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  1. So everything has been coated in sealer primer and a silver basecoat. So far, I haven't seen any bleed through from the red, thank god. once that dried, I also spent a solid night airbrushing just about everything in the kit. The car will likely never be turned over, so I'm not going to go nuts on the underside to save some time. However, I just couldn't keep the exhaust and gas tank black. The pipes are molded to the chassis, so painting was a bit tricky, but all in all I think it looks fine, especially for a part of the car never to be seen again. I also detail painted the engine block a bit. Very, very minimal detail in this one, but that will be addressed. I'll probably start dressing it up tonight with some wires and plumbing. In the meantime, I got the Peacock Blue laid down on the body and dash. The dash is a bit tricky to get looking right, but I think it's acceptable. I masked off what would be the metal/upholstery separation on the real car and sprayed some Cayman Blue acrylic to add a bit of interest. The dash was then detail painted. I need to work on painting engraved details on speedos and the like. I'm not very satisfied with how the numbers came out, but I guess I'll have to live with it.
  2. The body, roof and continental kit are the only metal parts. Everything else is molded in red plastic aside from the clear parts. I figured everyone has seen an unassembled kit molded in a color other than white, so I didn't snap any pics of the contents of the box to keep my photobucket account from getting loaded up. As for the white primer, I'm not sure what you're asking me. It actually is pretty good in regard to proportions. The bump in the dash for the speedo is a bit wonky, but I understand it's an old kit so I'm really not put off by it. Actually, it's not a bad kit at all, it just needs more work than usual to get it looking presentable.
  3. So I was recently asked if I could replicate my mothers boyfriends 56 Ford Thunderbird. This will be my second time trying to build and exact replica of a 1:1 car. The first was an AMT 57 T Bird, mimicking his last car. That one didn't go so well lol. Between the Valspar spray bomb paint I used to try to match the car, flash, extremely poor fit, and me being fresh to the hobby, the results left a lot to be desired. I was given a 56 kit he picked up at an auction to try to pull this off. Let me start by saying, this kit is pretty rough, both by condition and design, but more on that later. Anyway, this is my chance to redeem myself for that horrible 57. This is the car I'm trying to replicate: And this is the kit I was given. Upon opening, I was greeted by a half build gluebomb chassis, all cemented together in the same red molded plastic that was placed in the box by Monogram. Yep, red plastic on a car that needs to be light blue with a blue and white interior. Oh joy, oh joy lol. The glass was in pretty rough shape from getting bashed around by all of the loose parts for god knows how many years. The engine lacks a lot of detail (molded in hunk of plastic for a carb?), the red plastic is showing through the chrome in places, and the diecast body was an oxidized, flash covered mess. That's right, metal flash. I'll never complain about one of those AMT repops again haha. After deciding if this was even going to be worth it, I came to the conclusion that I'd rescue this thing... and do it by Christmas to have something to put under the tree. Well, after the first of five hours of ginding, sanding and polishing out the flash and prominent mold lines, I was growing pretty tired of this build. But since I considered just getting the body straight to be an accomplishment, I continued. I tried to test fit the top to the body and for the life of me couldn't figure out what was going wrong. When I flipped it over, I discovered the flashed over attachment points for the roof. Uggh, another hour went by as I drilled, filed and shaped the holes that the roof slips into. Not wanting the huge hole at the rear of the top, I left that hole flashed over and ground down the attachment point on the top. Well, 6 hours and 4 dremel tips later, this is where I was at. If it didn't have to be blue, I would've left it as is. Gotta love a bare metal finish. A coat of self etching primer, followed by some tamiya fine white primer showed my efforts weren't in vain. The body was actually straight! After a quick celebratory dance, I started plucking the started chassis/engine apart. Expecting the worst, I was rewarded with the best. The glue joints were so weak, most of what was already put together came apart with just my fingers, or a bit of coaxing with my xacto. I lost a few attachment points, but who needs em? The valve covers were showing the most red out of all of the chrome, so I treated them to a coat of sealer primer and Duplicolor Chrome. I was a bit apprehensive about spray can chrome, but the results were actually pretty impressive. Well that's all I have for now. Tomorrow is paint day in a big way. Everything is getting a coat of sealer, followed by a coat of silver and then the final color. I DON'T want that red coming through. The body will also get it's coat of Peacock Blue paint from Scale Finishes. Look for more soon!
  4. Well, I'm really dragging my feet on this one, BUT everything is finally painted for the most part. I have two builds on the bench now, but for some reason decided to take on two more, one for a commission build and another for a build off lol. With that being said, here's a quick update: The frame is mostly complete and (I think) square. I hit it with some flat black to prep it for loads of grime, rust and grease. The cab was done with MM Go Mango lacquer. It's a little bit too orange, but it'll do. For the blue, I think I'm going to go with some Sea Blue, the same color I used for the engine after the MM Ford Engine Blue ended up being a huge disappointment.
  5. Wow, that's impressive! And basically the same thing I'm going for, just with a pup trailer.I couldn't find a suitable color anywhere, so I went with MM Go Mango lacquer. It's pretty close, but could've probably used a bit more of a yellow tint (pics below). For the blue, I'm probably going to end up using Testors Sea Blue or Dark Blue with a few drops of black mixed in, as most of the old Roadway rigs I remember seeing seemed to have a really dark tint to the blue. What color did you end up using for the trailer? That looks really good! Awesome work on the decals, btw. I'd love to do my own, but from what I understand you need a special printer to do white. Well that sucks lol. I wish I saw this post before I painted the body. That's a great detail touch right there!
  6. Thanks for the info man. I have no idea where I would get hubs or anything like that, though. Since this is my first go at a rig, I'm just going to use what's in the box as to not complicate things any further lol.
