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  1. 1968 SS 396 Chevelle

    That’s looking really good. Wow.
  2. Finally a 68 Chevelle!!!

    Thanks. I’m taking portrait.
  3. Finally a 68 Chevelle!!!

    Got my dashboard done. I didn’t like the kit dash at all, somehow Revell figured out how to make the dash look 80’s🤨. so I used an old retro kit from model haus and stole the dash much better, just a little tuffer to fit.
  4. Revell 68 Chevelle

    Yes they are the AMT round 2. The rears are bigger by just enough. The beauty rings are parts by parks flat 5/8 dia. The SS centers are MCG, 69 parts. My grille is from the 68 el Camano. Your paint will look good either way, but I have always been a fan of the black rockers.
  5. Revell 68 Chevelle

    Looks really good. Love the 68’s. Did you decide on what wheels you’re using? I’ll send a picture of my wheels for my 68.
  6. Finally a 68 Chevelle!!!

    Just finished the wheels.
  7. Finally a 68 Chevelle!!!

    That totally worked thanks.
  8. Finally a 68 Chevelle!!!

    I got pictures posted. I’m going to work on it more tonight. I saw a thread on vinyl tops and l’m trying it turning out ok. I used frog tape for the texture, I plan on painting it semi black. I stole the wheels from a AMT 69 chevelle kit. Using garage grill, and steering wheel. I don’t like the kit dash so I’m using model haus.
  9. Finally a 68 Chevelle!!!

    That totally worked thanks.
  10. Finally a 68 Chevelle!!!

    Thanks but I don’t know how to do a screenshot? Maybe I should ask my daughter 😂.
  11. Revel 69 Camaro

    Wheels look great. Nice on its entirety 😊.
  12. Finally a 68 Chevelle!!!

    Thanks, I think it’s looking pretty good. I really wish my phone could post more pictures. I don’t know why that one posted, but not the rest. ?
  13. Finally a 68 Chevelle!!!

    I wonder why my phone won’t post my pictures? Any help?
  14. Finally a 68 Chevelle!!!

    I finally got a couple 68 chevelle kits. And I got started and couldn’t stop building one. Hope you like it.well apparently I can’t post pictures. I’d love to show it😞