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  1. I just thought that it was cool to see what our modeling ancestors had done without the kits that we have today. It goes to show what can be done when you put your mind to it.
  2. I came across this in a 1951 Deltagram (a woodworking magazine put out by Delta tools). I wonder if this guy is still around.
  3. Yes. This is the preferred method of the great Gerald Wingrove,who outlines his process in great detail in one of his books. It should work,and there are pigments available for tinting silicone.
  4. Snow! they spend two days predicting the worst of the worse,everybody cancels everything,and the snow comes 8 hours late and 12 inches light. God forbid you need a loaf of bread on sunday,because apparently NO ONE had any in their house and raided the supermarkets en masse on saturday. I love driving in snow. I cant wait to take my new driver 16 yr old out and give him some practice. All the other idiots with the low profile tires and mitsubishi eclipses can stay home!
  5. The 1972 GMC Sierra Grande pickup. My older brother and I built it together,we two toned it and used the custom grille. I lost everything but the bed and grille and air cleaner over the years. This was very disappointing as these are mega buck kits if you can find them. However I had a pleasant surprise not too long ago when I was doing an inventory of all my kits. I had a builtup chevy stepside kit that proved to be a GMC stepside,so now I have the cab and chassis to restore the kit.
  6. Nonetheless this guys work is fantastic!
  7. This subject came up elswhere. The solution, Throw a tarp over the miserable blob and use it in a diorama!
  8. I bought some of that non ferrous welding rod..you know the one you see on tv where the guy repairs all kind of aluminum etc. I tried it on an old hubley kit and started to puddle the pot metal before the rod even melted. JB weld amnd bondo work just fine.
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