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  1. I like it, since the idea of phantom models and alternate timelines is always spinning in my head, lol.
  2. Interesting project, loving the look of an in-progress repair.
  3. Wow, I sort of get a little 90s flashbacks from the graphics, and I only mean that in a positive way when they are this tastefully done. I like it.
  4. A bit wide for the era but at least not 50s wide.... But this time, the shape of the sidewall dictated how wide it should be, freehand painting whitewalls ain't easy.
  5. Looks better with whitewalls and I guess that there is no doubt that it is purple now, lol.
  6. I remember some reviews from the 80s in a magazine where they compared it to the Monogram T-bird, they were "a bit" salty about the AMT kit then....
  7. As a huge enthusiast of prewar luxury cars, this will be interesting to follow.
  8. We had a brown 1947 Plymouth when I was a kid, the memories of that one makes me appreciate brown colours on cars from this era.
  9. Hehe, it will probably get a little bit higher because it actually IS standing on the frame there. But still low of course.
  10. A quick project I hope to finish before I get back to work in August. Low, purple and Keystones, can't go wrong with that.... (Yes, it's purple even though my camera seems to think that it's brown)
  11. Door cards with diamond tuck pattern was cut out of a MPC Switchers tub, feels like a must have when running this style.
  12. Probably the hemi out of the MPC 1967 Charger.
  13. Partsbox rods are the best for sure! I like how it's going so far.
  14. Looks good, I love the sponge rubber around the air filters.
  15. Didn't even know it came as a kit, will be interesting to follow.
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