  7. Man, that turned out nice! Great paint, foil and detail work
  8. Thanks again guys! Thank you. I don't have the number unfortunately, but it's the AMT Lil Vicky kit with the wheels from the AMT 34 Ford
  9. Very cool! I love the engine choice
  10. That's a great look. Everything comes together great to make a nice traditional rod
  11. That's one nice looking 49. The red and black contrast and subtle custom touches really make this one a looker. Beautiful build!
  12. I'm not the biggest fan of modern wheels, but they suit this car very well. Aside from my personal taste in wheels, that car is a real knockout. Perfect paint, great detail work, what more could you really want?
  13. Wow, talk about night and day! What a nice rebuild
  14. So I got a deal on this kit that I couldn't pass up. It's a bit rough, with the cab having a broken pillar and glass that's scratched pretty badly, but those shouldn't be very difficult problems to correct. Two strange things I noticed with this kit are the lack of chrome parts and part numbers on the trees. The chrome parts I can live without, considering I want this to be a well worn build and not a show truck. The numberless trees may prove to be a challenge, especially given the fact that this is my first rig and the instructions aren't illustrated even close to today's standards. One thing I'm impressed with is how sturdy everything feels. These old AMT kits seem to be made out of a different type of plastic that doesn't feel as flimsy as the newer kits from makers like Revell. ABS possibly? I've always had a thing for p&d trucks, so I decided to make this one an old Roadway truck. The cab decals I'll get from the Mack DM-600 kit, and the trailer decals I'll get from Model Truckin' when the time comes. I'm not sure on where to find the right colors for this build (or something close), so any suggestions will be appreciated. Anyway, here's what I'm shooting for... ...And here's where I'm at. I'm pretty sure I got the frame about as square as it's going to get. The rails were a bit warped, but the crossmembers tie it together pretty well. It sits flat on my table, so it should be good to go. I've heard nightmare stories about the frames being just a bit off and causing lots of problems further down the road, so I've got my fingers crossed. I guess we'll see!
  15. Thanks for the kind words guys! I really appreciate it!
  16. Thanks man. That actually came with the kit . Thank you. It's Model Master Leather, thinned with lacquer thinner and sprayed through an airbrush Thank you. They're painted on. I've never had much luck with the whitewall decals. I think it's much easier to mask, spray and just be done with it lol
  17. This is my take on Revell's 32 Ford Sedan. This was done as a 7 day build on Facebook, but I had second thoughts about rushing it and ended up taking about 11. All in all, it was a fun build, but the headlights, front suspension and radiator/grill assembly proved to be a bit of a challenge for some reason. That being said, keeping the fingerprints and dust off during final assembly was the worst part of the build lol. Anyway, here's the details: Kit supplied Flathead wired and plumbed Wire wheels dechromed and sprayed to match body color 40 Ford dash Steering wheel from Revell 29 Model A Paint is decanted Tamiya TS-14 Black sprayed over Tamiya primer, buffed and polished with Meguiar's products. As you can see, I didn't go too crazy with the modifications. Despite the few and far between frustrations, this really is an awesome kit right out of the box and a pleasure to build. Thanks for looking!!! A few pics with my Model A and stock Vicky, just for fun
  18. Thanks for the kind words guys! Hopefully I can get another drag car on the bench soon. I forgot how fun these can be. I'm working on an old diecast 56 Tbird for my stepfather and the Munsters House from Moebius for my boss right now, so it may be a while. All I can say is, I'd much rather be building the Sox & Martin GTX that's been staring at me. My shelf needs more Mopar lol
  19. I forgot to post an update, but this one's finished up and has been moved to the drag racing section. Thanks for following along guys! I always thought something was a bit funky looking on this one, and I think you nailed it. Since it's a 1/24, that may be a challenge if not impossible to get everything lined up if you can't find a more correct looking 1/24 '56. I think you can save yourself A LOT of work and check out the Revell 56 Del Ray. That kit, going by the pictures I've seen of it, looks 1,000 times better than this one out of the box. If I didn't get this one for $7, I probably never would've given it a second look. Wow, it really is a small world lol. I'm up in the Rolling Mill Hill section off Hazle Street
  20. A Facebook group I'm a part of is having a Breast Cancer Awareness (pink car) build off that I decided to participate in. With the deadline approaching quickly, I decided on a car that would be a pretty fast, but decent looking build. I chose the Monogram 56 Chevy for its low parts count and usual ease of assembly that comes with most Monogram kits. At first, it was meant to be a stock pastel pink and white cruiser, stock or very, very mild custom. For whatever reason, probably the nice AMT Racemaster slicks that showed up on my bench, I quickly changed direction and decided to build a drag car. Well, that's the story behind the car, so here's the car itself with a list of modifications. Engine Bay - MAD distributor, VCG Resins MSD Ignition box, scratchbuilt MSD coil, VCG Resins Holley 750 carbs, vinyl tubing radiator hose, valve cover breather, scratchbuilt t fitting with fuel lines, throttle linkage, valve cover t-bolts, VCG Resins brake cylinder/booster. Interior - 2 point to 4 point roll bar conversion with padding, scratchbuilt racing harness, steering wheel from Revell 32 5 Window, scratchbuilt tach. Exterior - Hood scoop from Monogram 55 Chevy Street Machine, VCG Resins chutes, front wheels from Monogram 39 Chevy, rear wheels from AMT Lil Vicky, AMT Racemaster slicks Paint - Tamiya white primer, Testors Electric Pink lacquer, Testors Wet Look Clear, decals from Slixx and various kits. Well, that about does it. Thanks for looking!
  21. Very nice build. That color suits this one perfectly. This is actually the second non-gasser Willys build I've seen this week. If a new trend is starting, I'm not complaining one bit lol
  22. Now that's cool. Definitely something you don't see everyday
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