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  1. Looks amazing. I had a 1996 Cougar and really does look good
  2. What do you use to pin the handles to the side?
  3. I assume he is asking about the re release that was just announced last week I believe? If so I haven’t seen any news of it on their website.
  4. Wow I truly enjoy just following your work
  5. Wow that tape job is great! I like how it’s extended to the interior
  6. Looks awesome! I have wanted to get that kit
  7. Just added a coat of clear and is looking nice and smooth! Excited to get this project going again
  8. Okay was at Autozone today and picked up a couple cans of Dupli Color spray paints I used to prime/paint. Sprayed 2 light coats then a heavy third/final coat. So far it’s looking good to my eyes and paint doesn’t seem to be doing anything funky yet....
  9. Wow been longer than I thought... Haven’t had any time but to walk by my models to and from work for awhile but I should have some time now. I just stripped this and have had it sitting in the garage workstation until today. Going to try and primer it again and use a different color I will hopefully get to pick/spray sometime this week/weekend if life doesn’t get in the way again....
  10. That is amazing! I want to see more....
  11. I gotcha I was taking ya to literally... That makes sense. I usually try and do a nice 600grit then 1,000grit sanding to the body before paint then wash it with Dawn dish soap and let it sit for a day before I paint it. I can see the roughness you are talking about and I think you are spot on. Thanks for the info!
  12. Wow thank you for the reply and info that is very helpful actually. I had heard it was best to warm your paint cans prior to painting. I have a sink in my garage I would run hot water into a glass and let the paint can sit in that for 5-10 minutes to warm up prior to spraying anything.
  13. Wow that is a great tip! Thank you I am going to try that tonight (hopefully!)....
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