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1/25 Deep-dish steel wheel

28 February 2015 - 06:37 PM

I am looking to trade for just (1) of the 1/25 deep-dish, late-1960's era racing wheels as shown in the photos below.  I believe that this particular wheel can be found inside the 1/25 Johan 1972 Ford Torino Nascar stock car kit or inside several different 1970's-era MPC Chevrolet Camaro kits.  Frequently, these wheels have inconsistent chrome-plating on their backsides, as shown in my photos below. 


I'm just looking to trade for one of these wheels, hopefully with the chrome-plating in good condition.  Thanks!







Looking for a 1/25 Goodyear tire

21 February 2015 - 10:52 AM

I am looking to trade for (1) of a 1/25 Goodyear tire, as shown in the photo below.  I believe these tires could be found inside several different 1/25 MPC kits, They have GOODYEAR lettering and 9.25-10.00-15 lettering on each of their sidewalls.  Just need to trade for one; it can be from a built-up or from your parts box as long as it's in good/reuseable condition.  Thanks!



1/25 AMT 1970 Ford Mustang body & parts

15 February 2015 - 01:10 PM

Here's another project that I planned on doing for a long time, but have now lost my interest in.  It is a 1/25 AMT 1970 Ford Mustang body and related body parts, from a built-up.  I won these parts on that auction website back in 2012, and paid approx. $24.00 for them, (not including shipping).
The body is unpainted, in its original AMT Yellow styrene.  The clear glass is still glued inside the body.  The rear window louvers are shown just sitting on the rear window; they are not glued in-place and are painted in what looks like Testor's Flat Black paint.
The hood had a small scoop glued to it, and some glue residue from that scoop still remains on the hood's surface, but I believe it could easily be sanded-off and leave no traces.  The front and rear lower-valances are also glued into the body, but both appear as though they could be removed with little or no damage.
The chrome front bumper/grill, (the grill has Flat Black paint on it), taillight panel, (with both clear Red lenses), and rear bumper are all here, and in reasonably good condition.  The chrome is a little worn in spots, but I believe all of these pieces are fully-restoreable.
The biggest issue with these body pieces is the glass still glued inside of the body.  It has some excess glue around the window frames, and replacement glass might be the best way to go for a clean restoration.  The body also has an area behind the front wheel wells on the front fenders  where there may have been scoops or something glued to the body at one time.  The body is slightly damaged there, but I believe a good sanding and smoothing could fully-restore those areas as well.
Please see the pics below.  The only thing that I'm somewhat interested in right now would be a set of 4 of the recently issued AMT Goodyear L60-15 Polyglas GT tires that are already pad-printed, plus maybe some other parts or pieces.
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1/25 MPC '68 Jegs Camaro dirt track built-up

14 February 2015 - 05:53 PM

I went through several of my kits today, and found a few that I don't think I'll ever get to.  The first one that I'm offering up for a trade is a 1/25 MPC '68 Camaro Super Stocker dirt track stock car built-up.  I did not build this model, but won it on that auction website back in March of 2003, (still have the paperwork from that purchase; I paid $24.50 for it, not including shipping). 


The built-up was auctioned as being "complete", but it is missing a few small pieces.  It is missing the tie rod and one front suspension spindle, the air cleaner and one trailing arm from the rear suspension.  A few other pieces have fallen-off; they are shown in the pics.


The chassis is 90%+ unpainted plastic.  It is built-up fairly well, but also looks to me like it could easily be taken apart for a complete rebuild.  (That was my original plan when I received this built-up, to take it apart and detail-paint the chassis sub-assemblies and pieces and rebuild it).


The engine is wired, and all 4 racing tires are present including the "floater-tread" left-front tire; all of the tires are unmounted.  I did purchase a resin, dirt track racing air cleaner to go on my rebuild of this Camaro, (I'll include that in this trade).


The body appears to be airbrush-painted in a great-looking, Medium Blue Metallic color on the front 3/4's of the body, with bare-White plastic on its rear.  It looks to me like the entire body was clear-coated after that.  The window trim and hood/trunk pins are all handpainted in Silver, the entire inside of the body looks to be brush-painted in Testor's Silver and the kit's decals are all on the body and are still in good condition.  The chrome rear bumper fell off, but is included.  (My plan was to clean-up the handpainted Silver trim in a few places, and then weather the entire body to look like a used-but-not-abused dirt track race car).


Please take a look at the following pics and post any questions that you might have regarding this old built-up.  I know the Camaro from this MPC Super Stocker series is one that will probably never be reissued, but I've lost my passion for this rebuild project, so I'm hoping it'll find a home with a new passion for it. 


I can't say exactly what I'm looking for in-trade for it.  The only thing that I'm somewhat interested in right now would be a set of 4 of the recently issued AMT Goodyear L60-15 Polyglas GT tires that are already pad-printed, plus maybe some other parts or pieces.









Removing Sharpie marker from kit plastic

28 January 2015 - 06:01 PM

Today I received a built-up Mustang kit that I won on an auction site, and was thinking that the model's body had been painted in Flat Black spray paint.  Once the built-up reached my mailbox, I discovered that it was not painted with paint, but the body had been "painted" with a Black, Sharpie Permanent marker, (the thick, greasy, permanent Black ink that goes on in streaks).


Has anyone ever encountered this situation before?  If so, were you able to remove the Sharpie "marker-paint" job?  I'm looking for any suggestions for removing this Sharpie marker from the kit's body; different solutions to soak it in, etc.  Thanks.