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  1. Outstanding job. I have this kit with the BJ decals too. How did you do the pointed-down (curbed) red part at the front so they could match the black stripes?
  2. When pick up trucks were still good looking. Two doors. Love them.
  3. Love the builds that look like the box art. Did you cut the frame? I have this kit still unopened.
  4. I like the Vietnam ribbon front grille. A signature of all your builds.
  5. What a nice job! In real life this was a rare and short lived model. It was called the Unibody truck because it did not have a separate bed as regular pick trucks do. It was just one piece body like a car.
  6. Absolutely beautiful. Where did you cut the frame? I got the same kit and also want to cut it.
  7. Thank you guys. I had a lot of fun building them.
  8. WOW, I started this thread 5 years ago. I ended up using Model Master, Medium Green FS 34102. The can top (cap) has the number 1913 on it. It is not metallic though and is a flat color. I clear coated it 3 times with Testors High Gloss Clear TE 1814 . This is how it looks like. One of my favorite projects.
  9. I always wanted to learn to weather like this. This one is nice.
  10. Yes. You have a good eye. General Patton's command in WW2. Not me though. I served in a Medical Command (USA MEDDAC).
  11. That's what a pick up truck should look like, simple. Wish they would still make trucks like this.
  12. Thanks all. Hey kilrathy10 (Williams) , I remember you. I used to post here all the time a few years ago. I took a long break. You still painting your trucks orange? You did good trucks too. Here's two more.
  13. Thank you guys. Yes, I built a few others. I used to hang around here all the time.
  14. A few years ago I went on a building-trucks spree. I haven't built anymore in about 3 years. Still got a few more not pictured here.
  15. The trailer comes with a back ladder. Just move it to the side.
  16. I did one of these as a Rubber Duck too. I scratched built the front rack and a few other parts. For the wheels, I filled all the holes but two opposing ones with putty and made them as two holes wheels as in the real truck. The decals are in http://www.modeltruckin.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_33&products_id=146
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