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In Topic: 2015 Mustang - another quickie

Yesterday, 06:13 AM

That is a really nice build and the color is great.  Gotta love Tamiya TS paint colors and they dry quick. 

In Topic: Best selling cars (and truck) of all time

Yesterday, 06:06 AM


I would think when nothing interchanges anymore.


I would say when the platform is changed it is a different car. One Example: A Chevelle is the same car from 64 through 77 despite wheelbase and body changes. They downsized it in 78.

Consider the different Charger variations or "generations" through the years.

In Topic: Thirty-nine Ford

Yesterday, 04:48 AM

By the way......Happy Birthday John! Go celebrate with a new kit/build!

Thanx, Wayne- I might just do that , even though I have about 20 projects in the works and about 100 unbuilts on the shelves- but, there's always room for more (especially the Fox Mustang or the S&M 'cuda or another Revell '09 Challenger or... :D )


And thanks for all the comments.   Harry, thanks for the edit.  This is such an easy kit , I might just build another one, but clean and shiny.  And it rolls, too!

That firewall detail is what is molded on the kit part- I just took my time and used a reeeeeeal fine brush and a little bit of thinner for a better flow.

In Topic: Chopped 32 Tudor

Yesterday, 04:32 AM

Very nice, great choice of colors and the interior, while simple, looks great.  I'd be happy to have that one on my shelves.

In Topic: Why are there so many iconic cars that have never been kitted ?

Yesterday, 03:54 AM

You're right, Tom.  It's a changing world.  Wait til our grandchildren see what their grandchildren are into- I'd love to be there for that!  One thing hasn't changed- even as a kid, I never really was into the TV or far-out custom cars.  I built two- the Mannix (Toronado) roadster and the T.H.E.Cat 'vette.  None of the others appealed to me.  Maybe if the Adam 12 Belvederes were available, or Squad 51...