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  1. Those are all fantastic! Especially lpve the DTM rides!
  2. Thanks! The model is 1/24 and the nose was a tick wider and taller than that. The scale isn't listed on the packaging but I would dare say it would take a LOT of work to get the fit right on a 1/25 body. I see it listed on a couple of my favorite aftermarket companies sites (with the driver's side "frown" no less) and it's indicated for the Monogram kit. On another site, I also see a complete resin body with the nose integrated and it still has the slight downturn on the driver's side. Also, none of these have any grille details. It's just flat and smooth so I would guess they are all from the same master. I had a similar situation with a Pontiac 2+2 conversion where the back bubble window was just slightly too large and took a lot of patience trimming to fit.(and some oversized trim tape to mimic the window molding). I think I read somewhere that the master for that fit perfectly to the body but the actual window was vaccuformed OVER the master buck, which would explain the size being off. Who knows if that's true. I'll post pictures of that at some point. Found the thing in my old stash.
  3. Stunning! And thanks for noting that you use chamois! I have been using a microfiber cloth, myself, but will try a chamois. Quick question that you may have covered in a different post: how/where do you store/protect your finished builds? These are museum quality IMO and this Corvette is just awesome!
  4. Thank you! Yeah, the Hoss Ellington number is pretty iconic, especially with Hawaiian Tropic sponsorship. I have another Lake Speed/Hoss Ellington Monte SS with the Bullfrog Knits livery I built about 30 years ago. Hope to post that at some point.
  5. Thanks, yes I built a bunch of the aerocoupes 25 to 30 years ago. Still my favorite of the early generation Monogram NASCAR kits. For this one, I wanted to try something a bit different. I know a few teams ran them and I decided to do a less common livery.
  6. Thanks. If I had your skills, I could have really done something with it. Cheers!
  7. Just finished. Well, it might not be finished, but I am finished with it! 😊 Box stock Monogram Monte Carlo SS with Scale Racing Products resin flat nose. I guess I wasn't prepared for the fit issues. The nose is wider than the body and required the fenders to be angled out slightly, causing an ugly gap with the hood that I, honestly, didn't bother to fix. I can hear your gasps now! Also used the Dremel to shave and shape the nose more like my reference pictures. Couldn't do anything about the slight downturn (frown) on the driver's side of the nose, so I guess I'll say that was the result of a "pit road incident" Decals are actually the Slixx Kyle Petty set for numbers and major sponsors. Looks like Sometimes Lake had the Bullfrog, sometimes he didn't. And for what it's worth, I have an extra flat nose (pictured) that I know I'll never use, so I'll put that in the Trading Post as a freebie. Thanks for looking! And call me crazy, but I guess I never realized how much this would like like an 85 Deville from the front:
  8. I love it! Fun build. Looks just like something that would have run Bear Ridge (my hometown dirt track) back in the day.
  9. That is fantastic! Permission to steal? Thanks Tom, great advice. In my teens and 20s, I started buying multiples with the thought that I was going to have unlimited free time, would live forever, and intended to build a stock version, a racing version, a custom version, etc. Oh, and one for parts in case I made a mistake. I don't know if it was ADD, OCD, or the fact that Globe Depth Store sold their model kits for $3 in the day. Anyway, now I am parting some of these out. I've made some good connections in the short time I have been on the forum, and if I have it, I'm glad to share. Thanks. Sometimes ebay is an unfair or innacurate barometer of value, but then again, something is only worth what someone else would pay for it. And yes, I, too am always looking and still buying. WHY??? ☺ I guess, ultimately, the lady at the yardsale had the most impact on my reason for this post. I would have, certainly, paid $20 each or more for the kits at a toy show, flea market, or, yes, ebay. Though I didn't know the yardsale lady's husband, I'm thinking he'd preferred to have left her with $60 (3x $20) rather than the $3 (3× $1) she ended up with. I know that is how I feel. (Actually, I'd really rather not leave...) I get it, too, that others that have said when they are dead, they won't care. I would ask them to please be sure their obituaries are posted on this forum with clear directions to their house 😁 (just kidding about that last line). Anyway, thanks all for your thoughts and comments.
