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Got to drive a Z06 vette this weekend!

13 April 2014 - 05:21 PM

Like the  title  states   I got to  sit  in and  drive a  Z06  vette  this  weekend,

  unfortunately  it  was  only  from the  front  of the   shop to  around  back to   do  a  windsheild  repair!

  man the   heads up  display  on  some  of the   gm  cars is  so cool !!

   unfortunately  i never  really  left  first  gear  and  did  not   get to   get  down on it!



 I thought   my  transmission  in my  106k  mile  saturn had a  noisy  transmission, that  corvette  tranny was  all sorts  of   noisy  and  it  had  only  20 k   on it!   its a  very  high  torque  motor   for  sure  when your  cranking it  up you can  hear the   draw on the  starter i guess from  high  compression??


 nonetheless very   cool !!   made my  weekend  also  drove a  turbo  beetle  with a  6  speed,


 why  do  people  who  drive  standard  shifts  act  stupid and  assume that   everyone  cannot   drive  their  car??    8  out of  my  10   vehicles have  been  standard  shift, i find it  offensive when someone  asks   do I need to  drive  around??   Heck no  I got it   B)  i'm cool  like  that!

 just  remeber  folks   german  vehicles  no matter  how  old or  how  new     ya need to  push the  shift  lever  down to  get to  reverse!

what exacly does Bump mean?

12 April 2014 - 02:48 PM

I see this plently on posts here,
call me dumb, or maybe i've been living in mississippi way too long,
but what the heck does "Bump" mean? i'm litereally "Dumb"founded by the term bump and its meaning here on the forums

Four Eye Mercury Capri Foxbody's

08 April 2014 - 05:42 PM

one will be a  "black cat" the other a  "crimson " cat
   another is a  V-8  "RS"  capri,  another will be a  turbo 2.3 rs  box stock for  most part
 and i will have  another   body   that will be   painted  white  for a  "white lightning"  capri i will find the  magazine  pic i have and  snap a  photo  of that  too!


chassis has had molded in muffler removed and molded in exhaust tailpipe
will find chassi pan that has been filled in with styrene and get a pic of that one too ( this is for v-8 purpose)

the root beer brown "RS" v8 has had the roof modified to a t top
(used a t bar from mpc mustang kits) thats also where the "RS" looking front facia was from as well mpc mustang kits

mpc's cool headlamp trick

08 April 2014 - 05:35 PM

has anyone ever gotten a 1987-89 gt mustang kit by amt or mpc
and wondered what the heck those little plastic clear pcs were on the clear glass tree....
this will all make sense when you look at the pictures that follow....

older svo mustangs 84-85 had halogen lamps single tucked in lamps
sometime in 85- and 86 they went to a flush plastic compound headlamp similar to the new for 87 mustang GT

the kit manufactureres simply made a little fill in piece to make the newer version (updated) svo look correct
it was pretty cool i thought and rather genious i though..... can look slightly tacky but it does seem somewhat accurate to the real 1:1 design

now PICTURES   B) 

1982 Ford Mustang Convertable 1/25 scale

08 April 2014 - 05:28 PM

I'm going to freshen up this old concept Gal with a newer look,
the 85/ 86 svo look i will have to decide what looks better
compund (flush with clear lenses) or halogen (chrome bucket)
I want to say this kit when it came out was the "concept" convertable
due to the fact that i want to say ford re introduced the convertable for the mustang in 83' so in 82' they had concepts i want to say thats what revells 1/25 scale cabrio mustang represents......

wish me luck
i have another of these kits in progress as well i was swapping out running gear/ bottom halves of the doors and front and rear bumpers and facias to make a 1983 annivarsary convertable figured its easier to swap and modify body parts then to cut roofs off hatchbacks and try to make it look like a proper convertable....