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  1. Painted the body, but I am a bit disappointed by the shine, so I will sand it down and give it some more clearcoat.
  2. Very interesting project, I love oddballs...
  3. I built one some years ago, I think it is one of the best kits I have ever built from an US manufacturer, maybe the Galaxie 48 Chevy is a bit better, but still....
  4. Nice , the combination of the rust, baby blue paint and different accessories gives it a kind of different style.
  5. Grafted on the 36 parts, yeah, you're right, they are a great fit indeed. It turned out that the hood was a bit long and wide, so by carving a bit in the back I made it fit against the 36 cowl. Thank you very much for the tip, I bought a giant pile of 36 parts some years ago, but this idea never struck me! The 4 bar suspension was missing from this kit so I found one in the parts box, a bit long rods maybe but they will work anyway I guess. Though they were gold (yuk) so they got some Testors chrome silver. Wheels from AMT 41 Ford, rear tyres from the kit since I could not find any better ones actually, front tyres unknown from the parts box....
  6. OK, no fit issues with the hood then?
  7. So who do you think should fly that plane then?
  8. I remember this one, was in a couple of Swedish magazines back then too. Hard to forget such a build, it will be interesting to see your interpretation in scale.
  9. Decided on a red frame since I like the contrast between red and black. Not that it will be very visible on a car with fenders anyway.
  10. Nice build, among the most detailed engine bays I have seen, I think.
  11. I really like the concept, and it is a great build too, almost unreal how shiny the paint is.
  12. I am "shaky Jake" myself so I know how it is, but I don't see anything wrong with the model, it looks great.
  13. Anyone noticing the resemblances between an early Valiant and the Raceabout?
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