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  1. That finally explains why they never answered my complaint, The two sheets I ordered from them went into the trash - worst stuff I'd ever had.
  2. Is the AMT / Ertl version a re-box of the ESCI model ? Sorry, I was thinking about the GTO
  3. Tom, It was over a month ago. I did it through their site. Brian
  4. I ordered two sheets directly from BMF. They were both wrinkled when they arrived in the box. No reply from BMF to my asking about them.
  5. I'm liking those hinges. More info please. What are the pins? Just pressed into the back block or held on the other side? Brian
  6. Try this link. http://nebula.wsimg.com/d2d104c148f4f44b12240e98930de17d?AccessKeyId=350DC2E998A40EC2FE9E&disposition=0&alloworigin=1
  7. Now where did that missing coil go ???
  8. The dashboard is printed on the Pyro instruction sheet. Lindberg forgot it on their instruction sheet.
  9. I hope you post progress on your Charger. I've got that listed for one of my future projects. Brian
  10. How'd you get plastic rod to make those side pipe turns? Hollow rod? or drilled out end?
  11. Our model group got to meet there for just over 3 years. (4/2010 to 6/2013) They were great hosts and it was a nice setting. Brian
  12. Mark, Just so you're aware - We were at the NHRA museum and compared the Revell 3 window body to a 1:1 stocker on the floor. It looked like the kit had about a 1" or 2" chop. When the kit first came out I think I remember this discussion about it. I want to make a stock looking 3 window and the slight chop isn't going to stop me. If you're not showing it with a 1:1, you can't really tell. Brian
  13. Never know where you'll show up. Brian
  14. Curt, I like the "gas struts" on the rear cover - are they actually holding the cover up by friction or is there something else? Brian
  15. This seems like a good idea for my Bare Metal knife so I had to go get one.
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