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  1. Nicely done! The weathering is especially fantastic! Cheers, Albert
  2. Thanks, Brad! The rivets are decals and came from the Revell 1930 Model 'A' coupe decal sheet. Cheers, Albert
  3. Thank you Phil, Chris, Bob, Janne, and Randy (cool looking Sedan! Love the sharks mouth). Cheers, Albert
  4. Thank you, Jim, Dave, and Kris! @Kris- the satin clear is Model Master Acryl semi-gloss. While we're in the kudos department, your pre-wired distributors rule! Cheers, Albert
  5. Hi All, Here is my just recently completed 1932 Ford 5-window coupe. It's a combination of my love for hot rods and military aviation. The body is painted Tamiya Olive Drab lacquer with a satin clear coat, while the fenders are Tamiya gloss black lacquer (both colors were decanted and then applied with an airbrush). The trunk is Model Master buffable aluminum, polished to a very shiny sheen. The decals were all sourced from Revell hot rod decal sheets and a Slixx Rat Rods goodie sheet. I cut out the cowl vent cover, added some mesh, and then made a new open vent cover from sheet styrene. The other added bit is the hood from the Stacey David '32 Ford Rat Roaster kit. Last but not least, the engine sports a Morgan Automotive Detail pre-wired distributor. The rear license plate mount and tail lights are from the parts box. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Albert
  6. Cool color combo and beautiful finish! Cheers, Albert
  7. Thank you all for your kind comments and feedback, I greatly appreciate it! Cheers, Albert
  8. Thank you Bruce, Dennis, Mike, Allen, Andy, Nick, and Jeremy! Cheers, Albert
  9. Thanks Dan, Chris, and Richard! Cheer, Albert
  10. This is coolest version of this kit I've seen built yet. Love the Flathead motor and suspension changes, as well as the color combo (not a lot of hot rods painted brown in scale, so this is especially neat). Cheers, Albert
  11. Thank you, Bob, Phil, Sam, Don, and Keith! Hi Don- Perfectly valid criticism. After looking at the model vs actual cars with that style grill shell, I am inclined to agree with you. So, after carefully prying the shell free, I notched it until it sat on the frame in a lower position, and hopefully in line with the body better. Thanks again for your feedback.
  12. Thank you Randy, Jim, David, and Steve! Cheers, Albert
  13. Thanks, David. I'm not versed enough in the proportions to agree or disagree, all I know is this kit is a pig to build (kudos to those who have built the older versions with the opening doors- that had to really fun lining them up properly). If it wasn't for the finish turning out better than I had anticipated, it would have relegated to the bin 'o doom of incomplete projects. Thanks again for the compliments. Cheers, Albert
  14. Hi All, This is the current reissue of Revell's '53 Chevy Sedan Delivery gasser/custom. I built mine as a ratty gasser. Given the age of the base kit, this was not a particularly fun model to build (I call these kind of kits "skill improvers"). Doing the patina finish was fun however. Thanks for looking, all comments and critiques welcomed as always.
  15. Hi All, Here is my take on Revell's 1929 Model A Ford Roadster. It was kitbashed with the bobbed fenders from the Ford Rat Roaster kit, and the 1932 Ford style grill that comes in the 1930 Model A Coupe kit. Added a MAD pre-wired distributor to the engine, and Ken's Kustom Fuzzi-Fur flocking to floor and firewall kick panel. The finish is Krylon Taupe and gloss black from their Shortcuts spray can line (decanted and shot through an airbrush). Thanks for looking, all comments and critiques welcomed.
  16. Those outdoor photos had me fooled at first. Well done! Cheers, Albert
  17. Thank you Tom, Bill, and Tom! Cheers, Albert
  18. As a Broncos fan, I especially dig this build. Well done! Cheers, Albert
  19. Thank you Stephen, Andy, Joe, and Ray! Cheers, Albert
  20. Hi All, Not sure if this belongs here as it isn't a model kit per se, but a Jada diecast that was stripped back to bare metal and then repainted, along with a few bits added from the spares bin. The interior was painted and detailed as well, and the windows tinted with Tamiya Smoke. The decals are from Revell's 1930 Model A Coupe. The model on the hauler bed is the current reissue of Monogram's Ford Model 'T' Street Rod. Here is what I started off with. The model as it comes right out of the package- It was disassembled, and the cab, fenders, and bed were stripped of the factory paint using aircraft stripper. Very noxious stuff. Coat of Dupli-Color red oxide primer was sprayed; The interior was painted with Model Master and Tamiya acrylics, as well as Model Master enamels (mainly the Chrome Silver pedals and steering wheel); Now the finished model- Thanks for looking! Cheers, Albert M.
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