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  1. I understand what you mean, if it had been able to hold up a little bit better I would have kept it in the condition it was. But in current condition it is only a reminder of the disappointment with the model that started to fall apart, and I tried to repair it with the results of smeared glue everywhere, mostly. And with seats rattling around in the interior tub the body had to come off anyway, so.....
  2. On my 12th birthday, I got a Speedwagon as a gift from my father, and I thought it was really cool and started building it immediately. The last time I saw it though it was in a pretty sad shape after my, ehrm, not very good skills back then, plus 20+ years of abuse. I have thought about getting another kit for years, but that would feel quite soulless compared to my old Speedwagon build. I must say that I am not a huge fan of it anymore, maybe the design didn't stand up to the test of time forever, or maybe I have started loving more stock looking bodies as I matured. So when a built object came from a friend, I decided to try saving the old Speedwagon. Yellow car is the one I got in my mailbox, really clean build that is put together with minimal amounts of glue. Blue car is my 12 year old self's pride and joy, built too fast with horrible amounts of glue everywhere. The sane thing would be to build up the yellow car again. But I will never turn 12 again and there will only be one like this, so I am prying it apart and will use as many parts as saveable.Will keep most of its soul that way, and the yellow one ill be a good parts donor I guess.
  3. As I thought then, was only curious if I had missed some other hobby shop up here.
  4. Don't worry, I have noticed that.
  5. Nice to see someone do something good out of a very bland and boring model.
  6. With rose tinted glasses, we tend to forget the uninteresting vehicles of the past. Lately, 80s cars have grown in popularity, and sure, there is lots of cool cars from the 80s that have been underrated for a while. But it's not like everyone was driving a Testarossa, Audi ur-quattro, 560 SEC or even a C4 Vette in the 80s. A typical car by then almost anywhere in the world was a GM J-body (since it was produced by almost all their divisions worldwide) in some horrible shade of tan. They weren't anything else than appliances either, they are almost gone from the roads now and nobody is missing them. Despite being rare, you can forget that someone is willing to pay any money for one.
  7. Sinister truck! Very nice work and the looks are hard as nails, impressive.
  8. Absolutely stunning build and photos, they could trick anyone that's not studying them in detail that they were of a real truck.
  9. Some nice detailing that makes the model feel more alive, great work.
  10. Can't say that I have seen many of them built up, but your build looks nice. Got myself a Trumpeter Falcon a while ago, so interesting to see.
  11. Clean build, and I like the paintwork, looks very smooth and shiny!
  12. Clean build, I like the flip flop, rarely seen on models.
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