue that came with a 1966 Comet body ordered from Reliable Resin.

Norm at Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland has a "pre-drilled distributor" 3-pack in resin. The cap is separate from the body/shaft and is molded in a reddish/brown color. Should work perfect here. I've used the caps on turned alum magneto bases before. (I'd give the catalogue # but am away from home for a few more days)

I know I am interested in the pump tutorial, although Straightline have a tutorial for a similar pump if you are short on time.

Great build of a significant car going on here,
Thanx for taking the time to share your progress.