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  1. I attached them on this board so if you don't see them I guess it is some kind of temporary fault. Thanks for all the kind comments!
  2. Galaxie is a new build while the Speedwagon is a resto of a build I did in 1998-99. So, two models finished this year.
  3. Oh no, I am glad to have wooden shelves now..... 😕 Sorry about your accident!
  4. I'm speechless, looks like a shrunken down 1:1. Amazing work.
  5. In the 90s, the guy running the body repair bussiness in town built a Volvo 240 with an 850 nose for his son. That car is what inspired me to this one but it will not be a replica. Like on the 1:1 car I am still using 240 headlights since the 850 lights aren't tall enough to fit the 240 body.
  6. Being a resto of an old broken gluebomb it surely has some flaws. But I wanted to keep as much of the original build as possible, since it's one of my old builds, I got this one from my father at my 12th birthday. Even if it's not flawless, it's surely at a level I could not dream about when being 12, and it has finally cured my disappointment when this one got damaged not too long after building it. I have wanted to restore it since that and now I finally got the donor parts I needed. So I am satisfied.
  7. Holy thread lift, Batman! This one was finished years ago.
  8. All that decal work on something that tiny would have driven me nuts, kudos for pulling it off.
  9. This style works best on fat fendered cars IMO, well done.
  10. Two great builds, but I especially like the pickup where everything is so spot on, colour, stance, wheels, everything.
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