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  1. shoopdog

    New Builds!

    Some great builds you have posted here, you've been quite busy.
  2. Thanks Guy, the trim is all silver Sharpie.
  3. Since we never heard back from jangus. Well I just went back to the article in Hemmings and saw there was a comment from a reader that only Pontiac used a rear red liner. Not sure what to think, but mine will remain red at this point, can't see them anyway.
  4. Extremely nice looking racer!
  5. shoopdog

    1960 Falcon

    Very, very cool build!
  6. Great looking build, very clean.
  7. Turned out super nice, on to the next one! Every time I go to Hobby Lobby I have to refrain from picking this kit up, maybe next time.
  8. Yes it did dull down while drying but I plan on clear coating it any, most likely with Tamiya clear. I do not have any of the fathom green to compare.
  9. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.
  10. Looking at your photo Ray you definitely achieved a crisp line, looks good.
  11. What a great looking model! I really like how your wheels turned out, if only I could get mine as nice.
  12. Not sure if this will help or not. I had just purchased the MM British Green Metallic and wanted to see what it looked like on gray and white primer. Not a big difference but the spoon on the left is gray primer and the right one is white primer.
  13. And they WIN again. You got to love it, I DO!
  14. I believe a they were used from 67 thru 71. Heres some info on them.... https://www.hemmings.com/blog/article/too-nice-for-tar/ Thanks guys!
  15. Here's my AMT Olds 442 that I finished last weekend, the last of my bodies I had painted before winter. Painted in Tamiya TS-15 blue and Tamiya clear coat. Was trying to match the Trophy Blue Poly factory color. Thanks for looking and all comments are always welcomed.
  16. I have a 21, 32, and 36 car display cases. The 21 case will hold quite a few more if you have smaller cars in it. So far I have 105 cars built and still room for @ least 8 more in the large case.
  17. This is going to make my wish list as well!
  18. Fantastic replica of your 1:1.
  19. Looks pretty sharp! Which Tamiya red is that?
  20. Looks fantastic! Your interior and the paint work is exceptional in my eyes.
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