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  1. Started drawing again

    Thanks, if you like it that much, I guess I will have to do some more then before I lose everything again, haha!
  2. Started drawing again

    Haven't been drawing cars in ages, decided to give it a try again, so here is my first finished drawing of a 1974 Plymouth Scamp.....
  3. I guess something similar with my 1954 Willys, it was registered the first time on BD (Norrbotten county) plates, and when they centralized the vehicle register in 1973, many vehicles got the same model year as the first date of registration. It had a locally built wood/aluminium body so it might have been finished in 1954. Similar things still happen, one of our 60s Volvo tractors is a 1982 model according to the paper work, since it was in the military register until then, and got a new model year when we bought it and registered it in the civilian register. "Motorredskap" is more of something that has similar rules as a tractor here, but still is not a tractor. Like mobile cranes, forklifts, excavators and such. You only need a tractor license for that, and are allowed to drive it regardless of the weight, but it has to be limited to a top speed of 30 km/h.
  4. Weirdly enough I had sort of a similar problem with an old Willys firetruck I had, registration said 1954 but I came to the conclusion that it probably was from 1952. I hope that "motorredskap" isn't the same thing as in Sweden because here vehicles with that registration are limited to 30 km/h....
  5. Italeri Volvo FH12 XL70

    Made an LED light bar from some Evergreen profiles and the foil from a medicine package. I think that it looks convincing enough. Also, Ukraine plates, dont know why but they felt like they did fit into the theme, lol. LED light bar and two Michelin men above the windshield, air horns (painted with yellow candy for brass look since it felt more fitting here than chrome) and a hazard light bar on the roof.
  6. Italeri Volvo FH12 XL70

    I got a bit upset when this one did hit the floor and shattered into pieces, but I gave it another chance now. Maybe not too bad looking? I was a bit nervous when I got the idea that three auxillary lights would look good recessed into my freshly painted grille, but I managed to cut it mostly unscratched, so.... A little mockup.
  7. 1/25 Revell VW Beetle Type 1 Kits

    The Revell kit with the 1303 convertible on the boxart is the same old 1300 beetle as in the other Revell convertible kits. Just wrong car on the box.
  8. 3 for 2018

    Ford Sierra XR4i Mercedes-Benz 500K Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan
  9. 48 Chevy bomb

    Galaxie 48 Chevy Fleetline Aerosedan. Moebius 54 Hudson wheels with the kit supplied tyres. Coontail made out of cotton and acrylic paints, swampcooler scratch built out of a 32 Chrysler headlight, a plastic pen, a piece of cloth and what I think was a 57 Ford headlight bucket. Front spotlights from the parts bin, don't know source. Otherwise, pretty much OOB. Painted some cheap 1-coat rattlecan copper metallic that wasn't the easiest to lay down smooth.....
  10. Peking To Paris 41 Plymouth Rally Car

    Now that's a different take on the 41 for sure. And I like it!
  11. MPC Rupp Super Sno Sport

    Wonderful, I love it.
  12. Snow Cobra

    Now that's different.... I love it! Would like to take it for a spin in all the snow we got here in the north.
  13. 1940 Ford Standard

    Nice stocker, and just the right amount of detailing to make it look realistic yet not cluttered. Newspaper is a nice touch.
  14. Italdesign Nazca M12

    Clean build.