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  1. I thought that gold was a suitable colour, and the casting was actually good enough to just require minor prepping. If I remember correctly, this is even an original colour for the Ford Granada, called "Arizona gold". Molotow pen improved the chrome, I also used it on the wheels, because if I remember correctly there was a quite "smooth" wheel cover in chrome available for the Granada, so it is a fairly realistic result for the scale.
  2. Looked for something cheap to restore. Ended up with this: A rather crude representation of a British Ford Granada (which is a completely different car to the American Granada as you may know). Too big wheels, oddly proportioned doors etc. - but price and condition was what I was looking for so I can't complain. Actually, it was kind of a pleasant surprise when I took it apart. Windows will need polishing, the interior will be fine after some cleaning, axles are nice etc. so it's more or less the matter of repainting and tidying things up.
  3. Humbrol #60 on the upholstery, woodgrained dashboard, steering wheel from the parts box, seatbelts from AMT 1949 Ford.
  4. Chrysler "Claret red" on the fenders, Mercedes "Astral silver" on the body but I have to repaint the body since my clearcoat wasn't really compatible with the cheap discount brand 15 year old touchup paint, so I will buy a can of the same brand as the clear instead. AC Cobra wheels. With all their flaws, I actually like the AMT deuces, they are great for a quick and fun model project even if it takes a lot to make one a show winner....
  5. A little mock up, but it will end up being a little bit higher up front (no front suspension now) and also, I will shorten the rear end because it is simply too much poke now, looks like a tractor, haha.
  6. Thanks. Yeah, I love this style, growing up in the pastel- and tweed era thinking that they looked like some sissy Barbiemobiles, I loved looking through my father's 70s car magazines when I was younger because that was really something different and much cooler to a young boy, and I guess my love for the 70s style stuck, also I think that the Swedish builds of the era had a flair of their own (not to mention the choppers then but that's of course a different story).
  7. Swedish license plates since my idea was to make it look like something that could have been in Colorod magazine in the late 70s. Engine from MPC 1932 Ford delivery. Lynx air cleaners may be worthless but at least they look cool and period...
  8. Quick sketch. Volvo Amazon based MPV, if car based MPVs had been a thing in the 50s.....
  9. Certainly not, the ESCI body looks OK while the Fujimi body is a terrible mess that looks completely off.
  10. Straight from my imagination. Ain't supposed to look like some certain car.
  11. Now this is a proper and clean model! I agree with Snake, best work I have seen from you this far.
  12. I bought three examples of the recently reissued Italeri Volvo 760 lately. But I could get a good deal on them if I pre ordered, and the reissue is said to be a limited edition, so why not?
  13. 1974 Opel Kadett station wagon. First year of the generation that shared its platform and basic bodyshell with the Chevette. Orange with a flat black hood and 14" kind of rally wheel looking steelies from a 1982 Opel Rekord, with sticky Pirelli P6 low profile tyres so it could corner until the oil pressure light was lit.
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