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  1. Thanks to all who replied. I really appreciate it!
  2. JS23U

    53 Corvette AMT

    Thanks to all who replied. I really appreciate it!
  3. You mean the uptop? The Kyote buggy is very small. I'd say the one from the Monkeemobile must be bigger, though the style looks identical.
  4. I had this AMT Corvette laying around for at least 25 years. I had the bodywork and paint finished and it always went back into its box. Finally I managed to finish it. The Monogram kit is probably the better one but I tend to avoid 1:24 for its size. So I had to deal with this kit. Like other AMT kits of the mid 70s it was quite a hassle. Relative simple detail, parts fit so so, bad chrome plating, stance needed to be corrected and so on. I used Model Car Garage etch-parts for the headlight covers. These were of course made for the Monogram kit and much larger. Not ideal, but at least better than the AMT kit solution to paint the clear headlights. Given the inaccuracies and hassles I am quite happy with the result. And glad that it is done...
  5. I finished an MPC Kyote. Built out of the box except for self designed and printed tires. I wanted that balloon look on them. And I exchanged the instruments with aftermarket faces and aluminum tubing. A nice little model, I really enjoyed it.
  6. I'd probably be interested in a copy of that model. I always thought the 72 Montego GT is a nice looking car. There is a "Cyclone" version of that car, possibly the one with 429 engine. I'm not that knowledgable about these cars, also they are quite rare...
  7. I would be interested as well. Trying to buy a 73 Hornet wagon for some time...
  8. I heard similar things, that's sad. There are other (non-Craftsman) kits that fall into the same category of unknown whereabouts (for me). Like 63 Ford pickup, 64 Pontiac Grand Prix. Did they kill these as well?
  9. All these cool Craftsman kits make me wonder if the tools still exist. Many of these had their last run in the Craftsman series and have not been not butchered for Modifieds, Funny Cars or whatever. The kits that come to my mind are (not complete): 60 Bonneville 60 Starliner 59 Buick 59 Parklane convertible 59 Impala convertible 59 Lincoln 59 Edsel 59 Galaxie 60 Chevrolet Nomad wagon 57 T-Bird (we only have the glue kit version) And then there were some that were annuals in Craftsman disguise, also never reissued or modified: 63 Falcon convertible 63 Comet convertible 64 Corvair On the topic of the 59 Buick and Lincoln I always wondered why the '59 model year still existed in the sixties and not the '60. Both annual kit molds should have been changed for the subsequent model year. Or did AMT have more than one mold each? With all the new technique... wouldn't it be great to have some of these back?
  10. Welcome Joe. That's a very nicely built model, especially for a resin conversion. Clean workmanship!
  11. Thanks guys for the kind words. John Shoe: Yes I do. You can read Mopar VINs... ?! ;)
  12. I built this kit twice over the years. First the Matchbox version as a kid, that one is long gone. But I liked it so much that I bought and built another one about twenty years ago. I changed the tires for the MPC ones, just like others did, and it is a real enhancement. I remember also that I slightly upgraded the chassis parts. I detailed the leaf springs and made the front axle steerable. I also made the spare tire mount movable. I think the rest (engine, body) is more or less out of the box. In my opinion it is a great kit even without my slight upgrades and I was very happy with the result and it made a lot of fun. It built up quite well, although I had problems with a warped bed cover. Here is an old photo of my build, obviously inspired by the box art. The details are so much better than on the F-350 pickups. Especially the grille is much better compared to the 78 F-350 version. I tried to fit the grille into the F-350 but forgot the results. At least I remember it was not a drop in. Requires a little work, but seems doable.
  13. Maybe the Custom Corvette is the "Eckler Corvette"? Although in my eyes there isn't much of a 68 on it. But that's what left of the AMT Corvette annuals from 1969 to 77.
  14. I would love a modified reissue as a 4 door sedan CHP cop car. Just dreaming...
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