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  1. The pics on IMCDB show a 1968 Coronet 500, which has a special grille and chrome trim around the side scallopes. The car has 68 taillights as well, but has side scoops, which weren't available on a real 68 Coronet, they are a 69 thing. If a 69 car got side scoops (optional), they were only available on the Super Bee and R/T, both of which don't have chrome trim around the scallopes. The movie car also has some non-stock hood scoops. I personally am glad one can build a stock 69 Coronet R/T convertible from the MPC kit. I don't care much for the movie car.
  2. Thanks for all your kind words. Jeff, I used a Multona no. 0788 spray can, then a spray can clearcoat and polished it out. Multona is a german manufacturer, I don't know for which car this particular paintcode is. I usually look through the paint shelves in the auto stores and get whatever I think looks suitable.
  3. I finally finished this big MPC Pontiac. It cost me some nerves, I worked on and off the project for years. The paint job needed several attempts for different reasons. But in the end I wanted to get finished and am quite happy with the result. It was an old built up, I rebuilt it mostly out of the box, except for AMT tires and a parts box mirror. I didn't even put ignition wires on, this time...
  4. Thanks for all your compliments. Sorry, the star truk grille is not for sale. I plan to backdate a current 78 AMT issue.
  5. Don't know, sorry. Mine is a styrene part I found on a swap meet. Thanks for your comments.
  6. Thanks for all your kind comments! I've never seen this diecast, will look for it. Is it an authentic camper? Someone really needs to make a good slide in camper, styrene or resin.
  7. While I was building the model someone posted this pic somewhere here on the board: By coincidence the paint scheme is exactly the same on my model! I wish to have a kit with the standard long wheel base. It just looks right...
  8. Here are some pics of the 1974 AMT Ford Pickup I built earlier this year. The kit is a 1976 Star Truk with a spare 1973-75 grille that I had in my parts box. Mostly out of the box except for the mirror supports. I raised the upper windshield trim and added some trim around the roof for the drip rails and the two tone paint job. I built a Lesney version as a kid and liked the kit ever since. Although from modern standards it is quite simple in several areas. Nothing spectacular in the engine bay Thanks for looking!
  9. I have the Trans Am in the Otaki version. I think, most, if not all of the kits were first issued as Otakis. Doyushas are reissues. My T/A has lights and an electrical motor hidden in the kit engine. I think the Doyushas lack the motor feature.
  10. The 75-78 Roadrunner and "Dodge Sport" aka Force 440 have been converted to the Joker Goon car. If the 80 Volare Roadrunner ever hits the shelves again some resin caster should do the correct alloy wheels and window louvers. That would make a cool model!
  11. I sold my Revell snapper because I think the roof looks too round, kind of a bubble top I'd rather accept the fender bulges than a bubbly roof.
  12. Dang, the green/white truck with the bed cover has exactly the paint scheme of my current build. Except that mine is a long wheelbase F-350, of course... Nice pictures!
  13. For my current build I test fit all the possible combinations of tire-halves that I have. Glued them together with super-glue and sanded the tread. I think the result looks convincing. As the two-piece tires have a bigger outer diameter I like them better on the truck than the older one piece hollow tires. The 1975 Star Truk that I have (identifiable by the older grill) lacks several details that later versions of the same molds have. I found missing on the 75 issue, but present on my later Matchbox/Lesney issues: -side chrome at the "dent" is of simple rectangular sectional area, the newer ones are more "sophisticated" -oil pan and other engine parts lack bolt heads -tailgate doesn't have the trim piece in the upper cove, that might be a model year issue, didn't check that -the stock wheel covers lack the center emblem I found a pic of a 76 model on the net that also has this old side trim, so maybe they corrected it for the 77 model?
  14. Yes, they are Keith Marks decals. You can find those in his fotki album.
  15. Thanks for the info. So Round 2 welded up the runners again, this is interesting.
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