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  1. Thanks, Bill. That starts me off in the right direction. I suspect that with few exceptions, most of my stuff will end up all closed, so opening doors and such are really not all that important to me right now, as long as the overall proportions seem correct.
  2. My best search efforts here yielded zero, so can anyone tell me if this kit is a good one? I've always liked the Nomads, and a stab at a 1:16 kit sounds great, but I have no familiarity with the kit. Also, is there any AM for it?
  3. Please don't think me rude, but I am unable to reply to your PM. I tried several times, but with no success. Looks like I’ll have to work out a few bugs here with my settings. Regards,
  4. Very intersting project. More work than I'd care to do, but definitely cool.
  5. Unfortunately, nothing. I moved out of that house about four months ago, and I had discovered these prior to that. The Schwinn and Pirates models have already been sold on, but I think I'll kept the truck, not 100% sure, as the majority of my kits are in a storage facility at the moment.
  6. Real nice job so far. I'm sorry to say that I don't have one single car from my youth to rebuild, or I certainly would.
  7. Not real sure if this will be an R/T or T/A (I have both), but I'll be starting one or the other very soon. In the meanwhile, I painted this base years ago, fooling myself into thinking it was something original; gloss black with multi colored flakes from a craft shop. My intent was/is to construct three inserts for the top; concrete, grass, and gravel, then use whichever one of them suits my mood, to display finished models on (display space is at a real premium here where I currently live).
  8. OK, Tom, I'm intrigued; what's the story with the two AMX kits? They look brand new, but also appear to be antiquated MPC kits. Thanks for any clarification you can offer.
  9. Thanks, Mark. (I like your taste in color already!)
  10. This is some real good looking stuff you have here.
  11. While I didn't really get them recently (quite the opposite in fact), I did find these in my attic a few months ago. 100% complete and un-started.
  12. For me the answer is simple;... 70 Dodge Challenger. I'm also partial to the 1970 Roadrunner, GTX, Cuda, Dart Swinger and Duster.
  13. It's odd, Steve, but the need to fill that void is real. For whatever reason, when I look at some of these old model boxes, I feel a real connection with those carefree days of youth and wonder.
  14. While I have no one single kit that is my HG, there are about two dozen that I built as a kid that I'd like to reacquire, including the MPC AMX, AMT Dream Rod, Silhouette and Monogram "Big Deuce", to name but a few.
  15. I'll probably change the avatar later, but for the moment, this one should do nicely. I've always liked the 33 Willys.
  16. Very nice. I'd really like to reacquire an old MPC AMX one of these days; had one as a kid, and now I want another.
  17. Thanks, guys. I think and hope that I'm going to have a real good time here. Though I'm a newbie here, I'm a more or less full time moderator on another large site, so I'm quite familiar with the process.
  18. Just got registered tonight. I was weaned on car models as a kid, and have had an off again/on again interest in them ever since. Lately I've had a desire to reacqire and build some of the models I had as a kid that are long gone now. From what I've seen of the site so far, this is the place that seems will best serve my needs. Kevin
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