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Looking at these WEC cars...they all look the same, well, at least the Nissan and the Porsche do. Becomng like F1 maybe? All those cars look alike to me.

Those cars are called prototypes, and yes, for the most part, they look alike.

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Yesterday, 04:33 PM


Doesn't the American hobby industry realise, the we Euros would kick each other's teeth in to get ahold of all the 60s-70s 4-door Detroit tin?

We are a market, too!


And speaking of snap kits: Reissue the Craftsman Series, Round2! Are you listening? No. Of course not.

Yes, you are market, but not for the US companys, they have a hard enough time keeping their home market happy , whats make you think they could keep your market happy ? :lol:

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Yesterday, 04:27 PM

No according to this thread, most here do not care, and neither do I.

And nor do I really , so its just one big no one is really caring party

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Yesterday, 04:23 PM


I highly doubt that was the case.  At the beginning, way before Tamiya entered the smaller scale car model market, the competing scales were 1/28, 1/24, 1/21 and 1/20 among the Japanese kit makers.  1/28 and 1/21 soon fell out of favour, leaving the market divided between 1/24 and 1/20 (although it did not stop the manufacturers from rebranding their 1/28 kit as 1/24, especially after mergers and buyout of molds from bankrupted kit makers).


By the 80's the market has pretty much settled on 1/24, with LS and Bandai as the last holdouts for 1/20.  After Bandai stopped making model cars and LS went out of business in the early 90's, 1/20 finally died off as the general car model scale in Japan.


Tamiya started out with 1/12 for their detailed car kits, and scaled down to 1/20 in 1977 with the Tyrell P34, and to 1/24 in 1978 with the Porsche 935.  By that time the Japanese market had already settled on 1/24 and 1/20, and I don't think there would be any Monogram influence that late in the game.

Sounds like someone here does know what they are talking about


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Yesterday, 03:12 PM

In the first few episodes of TG USA they did have a Stig character and had celebrities race around a track but that stopped and it was just the three guys doing whatever thing they decided to do.

They still use the Stig from time to time.