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  1. I'm absolutely delighted with your work
  2. I am absolutely delighted with your painting
  3. hey, the model has become beautiful, great car
  4. hey, the engine has become beautiful, great car
  5. Hi everyone, Ford came in 2013 new Revell US out, I liked it, so bought, built and placed in the Police showcase. The kit is really good and detailed, painted with Revell Email and Modelmaster clearcoat sealed. Whether there ever was this version, I can not say. Greeting Jan
  6. Hey, thanks for your compliments,again
  7. Hey, thanks for your compliments Bruce: the interior come with the kit look:
  8. Very cool, so one would like to drive a few laps immediately.............
  9. Hey Tom, a great pair, with the 2000 (?) I would like to the racetrack ...
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