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  1. Ford Sierra XR4i

    I wonder if the I4 turbo really was a tradeoff compared to the ancient pushrod N/A six with its roots in the 1964 Ford Taunus 20M? However, from what I read, the european OHC engine (the same as the 2,0 in early Pintos, and because of that called the "Pinto" engine at least in Europe) was a better engine than the Lima.... can't say if that was true or false though. To be honest I think that the gem was the Pinto based "YB" engine in the Sierra Cosworths.... Later 4 cylinder Sierras got a DOHC engine without much character or soul that seems to eat headgaskets for breakfast and I don't know if any USDM model ever got that one.... As an european, I wonder if the big mistake was to target the Merkur XR4ti and Scorpio as some kind of BMW competitors? Because I have gotten the impression that was the case.... and just because it is german doesn't mean that it is exclusive in any way.... If someone here would compare a Sierra to a BMW he would be laughed at. The Sierra was not much more than an european equivalent to the Tempo, so was the Scorpio to the Taurus. Sure, loaded V6 Scorpios was in one kind of way competitors to the entry market Mercedes and BMWs of the same size (Audi still was something in-between back then, around the Volvo/Saab territory) because you got a larger engine and much more equipment for around the same money. But Sierras was not much more than economical and practical family cars...its main competitors among german cars was the Volkswagen Passat (Quantum in the US), and I have understood that USA mostly got 5 cylinder Quantums which were rare here, most of them was the 4 cylinder version with a quite spartan equipment, and the Opel Ascona which was nothing more than a german built Chevy Cavalier.... In Sweden, kind of a competitor to entry level Volvo 240s and Saab 900s (which were quite cheap compared to the cars size, but keep in mind that you still could get a 240 without power steering and a 4 speed stick shift in Sweden in the 90s!). And of all the cars I have mentioned, the build quality was worst in the european Fords.... Instead, on the Swedish market, the Granada station wagon (european Granada then!) had been a huge success, but the first years of the Scorpio production run, you could only get it as a hatchback. So Taurus wagons was imported to Sweden, and sold for about the same price as a Mercedes station wagon, and that also was a flop. Maybe if you see it that way? Would you pay Mercedes prices for a Taurus?
  2. Ford Sierra XR4i

    Found some nice front seats...I think that they are from some cheap die cast, but they will look good anyway. Painted the rest of the interior black to match them... Maybe grey is more correct but on a car that you don't build factory stock, there is some artistic freedom IMO,
  3. Ford Sierra XR4i

    Yeah, but mine was a late one with the low compression and catalytic converter, I believe that the earlier injected 2 litres had more guts. But since they are quite lightweight you can still drive them sideways on the tarmac so enough power I guess.
  4. Buick Electra STW 1986 ready to "Under Glass"

    Where is the "80" sticker? Hehehe
  5. Ford Sierra XR4i

    By the way, I had a coupé with the regular body (the same one as the Cosworth above, not the XR4 with the dual pillars) in 1:1 when I was 20, but that one had just the 2 litre OHC that I believe you got in the early Pintos, so not quick....but a fun and good looking car IMO, not very good build quality though.
  6. Ford Sierra XR4i

    I will be using the turbocharged BDA four from the Monogram GTP Mustang.
  7. Ford Sierra XR4i

    Got one of Tamiyas old Sierras, which I've been looking for very long.... Black with deep dish BBS RS is hard to go wrong with, right?
  8. Best fix for Revell's '48 Ford Custom roof?

    Ah, OK. Never owned a Revell....
  9. Can't wait to see you start on this again....coolest project I've seen in ages.
  10. Best fix for Revell's '48 Ford Custom roof?

    I would consider sawing it off and replacing it with an IMC carson top.
  11. Sweeet

    The 41-46 Chevy might be slightly above it, but other than that I agree.
  12. I decided to pick up (no pun intended) an old stalled build and finish it. Not quite up to my standards nowadays, but it is at least finished. So what's done to it? Roll pans front and rear, I think the front one was in the kit? While the rear one is a modified one from the street rod version of the 50 Chevy pickup. Widened 58 Impala tube grille in the stock grille frame. Shaved, lowered, 62 Pontiac button tucked bench seat in a resin interior tub (to get rid of the molded in buckets), 65 Pontiac 2+2 (I think) custom steering wheel, chrome reverse rims from the old Revell 57 Chevy up front, AMT Boondocker Blazer in rear. Widened rear fenders to fit them. Paint RAL1023 safety yellow.
  13. VW Convertible

  14. VW Convertible

    Not very detailed, but fun to build!
  15. Buick Electra STW 1986 ready to "Under Glass"

    WOW! I am impressed to say the least...very nice work, neighbour!