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'55 Olds Full Custom...just completed last night

15 March 2014 - 06:41 AM







I've just completed this Olds custom last night after (believe it or not) over 110 hours of effort. The starting material was a cheap, damaged (and missing a few parts) diecast stock '55 Olds, bought at a toy show a while ago. I'd also bought, on Ebay, a set of American style wire wheels for just such a project, and the Olds purchase was just the impetus to get this model rolling. There are lots of body modifications and hand-made parts throughout, and paint is basecoat/clearcoat deep purple over a pearl base. The period typical 'Carson' style top was hand (and Dremmel) hogged out of a block of 'REN', a resin modelling material used in product design studios.

The windshield has been chopped a scale 2", the Packard style tail-lights are handmade, and the exhaust system is done in polished aluminum tubing.

The materials used on this model include styrene, diecast, tin, aluminum, Ren, Bondo, epoxy, cyanoacrylate, and ,of course, the various paints.










Larry's '59 White 3400 with the brass trailer completed

08 March 2014 - 06:11 AM





My brother, Larry, just sent me pics of his completed trailer to go with his recently completed '59 White 3400 Diesel Tractor.

The trailer is entirely scratch-built (mostly brass) using reference of covered-wagon style trailers from that era, and it's painted in basecoat/clearcoat to match the tractor's livery. All the useable sides, hoops, rope, and tarp are stacked in the front area of the trailer, and I noticed that he's even run the simulated wiring to the tail-lights, etc.







1959 White 3400TD Diesel Tractor (trailer not finished yet)

22 February 2014 - 07:26 AM



These are preliminary photos of my brother, Larry's latest model... a 1/24 scale, mid '50s to early '60s White 3400TD which, when completed, will also feature a 35' flat deck trailer.
The production truck was unusual in that the cab was raised, a large interior dog house fabricated necessitating the raising of the passenger seat, and two large radiators mounted behind the cab to effectively accommodate the Cummins NH220 engine. This was White's largest truck in the 3000 series and referred to at the time as 'King of the Highway'.
The model is mostly scratch built of soldered brass (chassis, steering axle, air and fuel tanks, radiator / exhaust / Luberfiner assembly, all fuel, air, and coolant plumbing, mirrors, accessory sanders, factory sleeper, and complete trailer structure, etc.), and styrene (engine, batteries, interior dog house and interior sleeper, trailer deck, etc.). The modified cab front and door structures are from an incomplete and damaged Danbury Mint diecast. 
The standard White 3400TD (tractor / diesel) production colors were ...red chassis and green or red cab. The model is done in basecoat / clearcoat for the main chassis and cab components, while smaller details are picked out with Humbrol and Testors paints . The model is quite heavy, very durable and, so far, has taken more than 500 hours to build. He expects the trailer will be completed by the end of this month and I will re-post images of the full rig at that time. For Larry, this is a productive way to thoroughly enjoy what otherwise has been a cold, long, hard winter. 












'Sweet Pea".....Traditional '35 Ford Hot Rod Pickup

04 February 2014 - 06:31 AM





I've just completed this traditional hot rod pickup from a damaged and dusty (and missing some trim parts), stock DM '35 Ford PU that I found at a 'give-away price' at a toy show. 
Modifications include: body stripped and repainted in custom mixed (basecoat/clearcoat), 
hot-rodded flathead with lots of handmade details (lines, linkages, filters, plumbing, etc.), brass radiator, tuck-n-roll custom interior (styrene) with felt carpet, fabricated dropped front axle and handmade transverse springs (individual leaves/shackles) in front as well as rear, custom tubing dual exhaust, handmade plastic spare tire cover, wooden box floor, steelies with wide whites, etc.
There are lots of additional handmade details such as door handles, gate chain, gas filler, and tear-drop tail-lights. 
The "Sweet Pea" lettering on the spare tire cover is a combination of model RR lettering and hand painting with a fine brush.

Materials used include styrene, aluminum, plated wire, brass, tin, felt, wood,  and diecast.







Hot Rod Model Kit History........Revell in 1954, and Monogram in 1959

06 January 2014 - 09:09 AM







I believe that the 1/32 Revell (Highway Pioneers) kit was probably the first plastic kit made of a Hot Rod.....crude by later standards but quite cute in its own right.

The Monogram was a later (1959) kit and although still a multi-piece body, was much better proportioned and more accurate in detail.

I built both of these models around 1970 and they're both very simple with very little added detail (I did change the Monogram's grill insert from the "uncomfortible" heavy vertical bars to a fine plumbing mesh and I used smaller front tires) but I did fill the multi-piece body seams and paint both kits with my first airbrush...a Binks Wren intended mostly for artwork.

Like all my models, I've always used display cases to keep dust off them and they've stayed fairly pristine for the last 44 years, or so.

I'm really happy to still have these models... both as a history of the development of model Kits , and a history of my own model building.