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  1. Great job. Wondering why the headlights are circles instead of what the actual car looks like.. hmmm.. The car looks awesome. Funny Cars have always been cool.. EDIT: Just googled a 1971 Cuda grill and I now know that the 71 grille had two lights instead of one like the 1970 or 72-74. I see now.
  2. Hello guys! Today I have a full update. I finally finished the bodywork around the flares. I then painted it Model Masters Enamel Flat White. I used Model Master Enamel clear coat. (Model Master stuff was on sale haha) I wetsanded with 3200, 3600, 4400, 6000, 8000 and finally 12000. I polished it with Turtle Wax. When I polished the hood, I dropped the hood and it scratched the baloney out of the top part of the hood. I removed the polish and went to repaint it flat white. Either I didn't fully remove the wax or the clear coat was not completely dry (I painted the clear coat 3 days before in a pretty warm room) because it cracked the paint all the way past the clear, paint and 2 layers of primer down to bare plastic. I wish I would've taken pictures. I put it in the Super Clean Stream for about 5 minutes. Then I realized that I could just paint the top of the hood black and leave the sides white (they were intact) So I did that. I then repolished the hood and I said I was done haha. Here are the pictures of the body. And here is the chassis. Not much done except the front suspension has been mounted and reinforced because the only way I could lower it was to cut the frame down and make it extremely weak. Yes, I know the wheel tread is facing the wrong way. And here is the engine. Again, not much down except it being put together. Well, thanks for checking in! I hope to have a update next weekend. Glenn
  3. Looks really good! Great job.
  4. I remember seeing the WIP a little while ago. Lost track of it and never checked back in... This is awesome. No, this is more than awesome! This is awe-inspiring! Absolutely a show winner. Great job.
  5. I would go with the dual dominators. The blower looks... a little toyish? I think the dual carbs will fit the car more. I like the wheels too.
  6. Great topic! BMW 320i (almost done, need to finish interior) Porsche Slant Nose 1967 Chevelle (for the Cannonball Run) 1966 GTO (also for the cannonball) At least 2 NASCARs Ferrari California Kawasaki 1100rr (**started but put away) 2007 Shelby GT500 (**) 1969 Chevelle (**) Will update as I go.
  7. You could wrap the entire bumper in BMF, and try to get it as smooth as possible. Or you could de-chrome it in bleach and Alcad it.
  8. WOW! Those wheels look great! A really big improvement from the ugly molded wires... Keep up the good work!
  9. Real cool! She drove a AMX too... These were real sharp cars too.
  10. Just wondering, during the video is that water from the sinkhole dropping out of the car or fluids from the car? I bet that car is totaled.
  11. My only tip would be to get a wet q-tip and softly rub it against the adhesive, hopefully that won't remove the future. It might so you might have to re-treat the glass. Hope this helps.
  12. Small update. No pictures, my camera is dead. Hopefully I'll have a full update soon. I have painted the car, it was suppose to be white, but it turned to a cream color for some reason. The body has been cleared, wetsanded and polished. The hood... Well, let's just say the hood is in the Super Clean Lake. I hope I will be able to paint and get pictures within this week. Soon I will start on the interior and the suspension when I get the trim painted so I can test fit it all. Thanks for checking in, sorry for no pictures. Glenn
  13. That looks really cool. One of the coolest trucks ever.
  14. Wow that looks really good! Those wheels will fit right in. As far as the window trim, I would go chrome because the look of the car you have right now is more of a stock look, so it would make sense to make the window trim stock looking as well. I would also invest in some Bare Metal Foil. It is a adhesive backed sheet of foil that you can press onto window trim or whatever you would want it on and make it look like it is chrome. They make different kinds like gold, black chrome, aluminum, and more but I would just get the chrome. If you use the BMF, it'll really make your windows pop. It's easier than Alcad and hand painting them too.
  15. Really like that shade of yellow! Great job.
  16. Wow that's rough. Any idea what caused the fire? Glad that everyone is okay. That's really rough.
  17. How long is the model? It looks amazing David. Almost like a real car!
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