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  1. Love your take on this build! Sure would like to see it released again as my teenage build of it fell victim to bb gun or firecrackers!
  2. Received this Suzuki from Hobbylinc.com on sale for 14.40 but paid 9.26 with shipping using my points.
  3. Very nice indeed. I've been on the fence whether i should pick this kit up at Hobby Lobby @ 40% off.
  4. Didn't even think to take a pic. They had 4 Coke branded vehicles, 77 Ford delivery van, 41 Plymouth, and the 55 Chevy Cameo, and the 60 Ranchero. Also the curbsides 64 Galaxie and 63 Chevy wagon along with the Snap Speed Racer car. There were several other AMT kits that I don't recall and several Star Trek kits.
  5. Walmart in Clinton, Mo surprisingly had an endcap with models.
  6. Cabdriver is correct in stating that the model selection has grown. What I should have posted is that the model car selection has shrunk by another 20%.
  7. My Hobby Lobby has the 34 Sunoco tow truck and the Wild Hoss, unfortunately the model section has shrunk another 20%.
  8. Thanks Mathew. I used the Tamiya rattle cans for the paint and the door is just held in place with tape. The cruising van is a nice kit also but I did have a some trouble with the decals.
  9. I actually have a device like that and use it occasionally. Also buy a lot of flavored carbonated waters. And thank you!
  10. Finished this one up today. Nice easy kit for a slump buster, especially with Hobby Lobby’s 40% coupon. Paint is Testors Light Blue enamel, I have no intention of using there enamel again as it pretty much sputters out of the can. Anyway thanks for looking.
  11. This is my completed Coke van painted with Tamiya TS86 Pure Red, white primer on the roof and cleared with TS13 clear. I cut the side door open and the inside is painted Pearl Yellow. The box wheels are terrible as I pretty much ruined them cutting off the spruces so found some Revell wheels that fit the red line tires pretty well. Pretty happy with how the door surgery turned out. This is my third Coca-Cola build and I’m really enjoying them, next up will probably be the Dodge D50 mini truck. By the way I haven’t had a soda of any type for over 6 years since my heart attack.Thanks for looking and all comments are welcomed.
  12. What an great looking grill!
  13. Very nice! I've yet to build a Moebius kit other than the Robot from Lost in Space.
  14. Thank you very much, definitely no engine pics, LOL!
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