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  1. Extremely nice build, great job on the interior!
  2. Glad you have found the forum Ken, welcome aboard!
  3. Stumbled upon this show Thursday evening. Trucks were arriving for the weekend show so I can imagine many more will be arriving. They’re going to need a bigger parking lot.
  4. Looks great David, like your choice of color.
  5. Awesome build! I would love for someone to re-release a Javelin kit.
  6. Thanks Mario and Luke!
  7. This is my second build of the five Aoshima kits one of my sons gave me, the first being a London Black Cab. Although curbside they all are very nice kits. Paint is Tamiya TS93 Pure Blue with the TS13 topcoat. Thanks for looking and all comments welcome.
  8. Man that is a beauty! Great color choice.
  9. This one fun and easy slump buster. Although something maybe could have been painted I never wet a brush except to add a wash to the panel lines. The factory finish was quite impressive, except where they painted over the mold lines. Even though this is by far me least favorite body style I’ll happily add it to my Camaro collection. Sure wish there was more than one color available. Thanks for looking.
  10. Awesome build! The kit is one of the better ones from AMT for sure.
  11. Turned out great! Would love to pick up one of these kits.
  12. This came into work today, written up as a 49 Cadillac. Seems to have had some custom interior work done.
  13. LOL, I did see that they were required to have a 28ft (8.535 m) turning radius mainly because of a traffic circle at the Savoy Hotel.
  14. Thank you! Sadly I've already thrown the box out that had some info on it. I'm thinking it said late 40' thru the 50's? Thank you all!
  15. Not sure how that happened, looks like 7 others also.🤔
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