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  1. I love green on a Camaro
  2. Hey guys, hope everyone has had fun at the bench! Got a small update. I had a few slot cars to do for some guys so having the bodywork pretty much done I shot some gravity colors rally green. Then it happened!!!! I dropped it! I got it wet sanded out yesterday and reshot the color. I got a chance to spray some clear tonight and it turned out pretty decent. I know it's not a big update but hey 1 step closer. Thanks again everyone for the comments and please let me know if you see anything I can improve on.
  3. I can't wait to get it finished. Waiting on engine parts and other parts to arrive. Hopefully have some color on it soon. Thanks for the compliments
  4. Wow Bruce this build is absolutely fantastic! Excellent work buddy
  5. Thanks for the cool tips budda. What brand is the clear double sided tape?
  6. I agree as well. From what i've seen it takes at least a week for it to dry
  7. Hey guys made a little progress in the past few days. I added some embossing powder to the package tray and floor. I also foiled the trim on the door panels. I added an auto meter tach with a shift light because...well they're just cool! I guess you can tell I finally decided on the color. I still like the idea of silver and have also thought about solid orange(I may have to build 2 more one day). I hope you guys like it and thanks for all the previous comments.
  8. Yes. It was a replica of the one I had
  9. Thank you. Red one or silver one
  10. I need to retake some pictures of them for sure and post them in the under glass section. Pics will not upload from my phone unless the picture is taken sideways. I may do that this weekend
  11. Killer stance al! You need to get this one finished
  12. Wow that is skill! Nice work
  13. Sorry for the last update I couldn't get the files to upload. You have to turn the phone sideways to take the picture. It worked out well as I forgot about using a set of tubular a arms from a nascar kit. Still haven't decided on the color yet. Leaning toward rally green but we will see. Thanks for looking
  14. Hello everyone, got a little time at the bench this morning. Boy you sure don't realize how rusty you get when you haven't built anything in a while lol. I'm not gonna put a whole lot of detail into this one (just getting the mo joe back). Decided to go with flat black on the chassis and will probably go with some sort of steel or titanium color for springs and etc. The ride height is so low I found some parts box springs with no arch for the rear. Also made some simple spring boxes (not really accurate but will do) and also a half driveshaft loop. Still need to make the wheel yuns which will actually stick through the back seat (because of the low ride height).Parts box once again came through on a set of seats ( i think from a Corvette). Put a quarter stick shifter together from scott at futurattraction and painted up the steering wheel. Hopefully I will have a few more updates in a few days as I'm waiting on engine parts to arrive. Hope you enjoy
  15. Superb work. What color are you going to paint the chassis?
  16. Love that color on that body. Post more pics please!!!!
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