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  1. "Spearmin-T" bucket build

    Mark, love the build and the new whitewalls. What kind of tape did you use? Most of my builds seem to be stalled because I find myself wanting whitewalls but don't have any. Thanks!
  2. Blair, Lovely shoebox! And fantastic background! Have any posts/pics on that buildup? Would love to do something similar for my slammed shoebox! Tim
  3. 1940 Ford Panel

    Thanks Slusher. Here's a few more shots of yesterday and today's progress.
  4. M.A.S.K.

    Thanks for bumping this back to the top. I loved M.A.S.K.! Hope to see more of this! I know how life can get in the way...
  5. 1940 Ford Panel

    Here are some shots of it.
  6. 1940 Ford Panel

    Getting back in to things. So why not start something new? ;-) Always loved panels, so wanted to give this AMT version a shot. If you've built any of AMTs 40 Fords, this will look familiar. Anyway, I love resto mods, so threw some scale 20s on the back and 19s on the front after dropping it about 5 scale inches. I'll post photos in a few.
  7. Keep going! Want to see this completed! Tim
  8. 1932 5 window coupe

    Going to be a sweet highboy! Tim
  9. Another Super 7

    Fantastic work! What kind of mill do you use? Hope to be able to do this myself some year when wife, $ and time allow. Tim
  10. 1980 Chevy Citation Non-X11

    Alan, That looks great! Tim
  11. What I've learned on my Lotus Esprit

    Hey Ed, still working on this? Tim
  12. Next WIP 1925 Ford hot rod. Updated 10- 24

    Keep the radiator the frame color. Nice contrast! Tim