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1952 International L110 Panel Van

05 August 2014 - 01:29 AM





This '52 International panel truck was extensively (but subtly) modified from a $29 NAPA promo a few years ago. The promo was a '53 version that has a different front end design and it also had a tail-gate instead of the correct vertical rear doors.

The modified model was a collaboration between my brother, Larry, and me which included: the complete fabricated grille/hood front (including the trim done in plated brass), The hinged rear doors (done in brass), detailed engine, single seat interior (including heater ducting and inside-mounted spare wheel/tire), tubing exhaust, valve stems on the wheels. etc. Factory reference was used to insure accuracy throughout, and the paint was basecoat/clearcoat. 

My brother and I always enjoy making models of vehicles that aren't available in kit form, and we also always liked the styling of the '50 -'52 International small trucks with their 'mustache' grille.....so this model was very satisfying to complete. We tend to use whatever materials will give us the desired result.......plastic, metal, resin, whatever.















1/24 precision diecast JAC Tractor (without trailer)

15 July 2014 - 07:09 AM



There have been many 1/24 precision diecast Chinese tractors made in the last few years and this is one of the most recent.
These 1/24 truck models, made as promos for the 1/1 manufacturers, are a bargain considering the detail, working parts, and nice finishes and would appeal to most truck aficionados. They're usually made just for the Chinese market, so they're typically only available on Ebay out of China. Prices are all over the board, but with careful shopping, are often in the $100 to $150 range.









Something Different....Borgward and Tatra from BoS Models

24 June 2014 - 12:06 PM





These two unusual 1/18 resin models (I've not seen either model replicated in 1/18 before) are made for Model Car World in Germany. There are no opening parts but the proportion and fit/finish exude quality. Model Car World's retail outlet in the US is American Excellence and their price for each of these models (approx.$117) is about half of the typical Ebay price that I've seen, and the US shipping from AE is only $12.  The models (German '55 Borgward  and Czechoslovakian '69 Tatra) are heavy and well detailed and one of the things about resin models that appeals to me is that they'll never suffer from the dreaded paint rash that often afflicts diecast models over time. I sent off for these two models the moment that I saw them available and photographed them as soon as I received them.













NEO's '49 Cadillac Sedanette in 1/18

24 June 2014 - 01:46 AM



I think this model is outstanding. It's really heavy and, being resin, nothing opens but it does have pose-able steering, and the fit/finish of the entire model is second to none.
The 1/1 vehicle that Neo measured no doubt had radial tires (most restorations do these days) because the tread pattern and width is not like an original bias ply tire.... but who cares.., in display position it's unnoticeable. The original car would have sported 'sombrero' hubcaps but, again, many of the current restorations take advantage of the Eldorado wire wheels....and they're really beautifully replicated by Neo.
These pics were taken within 15 minutes of getting the model home.
The model is fairly expensive since it's made in relatively limited numbers and the  best price I could find was from American-Excellence because although their price is similar or less than the offerings from HongKong, etc., the shipping to the US was also less than $12.









'55 Olds Full Custom...just completed last night

15 March 2014 - 06:41 AM







I've just completed this Olds custom last night after (believe it or not) over 110 hours of effort. The starting material was a cheap, damaged (and missing a few parts) diecast stock '55 Olds, bought at a toy show a while ago. I'd also bought, on Ebay, a set of American style wire wheels for just such a project, and the Olds purchase was just the impetus to get this model rolling. There are lots of body modifications and hand-made parts throughout, and paint is basecoat/clearcoat deep purple over a pearl base. The period typical 'Carson' style top was hand (and Dremmel) hogged out of a block of 'REN', a resin modelling material used in product design studios.

The windshield has been chopped a scale 2", the Packard style tail-lights are handmade, and the exhaust system is done in polished aluminum tubing.

The materials used on this model include styrene, diecast, tin, aluminum, Ren, Bondo, epoxy, cyanoacrylate, and ,of course, the various paints.