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  1. Need more nomekolatura cars, ochen krasivo! How can we get 1/24 scale soviet cars in USA? I have plenty of them in 1/43
  2. Thats some high insurance quotes on 8 mustangs
  3. I would do the police version
  4. One day they will make a 2021 Charger SRT And Challenger Hellcat/Redeye/Demon as 3 in 1 or something, man that would be great. Good build.
  5. The vettes in europe always look better than the ones back home haha
  6. I wish the Cadillac's were available more as kits than the promos, such a badass mob car.
  7. Reminds me of those benz or bmw face toyota kits its like a mustang GTR
  8. Back when Mercedes was very well built those things are still around on original engines with 440k miles, rust is the only issue but man did they hold up.
  9. Finished finally the gsp, mhp, got vsp Vermont state police almost done, fire chief like on box almost done and finished the Mopar. Some pics of all my projects sorry if some is wip. I feel like nobody ever really did a model of Vermont cruisers I have another set of decals and 5 more of the Ford kits some missing decals or windshields. Massachusetts cruiser will be posted in future. Also bonus is a 73 or 74 charger I run into everyday by my home. The new painted bodies is a 62 t bird and 62 Catalina, I don't think they came in those colors but good enough for me haha
  10. Nxr

    '59 Edsel HT

    This is the edsel i wish they made a lot of like the 58 kit, this one is very good looking the 58 is hideous, many of you build it so well but that front end is probably the reason edsel didn't last too long. the 60 was good looking too though.
  11. This and a raspberry blazer and an old early 90s nokia cell phone and you got a full Russian mobster deal, haha
  12. Not as bas as a red Ford Festiva
  13. I like the jeepney on the right, will survive nyc traffic no issue
  14. I swear that northern salt is a killer! just take a look what it does even to the builds out there Great weathering i do not have even a percent of skill of doing that.
  15. The GSP and the Mississippi HWY patrol are almost done, it took some work and i lost about 15 instagram followers ever since i started doing model police cruisers haha
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