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11 November 2013 - 04:21 AM

Thanks and ditto's.

Don't post much but have enjoyed this site for a long time.

While deployed in Iraq as OIC of a combat stress clinic a few years back, I was able to start a model building club.  My motivation was rather selfish... my #s were low and I felt I needed a "hook" to get people to drop by the clinic.  Started a model club (as well as some other unofficial non-sanctioned activities) with the very generous help of many contributors.  It drew attention and accomplished my goal of providing a non-threatening way of bringing soldiers in.  

We eventually encorporated model building into some of our therapeutic groups in a more formal way, but the biggest benefit was drawing a bunch of people together on a regular basis where folks could unwind, have a little fun, enjoy the camaradery of others and escape from the difficulties of deployment.

When I left, I turned over all the donations I'd accumulated to the base welfare and morale team who were amazed at the volume of kits, supplies and tools I'd received over the deployment.

For this , I owe an overdue "thanks" to the modeling community in general and specifically to fellow modelers who donated.

Happy Veteran's Day