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In Topic: Backyard Junk

Today, 03:46 PM

Good stuff Daryl. As are all of your dios. and builds.

In Topic: Larry Dixon Silver Miller Lite Top Fuel

Today, 11:44 AM

Looks great Wayne, didn't you also build the blue Miller car?


Yes. I did the blue car using the JWTBM decals along with the black 96 car that mirrors this one. I also have decals to do the blue and white 97-98 car along with piecing together different decals to build the 95 Miller Genuine Draft car, someday.


Thanks for the comments.

In Topic: Foose - Revell Partnership

20 May 2015 - 08:05 AM

Playing the evil's advocate here:


The new tools will be new 1:1 builds of a 2015 Mustang and a 29 roadster, while the others will be modifications to existing tools just like the rest of the Foose line is. I'm not going to get too excited.


The text above clearly states that the two original Foose design kits chosen from the six options will be based on original tooling where the other 4 kits will be reissued kits with added Foose design.

In Topic: Upcoming new item...Strange narrowed 4-link rearend

19 May 2015 - 10:24 AM

Here are some added pics. of what I am working on. This is still in the rough stages as I just finished the parts that are part of the one-piece mold. I pulled a different center section from the parts box to see how the finished product could look. The main center section is still curing in the two-part mold. There is also a cross brace that will be available to secure the bottoms of the 4-link brackets.













In Topic: Hugh Tucker's 1928 Chevy AA/SR phantom WIP

18 May 2015 - 10:44 AM

If this is the same car then here are a couple of pics that I took at the Portland Roadster Show back in 2005.