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  1. Nice and sharp rebuild, the purple metalflake looks stunning.
  2. Didn't like this kit at all TBH, boring snap kit with lots of screws, reminds me of a rebodied diecast, also the plastic was very fragile, in fact, if I knew how fragile it was I would never have started the targa conversion. But now it is finished at least.
  3. I found a nice sand beige colour for the interior. Looks exclusive IMO. How the interior is put together? Well, EVERYTHING is screwed in place....sigh..... I think this model has more screws than an 1:1 Testarossa.
  4. Since the fragile B-pillars broke off, I decided to chop off some more of the roof and throw the body in the bath. Actually, I think there's better flow in the lines this way....
  5. It's in the bath now...... B-pillar broke off and couldn't be fixed without paint damage. It's some really bad plastic in this one, both brittle and soft at the same time, strangely enough.
  6. Oh lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?
  7. Nice CJ and the trailer with boat makes it come alive.
  8. Truck rods are interesting to me, I need to build one sometimes. Very nice.
  9. Trusty workhorse, used but not abused, the right amount of weathering, I like it.
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