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  1. Nxr added a post in a topic Anyone ever build a paint room ?   

    a self made paint room would just be amazing, a few vents and fans and ducts and the dust should not be a problem, now how do real automotive spray guns work on models? Are they just too much and too big for little items? would be cool to shoot like a bunch of bodies with a real gun in a matter of hours.
  2. Nxr added a post in a topic Has anyone bought Girl Scout Cookies lately..?   

    They could seriously boost their profits if they sold the cookies next to one of the many new legal pot dispensaries in Colorado or NJ. As sad and odd that sounds it is true.
  3. Nxr added a post in a topic Music   

    And this type of music which rarely gets mentioned, the proper genre would be - Psybient - Chillout - Ambient.

  4. Nxr added a post in a topic Music   

    Beach Boys - Help me ronda
    Michael Been - World on fire ( that early 90s sound )
    And this 1960's music that nobody knows about and nobody will probably listen to from here, but seriously i wish this stuff would get out there.

  5. Nxr added a post in a topic Music   

    Any of you guys seen the trailer park boys episode closer to the heart with Alex Lifeson being kidnapped? Some wonderful Canadian comedy right there.
  6. Nxr added a post in a topic Music   

    Michelle Adamson would be mine.

  7. Nxr added a post in a topic Music   

    Waylon Jennings and J.J. Cale, my Phil Robertson music.
  8. Nxr added a post in a topic 1968 Plymouth Road Runner Restoration   

    missing the i plymouth plates, but i love the roadrunner i have a 1970 from revell i painted into bright yellow from testors which seemed to match the mopar color well, maybe just slightly off.
  9. Nxr added a post in a topic The "S" word...   

    I envy you people with houses in rural areas so much, i don't think i will ever be able to afford one and will always be stuck in these over used nyc apartments with no garage or deck or a place to work on a truck! Great photos of the snow though i really would love to spend time outdoors over there, probably amazing air compared to smell of auto exhaust and cigarettes in nyc.
  10. Nxr added a post in a topic Music   

    Doom 2 soundtrack

    not kidding, i can not get enough of this type of music, love video music lately.
    you can also check out tai fu and turok 2 soundtracks, some of my other favorites as well as heretic.
    Tai fu was one awesome game with some sort of asian techno mix that i can never find anything similar too

    some of my favorite model building music as well, can play it over and over.
  11. Nxr added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    VW has a serius aux port problem, i mean there is an option for aux media but no port! Darn rentals
  12. Nxr added a post in a topic one hot pontiac that faded away.....   

    The sunbird seems a lot like the last toronado generation which, i have never ever seen in person. I have seen so many toronados from 60's and 70's but never this one! and its 86-92 or so, judging by the old A-class Mercedes on the left this one is probably somewhere in Germany, Finland or Holland.

  13. Nxr added a post in a topic question on US licence plates.   

    If you need various plates printed this is the site to go: http://www.15q.net/usindex.html it also has every vintage Canadian plate you can think of, i believe the print size is 50x25 for 1/25 plates.
  14. Nxr added a post in a topic This is disgusting   

    Well i did not mean hot wheels, that is just toys for kids. If you wanna check out some good 1/64 models look-up greenlight and m2 machines and auto-world, they make some very decent stuff.
    Also this company MotorMax makes very model like cars and for only about 11-14$ a car. They have a decent selection of four door Chrysler cars from around early 80's which i can never find as models.
  15. Nxr added a post in a topic This is disgusting   

    But for 48$ you could probably get a nice die cast, or two.