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  1. Jesse Hoping the one you have was not a one and done. Hoping there is a resin caster out there who has these for sale. Jim
  2. With the reissue of the MPC Ohio George Malco Gasser Mustang kit, was wondering if there might be a1969 Ohio George Mr. Gasket Red Mustang resin body somewhere out there to combine with the current Malco Gasser reissue? I know MPC made a clear bodied 1969 Mr. Gasket kit awhile back that has never been reissued. Might anyone know? Jim Polli
  3. Tubbs Thanks for your reply. Checked out Speed City. They are lil' too big for what I want. Jim
  4. MIght anyone sell aluminum injector stacks .249 x .059 (see PIC) or something very close? Jim
  5. Force Thanks for your reply and the post. Good article. Still interested in a decal. Jim
  6. Does anyone make a circular blue streak decal for Goodyear Blue Streak Dragway Special Slicks? I know AMT has come out with 9.00 x 15.00 slicks with the circular blue streak already printed on them. i have a bunch of old Goodyear Slicks in my parts box that I would love to dress up with a blue streak decal. A decal beats painting one on by hand. Jim
  7. Might anyone know if Scale Racing Replicas has permanently has closed down?
  8. Darryl Very nice touch to adding detail to magnetos. Will purchase from your vendor table at the 2014 NNL East. Jim
  9. Might anyone have a line on who might sell 1/25th scale carburetor linkage springs? Do not want to make my own. You guys are always great with requests like this. Thanks in advance. Jim Polli
  10. Thank you all for the kind words. Dan, you are showing your age if you saw this run. I wish I could have. Jim
  11. Darryl Very Nice build. Thanks for posting.
  12. Kevin Thank you. The chassis, blower hat ,engine cover and direct drive come from Speed City Resin when you purchase the body. The engine is a 392 hemi from the Revell Miss Deal kit. The rear suspension and wheels are from a Polar Lights funny car kit. As mentioned above, the front straight axle, torsion bars and seat are from Parts Box Resin out of Australia. The Blower and drag chute are from Calnaga resin. All other goodies are from my parts box. Jim
  13. Just finished. The body and rear tires are from Speed City Resin. Decals from Whoopie Kat Decals. 392 Hemi is from the Revell Miss Deal kit. Front suspension and seat from "Parts Box" resin. Scratch built roll bar and steering mechanism. Wheels, front tires, fuel tank and everything else is from my parts box.
  14. Charlie Can you describe how you got those creases in the roll bar padding? Jim
  15. Very Nice Charlie. Inspirational!!!! Great job on those side panels. Thanks for posting. Jim
  16. Nice Build. Thanks for posting.
  17. Might anyone know of a resin caster/kit for dump headers like these? Thanks.
  18. Brett Very nice build so far! How did you do/paint your fuel cells. They look phenomenal. Jim
  19. Charlie Very Nice build! Anxious to see the finish. Testor's Clear enamel over lacquer. Interesting? Might I pick your brain on this one? Why? Jim
  20. Steve Very nice build. Was wondering if I can piggyback on your post? I am planning a "Showboat" build. Was wondering how John Teresi did his headers for his build. John, if you are there could you please comment. Thanks.
  21. Thank you so much for your input Chris. These look really nice! Jim
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