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  1. I think it's kind of neat. Maybe if I was a old rich guy I might buy one. I know there are many guys here that could make that look a hundred times more realistic than the one in the story.
  2. Got these yesterday at the Detroit autorama. They are both firsts for me. A mobius kit and a resin body.
  3. I am on the bus right now heading home. I bought two models and took zero photos.
  4. Looking good. I love the 50s customs.
  5. Your challenger is too nice to drive. Pfffff. Garage/ trailer queen.
  6. The grill is ok. I might mess with it a bit more. Drilled out the steering wheel. It's the first time I've done this. I got too scared to drill the third holes. So it's done. Got the hubcaps detailed.
  7. I am acquiring parts to build myself one. I have '27 bucket, frame, grill surround, moon tank, nos vintage tires and rear axle so far. Going to put an ford inline 6 in it which I have too. If it turns out half as nice as these I will be happy.
  8. Did a little work on it today. Got one coat of clear on the roof. Got the grill detailed as best as I can. Also got the spark plug boots in.
  9. I tried a different nozzle off a different testors metal flake can and it still comes out in a stream. I will exchange this week sometime.
  10. I have an account but don't really use it. I am on a van model page on Facebook and it's pretty cool.
  11. It's getting there. I tried to wash around the headlights with a silver wash. I will put another coat of everything on it.
  12. Roof vent installed. I should really pay more attention. Dog house removed. The paint job is from earl schieb. Masked off and ready for the metal flaked roof. I went to spray the roof and the paint came streaming out of the can like a super soaker. Dammit. Luckily no paint hit the van.
  13. Here's what I'm working on right now. I'm not going to make this one into a 70s custom van. I have a different vision. Kind of a mix of lowrider and 50s custom. Hope it turns out. It's the cheapest one I could find on eBay. Rear lowered. Front lowered I'm not using these wheels but this will be close to the final ride height. The tires stick out like crazy and I'm not using the flares. So I have to move them inboard. You can see one side is closer to the spring now.
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