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  1. If you live West of the Mississippi River ... or if you live East of the Mississippi River, or if you live anywhere! Please take a moment to check out our new post in the Contests and Shows category below. Thank you all, and have a great weekend with lots of plastic, glue and paint slinging! Desert Scale Classic 2008 Info
  2. April 26 will be here before we know it! Come one, come all to beautiful, sunny (but mild ... it's Springtime) Phoenix for the Desert Scale Classic!! Presented by Cactus Car Modelers Club of Phoenix. Sponsored by Moonlight Modelers Club of Phoenix, Tucson Miniature Auto Club, Hobby Depot (LHS), Torco Racing Lubricants, and Speedworld Dragstrip. Judged contest with Best through Third awarded in 29 Classes plus Juniors and 5 Master Awards. Separate "Peoples Choice" award for entries by Cactus Car Modeler members (club members are not eligible for judging in the regular competition). Free Make-N-Take event for kids. Vendorific Swap Meet full of goodies. Seminars in Resin Casting, Super Detailing, and Painting. Raffles throughout the day. Food concession on site. Put it on your calendar, load up your models, point your wheels to Phoenix, and join us for the best model car event in the Valley of the Sun! Desert Scale Classic 2008 Info
  3. Hey, Ranchwagon! I spent my grade school and pre-school years in Hoisington; swimming at Lake Barton, fishing at Cheyenne Bottoms, "big city shopping" in GB, and many pleasurable visits to the zoo! I can still "see" some of it in my mind's eye, and that's been way longer ago than I care to think! Don't know if you ever sipped any A&W Suds at Chet's in Hoisington, but that was big time for a youngster! My family and l left Barton County and moved to Wichita in our brand new '58 Chevy (if that ain't a hint as to how long ago that was). Just seeing the name "Great Bend" triggered a rush of long-ago, far-away memories! Thanks. And God Bless!
  4. Wow! One of my models is in the avatar gallery. I'm published!! Seriously, I don't know what to think. I think I'm flattered. I think.
  5. One of my all-time favorite new (well, I've been using them for 5 or 6 years now) tools is the very high-tech and complicated Transparent Polyethelyne Painting Aid (TPPA), but the cost per unit is very, very affordable, making them incredibly valuable ... priceless, even! Once upon a time, I suffered the embarassment of over-sprayed fingers, forearms even, and it seemed I could never get the overspray off my fingernails and out of the cuticle cracks. But ever since I discovered TPPAs, I've sprayed thousands of parts, hundreds of bodies, a few walls, windows, and occasionally the dog ... but I've not suffered a single over-sprayed hand, finger, nail, arm or shirtsleeve!!! I love 'em. I have a subscription service. For just a few dollars a month, I get a new TPPA delivered to the house every morning ... along with a free newspaper rolled up inside!
  6. Auto theft / arson investigator. Life's never boring; I deal with a lot of BS.* (*Technical Term: Burnt Stuff or similar word that rhymes with "it".)
  7. So, who did the masters and who is the caster? How is the quality and the accuracy?
  8. That is big, Gregg! Enjoy. It's an experience you won't forget (I know), and one that not so many people ever get. It may sound odd to many, but there really is a special rush from being there, in the heart of the lawmaking process. We'll look forward to a full progress report from our new HI Legislative Reporter. Best regards, and good luck for your project!
  9. PRESENTED BY THE CACTUS CAR MODELERS CLUB Swap Meet Vendor Tables are still available. Call 602-944-4096. Event Sponsorship Packages and Trophy Package Sponsorships are still available. Call 602-485-5822.
  10. No, he doesn't. At least he hasn't for the past several years. A year and a half to two years ago, he announced he was shutting it down completely. Haven't seen any signs of life since.
  11. I think that's pretty much the same thing we get a lot of around Phoenix: "Hey, Ole!"
  12. SAE. Dirty word. Drag Boat. Kewl wordz. Take some pix. The folks who hang out here would love to see them! Wheels or no wheels, they/we know great building when they/we see it! FYI - I went to the IPMS region contest (Modelzona) today. Tom Walsh's bitchin' 1/8 dragster took "Best Automotive." No surprise there, huh? Thought you'd enjoy hearing it here first!!! Again, good to see you! See ya again soon. Say hey to Paula for us (sorry we missed her, too). When I told Lois you were at the Postal Hall, she was sorry she didn't go. But she said she would see you at the Desert Scale Classic, GSL, or the new Copperstate ... whichever one comes first!
  13. Well, with some exceptions. But, don't let me scare you off! Hey, Tim. Good to see you loggin' in; glad to see all the little electrons make it all the way to Eager. It was even better to see you in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago. Too long time no see. When I saw the topic (Testing the Waters), I expected to see a drag boat ... Best always, Dan
  14. Mark, Just amazing! I had heard the grumblings about Atlanta. And the shenanigans at Phoenix seemed to be hard to beat (so to speak) in the category of questionable judging and results. Now Anaheim trumps them both. Just amazing. I overlooked your Super Seven when I scanned through the gallery pictures very late last night, otherwise I would have included it in my comments. Both your Seven and Steve's Nissan are exquisite models. And of course I wasn't at Anaheim so I didn't see the rest of the automotive models. But I see what you mean. The effort you put into the Seven and the effort Steve put into his Nissan surely should have eclipsed even the beautiful preparation of your bike. The misguided BS of 'not another Seven' reeks. I hate to see a deserved build passed over just because of its subject. And, I've always opposed the so-called 'no sweep' rules, written or unwritten. Plainly and simply, the best model should be named the best model, regardless of personal prejudices, biases, politics or agendas of the judges. Wow. Another exciting chapter in the hobby! And, it would appear IPMS international treats itself to yet another sordid episode ... all the while wondering how it continues to have a bad rep. Best regards, Dan ...
  15. Bob, I'm not sure I get it: why would the winner be ticked off? I viewed Gregg's pix and the official IPMS gallery photos, but I have not seen any of the entries in person ... except ... I'm personally familiar with Steve Keck's yellow Nissan ... it is truly spectacular. I just can't imagine any out-of-box build being perfect enough to beat it!!! I just can't.
  16. Gregg, Hey, fellow nightowl! Hope you've been well and doing fine! Ironic topic, since the last time I saw you must have been at the IPMS Nats here in Phoenix, and that one was mired in automotive division controversy, too! Is it you? LOL. Just kidding! It really does seem to be IPMS. The local chapter ... and a few others, I'm sure, seem to try ... but the international just doesn't appear to get it ... or care to get it ... when it comes to cars/trucks. I've seen the motorcycle bias in action, too. (International Plastic Motorcycle Society?) Personally, I'm on the fence about their 'out of box' concept. I can see the notion that 'out of box' really focuses on basic skills, but I also think they're missing the boat by not acknowledging and appreciating the more advanced skills. IMHO, there seems to be a fear that they might reward check-book builds if anything other than kit parts are exhibited on a model. Or, is it just me? Anyway, I'm sorry to hear ... again ... that controversial awards-decisions have marred yet another IPMS National. Sure seems to be nearly impossible to pull off an international scope competition without generating a bunch of hub-bub, doesn't it!?! Mahalo nui loa, my friend!
  17. Can you ... or anyone ... elaborate on that? I'm curious. I didn't attend, but the one and only IPMS Nationals I have attended was also quite controversial to say the least! Seems to be a pattern ... And, Gregg: What turned you off?
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