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  1. Since the AMT steering wheel looks like a joke, I replaced it with the Italeri FH12 steering wheel which looks way more accurate. The necker knob is built from a tie rod and a gearknob, I know that it looks a bit out of scale but it looks more convincing IRL than in the picture. I guess I have to make some stalks for the column too since they are also missing.
  2. Modern trucks might not be my thing but I like this one, very nice work.
  3. I like the enormous amounts of creativity here, doubt that I would have came up with this idea myself.
  4. Lovely truck, but to be completely honest, I like the bike even more, I understand that it was fun to build.
  5. Seems like the F12 always had brown interiors, from the sources I can find, so brown it is. And yes, I am going to clean them up, since the seat bottoms aren't the most visible it felt easier to paint them on the sprue and touch them up later. I started building the engine already during the spring. Since it seems like they were painted with most of the stuff assembled, there is not much detailing to do, everything should be green. The frame was also assembled and painted during this spring. Red to match the striping on the cab.
  6. Maybe. I did build mine in 1997 so I guess it was an early issue then.
  7. Yeah, the Nomad front bumper is way off, but IIRC the Del Ray has a shorter pan behind it and does not have the 5 mph look of the Nomad kit?
  8. That explains a lot. I had expected more of an Esci than this. Generally they are good kits.
  9. Another well deserved bump, a nice build I have never seen before, love the 288 GTO.
  10. Cpt Tuttle


    Wow, I love it! This generation Celica is probably the best looking japanese car ever and putting that Celsior stuff underneath makes it a beast. Not the easiest to pull off but you managed to do it very well.
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