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  1. Dancing bear scaled products. I had them custom made
  2. Finally finished this thing that languished around a few years at least. Waiting on GS emblems yet. I really wish someone made correct mirrors for these early seventies big GM cars.
  3. Looking again some online references are incorrect. The correct wheelbase for a 73-76 2 door a body is 112. Four door is 116 along with Monte Carlo.
  4. Are you sure on that wheelbase? I think a cutlass was 112 for a 2 door. Monte Carlo was 116
  5. You gotta make the interior unfortunately. I have a 65 Pontiac Grand Prix chassis under it with a few mods to make it fit
  6. HAHA got you back Bill!!! You’ve made me want to get the 77 Cutlass!!!😄
  7. I think he was referring to the sky glass in the Sportwagon. Not a sunroof per se
  8. Even so MPC used the previous chassis under those. No correct B body GM 71-76 frame was ever made.
  9. Here you go this is my 68 factory big block car. This model will become this car.Lots of changes too be made
  10. I know the car they scanned for this. It’s obviously not factory but there is a real one like it
  11. Certain cars can use a similar cars chassis. But others have no chance. This car has a Johan 75 cutlass chassis and interior. Fits like a glove.
  12. Wow I mean wow this is now my favorite race car build I’ve ever seen!!! Probably one of the best builds I’ve seen period.
  13. Dude he’s doing all these I want 66 Electra 2door 68 Wildcat and Electra both 4 door 71 Riviera 68 Dodge Polara 77 Cutlass Supreme 68 Vista Cruiser 72 Matador And that’s just what I can think of right now problem is chassis and interiors for them.
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