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  1. Post a cool model pic

    Here’s a rusty version of the Tamiya Porsche GT2 I recently finished!
  2. New "material" for carpeting?

    I use this stuff all the time, they have some different colors also. Works well if you use a similar color paint underneath as the adhesive.
  3. Audi Nardo Grey

    Testors Gloss Gray
  4. Respirator needed ?

    Yea I ended up going with a dual cartridge 3M respirator I found on amazon for about $20/$25. Better safe than sorry! Thanks guys!
  5. Respirator needed ?

    Great thank you!
  6. Hello Everyone - I typically use the small testor bottles thinned with lacquer thinner or after my recent experience with gravity colors I will definitely like to use them again. My question here is , is a dust mask sufficient enough for my health when paining with these? If not which respirators do you recommend I purchase? I saw some on amazon from 3M for about $25 which I do not mind spending if it is what is needed. I purchased a $5 3M one from Walmart however Im not sure that will suffice. Thank you!
  7. AMT 1966 Ford Fairlane 427

    love it!
  8. Willys 41 Coupe Streetrod

  9. So last week I went ahead and started wet sanding and polishing and I think it made a difference. On this picture I did not polish the trunk, but I did polish the space between the trunk line and where the back of the seats would be placed just to see the difference with the orange peel and small dust particles. I since then have washed the body and started to apply the stripe decals. Once I finish with the decals I move on to clear. I am thinking Testors Clear since I know it is decal friendly.... however I also have Rustoleum Clear that I might use, not sure how friendly it will be with the decals. Thank you all for advise and help!
  10. Thank you for all the advice. I am definitely still going to try and polish it off. Just want sure if it has been done before without ruining the paint. More than likely I am going to mess up and that will lead to me stripping and removing the mold lines and repainting haha but at least this will be good practice for if it happens again. I greatly appreciate all the positivity on the post and the help. I will upload after photos of the process. Thank you once again!
  11. Hello All, So this is a question that I am sure has been asked before but I am looking for some advice on this. To start I use the Don Yost method, I use the small Testors enamel bottles mixed 50/50 with lacquer thinner and spray anywhere from 30-40psi through a Paasche model H and Harbor Freight compressor until the body is covered. I do have some spots that seem to have some orange peel and even some dust. Other spots look good, for me at least haha. I plan on clear coating the car with Rustoleum automotive enamel clear. My question is, is it ok to sand out the imperfections starting with 4,000 or 6,000 grit working up until 12,000? Or should I clear the vehicle as is and polish it after? Has anyone ever had this happen and resolve it? Thank you!
  12. Camaro SS-X

    nice build!
  13. Tamiya Subaru WRX STI

    That's correct!
  14. Tamiya Subaru WRX STI

    Thank you! Hope all works out for you with the kits!
  15. Tamiya Subaru WRX STI

    Thank you. I did not primer underneath on this one. The body was in great shape. Lightly sanded a few spots and I started spraying. I do a 50/50 enamel/lacquer thinner mix and start spraying until it looks fully covered. Saw this method on YouTube and have had pretty good results with it. The exhaust pipe is aluminum.