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  1. Mark, love the build and the new whitewalls. What kind of tape did you use? Most of my builds seem to be stalled because I find myself wanting whitewalls but don't have any. Thanks!
  2. Blair, Lovely shoebox! And fantastic background! Have any posts/pics on that buildup? Would love to do something similar for my slammed shoebox! Tim
  3. Thanks Slusher. Here's a few more shots of yesterday and today's progress.
  4. Thanks for bumping this back to the top. I loved M.A.S.K.! Hope to see more of this! I know how life can get in the way...
  5. Here are some shots of it.
  6. Getting back in to things. So why not start something new? ;-) Always loved panels, so wanted to give this AMT version a shot. If you've built any of AMTs 40 Fords, this will look familiar. Anyway, I love resto mods, so threw some scale 20s on the back and 19s on the front after dropping it about 5 scale inches. I'll post photos in a few.
  7. Going to be a sweet highboy! Tim
  8. Fantastic work! What kind of mill do you use? Hope to be able to do this myself some year when wife, $ and time allow. Tim
  9. Keep the radiator the frame color. Nice contrast! Tim
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