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Number "9" - Henry A. Yelinek '37 Ford NASCAR racecar

Yesterday, 02:11 PM

My wife's father's NASCAR racer, circa 1948 ~ 1953:




And the completed Revell model:














1969 Dodge Charger - Metallic Blue

19 January 2015 - 07:23 PM

I did this as a test model for things since I've been away from modelling for a while and just getting back into it. Ironically, I built a General Lee from a Revell '68/'69 Charger a few years ago, and now I've finished building a normal car from the snap-together DOH kit. Weird.




















I have some decals I may put on the car, but for now this is good. Looks like I need to practice with BMF some more, LOL!

1971 Dodge Challenger Kammback Sportwagon

16 January 2015 - 04:54 AM

Adding this to the list of must-builds....







Number "9" decal for vintage NASCAR coupe racecar 1/24 scale

16 January 2015 - 04:22 AM

I need two of this decal in white and as close to the shape as possible. I'd like to have it with its shadow as well, but the speed stripes I can paint on myself. Here is a pic of the car that shows its shape...




I have decals I can possibly trade for them. A small vintage Texaco decal for the lower left rear of the car would also be welcome.




Thanks for looking!

Henry A. Yelinek Sr - '37 Ford NASCAR Racer build

28 December 2014 - 01:35 PM

I may have posted this before but I can't seem to find the topic. My wife's father owned his own local Texaco shop here in Richmond and raced this Ford all along the eastern seaboard. The only reference points I have to build this car are historical pictures from the net (whatever I can find, anyway...), some sketchy memories from his kids who were really young (ages 2~5), and this only pic of his actual car:




From my brother-in-law's recollection, the fenders and wheels were black, the body panels are burgundy, and the roof line is white all the way back to the rear bumper (CORRECTION: white to the bottom of the rear window, burgundy all the way down to the bumper...). The bumpers themselves were metal girders attached to the chassis by the frame rails, and very little, if any, logos were on the car save for his name, the "number 9" on the door panels, and MAYBE a Texaco label somewhere in the back. Since he ran his own Texaco shop, he wasn't much in the way of advertising for anybody else, so he didn't decorate his car like all the others.


What I'd like to know is info and pointers from those of you who have built these old racers. Specifically, I picked out this kit to build the car off of...




From the looks of the image on the box I suspect the car is lowered somewhat so I'll have to actually beef up the suspension some to make it more natural looking. Any thoughts on this, or am I using the wrong kit for this project?