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  1. Wow good stuff I don't even find these pictures on Google, I really like the two tone police paint jobs they come out nice even with my tiny Walmart table and 20 dollar airbrush "studio"
  2. Did they ever use the 57 chevy as police? I am trying to convert some kits into 2 door cruisers so i can build my 50 state patrol collection, over the years to come
  3. And it's done interior came out decent, used a very cheap airbrush and basic tools for this. Not so bad.
  4. Ah welcome to the age when sports cars are no longer interesting and something with a lot of chrome and white walls is, nice work.
  5. Made a wood base for it interior about to be finished, starting the paint on PA cruiser now, pic of my small car corner too and some builds in progress
  6. Trying to build about 15 different vintage cop cars after not building for 7 years, seems like this is hot these days. Check it out just needs its interior. Used a 70 dollar ebay airbrush compressor combo hobby lobby paints and bmf, pai t is testors gloss maroon which only had two left in hobby lobby a town 20 miles away, of course I drove there to get it very hard to find testors gloss maroon and 2 of them for airbrush , UPCOMING PROJECTS: 1970s same ford but PA state police and 78 monaco in mississippi state police, also same 1970s ford ( i have 10 of these) as a vintage yellow cab ( i drove nyc taxi 8 years)
  7. Very nice all it needs a good pic with Brooklyn NY in background with a touch of italian side
  8. a self made paint room would just be amazing, a few vents and fans and ducts and the dust should not be a problem, now how do real automotive spray guns work on models? Are they just too much and too big for little items? would be cool to shoot like a bunch of bodies with a real gun in a matter of hours.
  9. They could seriously boost their profits if they sold the cookies next to one of the many new legal pot dispensaries in Colorado or NJ. As sad and odd that sounds it is true. http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Girl-Scout-Does-Brisk-Business-Selling-Cookies-Outside-San-Francisco-Pot-Club-246452511.html
  10. And this type of music which rarely gets mentioned, the proper genre would be - Psybient - Chillout - Ambient.
  11. Beach Boys - Help me ronda Michael Been - World on fire ( that early 90s sound ) And this 1960's music that nobody knows about and nobody will probably listen to from here, but seriously i wish this stuff would get out there.
  12. Any of you guys seen the trailer park boys episode closer to the heart with Alex Lifeson being kidnapped? Some wonderful Canadian comedy right there.
  13. Michelle Adamson would be mine.
  14. Waylon Jennings and J.J. Cale, my Phil Robertson music.
  15. missing the i plymouth plates, but i love the roadrunner i have a 1970 from revell i painted into bright yellow from testors which seemed to match the mopar color well, maybe just slightly off.
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