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  1. Hey, thanks for your compliments, here the Bandag Bandit solo is depicted: Bandit
  2. nice idea made very beautiful and well photographed
  3. nice idea and well photographed
  4. very nicely done, because one wonders what the drives for speed
  5. very nicely done, because one wonders what the drives for a time
  6. ok, thanks for the information, I have changed the Building year
  7. Hello everyone, Thank you for your kind words on this model. the white color brought me an old German Trucker series "Auf Achse" is in America determines unknown
  8. I have rarely seen such a clean successful conversion
  9. Hi everyone, I again get an AMT Puzzle finished, no idea WHY IT AMT do not succeed parts to award numbers on the parts and on the plan. Except for a few deformed parts, I was able to Mack then build it.
  10. wow, great renovation! looking somewhat lowered, the frame is extended?
  11. Hi, thanks again for your feedback, @Jantrix: the film is from 59 `cadillac kit and has lifted a put to some layer clearcoat.
  12. very successful movie car
  13. the rust on the white looks very realistic, well done
  14. Hi, thanks for your feedback Some respond to questions: the Body I 2012 in ebay bought, no idea who the manufacturer is the fine lines of the 1960 Year of construction I never have dared do 60s Cadillac on the last images is so narrow because left a 1:24 Cadillac Franklin Mint is a right and 4 door Promo
  15. Hi everyone, From a '59 Cadillac kit and a 1960 Resin body, I tried to build a model, the results you see here. the further in comparison from 1959- 1961 in Cadillac
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