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  1. Which one Mike, the Singer or Pfaff? My original post showed both. Got a pic?
  2. I asked a female friend this past weekend if she knew how to sew as I'm trying to find someone to teach me. She said she did not know how but a friend of hers gave her a sewing machine and she had no room for it. She said I could have it if I wanted it. I looked at it and instantly said I'd take it. It is a cabinet model. It is a Model 99K, the same model as the one I have in the mailbox style case in my first post. This one is from 1955, the same year as I am, again from Elizabethtown NJ. I originally hoped it may be a different model but upon further reflection this may work out better. I can learn on the table model and if I want to go somewhere to sew I can take the portable model. I tried it and it sews fine. I have to tweak the tension adjuster a little but my first attempt looks pretty good. I did break the needle when I tried it in reverse but the needle it came with may have been bent. I have to buy some needles for it so it will be about a week yet. There are a few other things I need for it that I will be getting at the same time. This is it after a bit of cleaning. This is a video so if you click on it it should start. singer video.mp4
  3. Roy's choice of an Amish one might be good. Similarly I bought a personal carry belt off eBay about 10 years ago. It still looks great. They are made from thicker leather than typical belts. It was around $35 then. Well worth it. I was buying a new belt every year when I'd get them at walmart. I got the one with the screws to hold the buckle on as I have a few belt buckles I can change around.
  4. For those that may not want to take the time to look up the translation: This kit I bought, super poorly finished. For the upper part I already got a new one, the A styles were misshapen. But now the upper part and the part don't fit together. Huge bad fit. I use DeepL Translate. It pretty much has what I've needed, except for Klingon.
  5. I mentioned I learned to drive and took my test in an old Cadillac and learned standard shift in my brothers Beetle. What I REALLY learned to drive in was a 1977 Datsun 280Z that was set up for autocross. This car would corner. I could chew up and spit out big block American cars in the twisties. If there were long straight a-ways I was at a disadvantage but I'd usually catch them in the next set of corners. The car was a hoot to drive.
  6. I learned to drive a stick in my brothers '68 V-Dub Beetle. You can choose to believe it but this is the truth. Early in my learning he let me drive it home from South Hills Village Mall. There is a traffic light at the intersection of South Park and Logan road. It is on an uphill. The light was red. I was first in line. A Rolls Royce pulled up maybe a foot behind me. I looked at my brother and asked "now what"? He said simple. Pull the emergency brake on. It was a lever between the seats. Then he said that when the light changes to ease the clutch out until it starts to engage. Once it does push the release button on the E brake and slowly let it down. Easy Peasy. Worked like a charm. I did not drift backwards and all was good. It's a technique I have used since, when needed.
  7. They will. They were glued in place. From what I can tell it looks like they were glued after it was painted. Hood and the windshield were glued after painting too. I'm hoping it all comes apart easy after a soak in the purple pond. There are no headlights in it. I should be able to make some that look right. I need to find some pics of a C2 with it's "eyes" open.
  8. Arrived today. Early AMT '63 convertible. Looks to have been brush painted. Windshield frame looks to have a couple cracks. Windshield will be replaced. No motor or trans.
  9. I have to concur with Snake. Steppenwolf Live. Because of this song. The best rendition of it that I have heard also. Eric Clapton Unplugged. The only way I could understand the words. Sorry, couldn't find the video of this. And Superdan was close. Metallica S&M. For the most part for this song. Crank this one up LOUD. I love these songs and listen to them often.
  10. Alice Cooper...Billion Dollar Babies Alice Cooper...Killer Pink Floyd in 1988 and 1994
  11. Glad you could get back behind the wheel Carl. We are supposed to see 50 degrees tomorrow. I'll believe it when I feel it but it will be a welcome change.
  12. Great topic Carl. My Dad was into Cadillac's. He had two 1964s and two 1968s. I did most of my practice in one of the '64s and that is what I took my test in. My first car was a '67 Cougar. Yes, I do so much wish I still had it. Took my motorcycle test on my brothers Kawasaki 500 Mach III. We had gotten a minibike when I was in 5th grade and I got a dirt bike in 9th. It was dual purpose but it did have a license plate and was Pa inspected so I did what any 14 year old would do. I rode it on the roads in my town. That was a different time back then. Early '70s. We had to take our tests at the State Police barracks (closed course) in the county we lived in. I failed my first drivers test because I followed my mothers advice. I passed the second time doing it my way. When I took my MC test the trooper told me how how he wanted me to do the course. Since the Kaw didn't have turn signals I made sure that I did all the hand signals correctly, When I approached the end I saw that the trooper wasn't even watching me. He had his head stuck in the drivers side window of the young girl taking her driving test in the car that was behind me. I guess he figured if I could ride it there to take the test I knew how to ride.
  13. Well done Pat! Thank you for posting. Unique, at least to me, subject.
  14. Nicely done. The gull wing doors look really good on this car.
  15. Thank you sir. I just came across a built up.
  16. If I'm correct, didn't AMT have the grab handle slot in the passenger side dash hump? I can't tell from your pics if it's there or not. If there is one it should eliminate at least the 1967. Then again, looking close at the dash it seems like it has a lot more dash gauges than it should. And while I have you on the phone, so to speak, which '63 Corvette convertible kit had the revolving headlight buckets?
  17. I'd love to have one of these. A quick eBay search shows they are a bit too pricey for me. There is a Revell VW panel van kit too. Same deal. Would be nice, more than I'd want to pay. Thank you for posting Casey. I may look for a good deal on one.
  18. Interesting Corvette Snake. Nice find. I did a search and found no information on this kit. I'll agree with you. It does have a sort of dune buggy look to it. Makes you wonder why they didn't sculpt the front fenders inward too. Just my opinion, the hood scoops look Mako Shark to me. The windshield looks like a standard windshield that was installed upside down. And you need to put some air in the left front tire LOL.
  19. It should be on the front panel or on a small plate on older machines. If you look at the pic of mine in the first post my plate is on the right flat part below where the Singer badge is on the machine. It is Y1605574. If you click my post pic it should get pretty big. May take a couple clicks. The number is easy to see then. Machines from the 1800s to 1900 do not have a letter prefix.
  20. Sorry you didn't get the Kenmore Chris. I'm a newbie at these things so I can't even recommend a Singer that does heavy material. The Pfaff I have does. Try thrift stores, garage/estate sales or church fund raisers. You may be able to get a good deal on one.
  21. Your Mum has a nice collection Les. I'll be satisfied with two that work. If you'd like any of them dated send me a PM with the serial numbers. I'd love to see a pic, or two, of the engraved one. Sounds cool.
  22. Did you work on any older ones Johnny? I need help sorting out what foot pedal I need to buy. All I see on eBay are 3 prong plugs like to one on my Pfaff. This is what I have and it's confusing the...heck...out of me. The thick cord coming out of the bottom of the female plug is the power cord. The male plug is for the light. I have no idea what the foot pedal would plug into. And no, as you can see I have not started to clean it up yet. I want to get what it needs to work then I will start to clean and lube it. And yes, I am going to replace the wiring first. It looks cool all vintage but that is spelled f i r e h a z a r d.
  23. I double checked the serial number on the Singer this morning. It was made in the Elizabethport NJ factory in 1923. It turns 99 years old this year. Next year it is a true antique in a partial meaning of the word.
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