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  1. Cream was my first thought too....
  2. Thanks, yeah, only a shame that it is hard to catch the pearl effect without sunlight, but it turned out great.
  3. Maybe looks like unpainted plastic on the photo, but it is Tamiya pearlescent white.
  4. Shot the floorpan with pearlescent white from Tamiya and painted the frame red (some bleeding though, since I thinned the paint a bit too much, that I guess that I have to touch up). But I rarely look at my models from underneath anyway. 😛
  5. Well, free hand as in "I haven't been tracing anything" but those two pictures are still more or less drawn straight from photos, I leave the "artistic freedom" for later, haven't been drawing for a year or so.
  6. Cpt Tuttle

    My drawings

    I have started doing drawings again and now I will try to keep drawing too, so I may learn something and make some progress instead of just quitting and having to start from zero again. So I thought why not put a thread up? Cyan Racing Volvo P1800, and no, I don't pretend that this is photo realism, but at least I am satisfied with it as a starter.
  7. It was too cramped between the Camaro seats for a console so only a floor shifter had to do. The column shifter was moved to the left side since this kit has no turn signal stalk for some reason. Dashboard painted with the Tamiya pearl white I will shoot the body in too. Steering wheel from the parts box, don't know its origin. Maybe I will scratch a pair of Pioneer TS-X9 speakers for the parcel shelf too.
  8. It was the early 80s so I would not be too sure about that. 🤣
  9. No, but she is a wife so she knows everything about colours anyway. 🤣 Joking aside, it looks great. Actually, the worst case of coloured plastic I have encountered was a Fujimi Porsche kit molded in yellow that I got the bad idea that I should paint white.... After tons of coat it still was some ugly cream-apricot-shade. Or maybe like an old white wallpaper in a chain smokers house.
  10. You rarely see this kit being built, I think your interpretation of it is turning out nice.
  11. Printed out some Yosemite Sam floor mats. I am going to make similar mud flaps too since "everyone" was running them here in the 70s with our strict mud flap laws that said that you had to have them. Spices up the interior a little bit.
  12. "MB" is the name of the WW2 Willys Jeep, said to stand for "Military type B". Type B because it is the successor to the very small series of "MA" Jeeps which had a grille built of "plattjärn" (don't know the english name so lucky that you are swedish), separate headlights and I think also column mounted shifter.
  13. Believe it or not but this is actually the first 1949 Ford I build in my 30 years of model building, it was about time now. Started on it for a buildoff on Facebook. Planning a kind of late 70s look to it. Raised rear, lowered front, wide mags etc.... Started on the interior since that is what I have the most inspiration for right now as it seems. Drilled out the seat bases... ...so I could mount 1978 Camaro seats instead. They ended up being kind of low too so I made some simple seat rails for them, didn't go overboard since they will not be all that appearant anyway but it adds some realism after all to get the seats up from the floor though. Feels like the red satin/carpeting and white vinyl combo was kind of common back then so I went for it. Haven't decided on red or white exterior yet though.
  14. I attached them on this board so if you don't see them I guess it is some kind of temporary fault. Thanks for all the kind comments!
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