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  1. Man it looks real,one of my favorite cars.
  2. Wow that’s nice. Thanks
  3. Saw this at a car show the other day.
  4. Oh man reminds me of my black cat Cole.He just died one day out of no where.He was a great cat,and i’ll always miss him.Sorry for your loss.
  5. Yea always a big turnout.It’s held at a church,so the $1 admission goes to help the church.
  6. What an incredible job.Wow!!!
  7. Definitely something different.Very cool!!!
  8. Nice job,great color.
  9. Seinfeld’s library cop Lt.Bookman died at the age of 90 on Sunday night..He was also in Boogie Nights as well…RIP.
  10. Having to clean out my storage unit,and finding out that most of the stuff in it was my ex girlfriend’s junk.😤😤😤.And it cost me a couple of hundred $$ to get rid of it all.
  11. Great job!!!!👍👍👍Wow.
  12. Thank you very much.
  13. 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS
  14. Great looking build.I really like the color.
  15. Your very welcome.I would’ve taken more pics,but of course my phone battery died.
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