  10. This is very cool! Those appear to be Edsel wagon taillights on the 1:1 car. Jimmy Flintstone makes those (included with his Edsel wagon conversion). You seem to be a master scratch-builder, though so you may have something else in mind. This is a great subject and I will follow with great anticipation!
  11. So true. I can't recall if this model Olds ever won a race. I know Bobby Hillin won in a Miller Buick...guess I'll have to look that up!
  12. Me too! Lake Speed's Wynn's/K-Mart car was the first Monogram NASCAR kit I ever built. I recently came across a stash of my old builds, and that one was in there. I'll maybe post that in some point when I can photograph it. On a side note, I read recently that the Olds 88 and Buick LeSabre are considered the beginning of the end of "classic era" NASCAR being the first six-cylinder front-wheel-drive cars homologated for NASCAR racing. I had never thought of it that way before. By chance, do you recall Stub Fadden's LeSabre? I always thought that was one of the prettiest cars at Thunder Road. I have a JNJ Resin LeSabre body and have wanted to make a replica ever since...
  13. Thanks all! I appreciate the kind words. I can still have ideas and get a build in my mind, but I wish I had the skill and the precision to actually execute the build like you, or Tim (yellowsportwagon) or any number of builders here. I am constantly amazed at the talent on this forum and learn something new every day.
  14. I love everything about this! Bobby was and still is my hero...it's got the Marty Robbins thing going (out in the West Texas town of El Paso)...it's got a unique variation on the Coke livery...and it's a Dodge...plus it's a "rescue" that is beautifully executed. Outstanding!
  15. I finished this about a year ago after a 20 year break in building NASCAR subjects. My skills were a bit rusty but I wanted to experiment a bit and get back into the groove. It's a bit of a bodge, but does look ok on the shelf. Amazingly, the camera picks up flaws that my eyes can't see. The passenger side grille is at a different angle to the driver's side, for example. Having this one done helps me know what to do differently on the next one. The car...I wanted to build an early Delta 88 with the more showroom nose treatment (before they became almost completely flat in the front like the box stock kit version). The headlights are 1985 NASCAR Thunderbird with the Oldsmobile grilles and marker light covers. The front bumper is a trimmed rear bumper from the Olds 88, reshaped and with light covers added. Buddy's car also had some flashing above this bumper which I replicated using Chrome striping tape. The lower front valance is the bottom half of the '85 Thunderbird rear bumper with the Oldsmobile lower grille grafted on. I flattened the hood. It seems like all of the Monogram hoods I have for the Olds are curved too much and do not sit flush with the fenders, so I did the best I could. It doesn't quite sit flush to the headlights, though, so that would create a bad aero situation in real life. I also reshaped the side and quarter windows. Buddy's Oldsmobile seemed to have more squared windows than the rounded windows on other Oldsmobiles of the day. The decals are the recent Powerslide set. Everything else is fairly box stock. Thanks for looking!
  16. Yes friends, I get all of this (heck, I'm the one who bought them for the contents), but the topic thread has nothing to do with the kits, themselves...the topic is "Terrible Box Art" and these 4 boxes are fairly uninspiring. Cheers.
  17. First, please let me say this is not a commercial or advertising...I have had a couple of "life events" this year that have forced me to think seriously about this. This summer, I stopped at a yardsale late in the day and found these (Hurtubise and Johncock unbuilt, the Matador had been started): I asked "how much?" And the lady said "how about a buck each?" So I chatted with her a bit and said "you may want to rethink that. I believe they are worth more." (No, I wasn't trying to jip myself, either, but I didn't want to walk away feeling guilty of taking advantage.) As it turned out, they were her husband's, he passed away, and I was the only person to even look at them. So she was glad to just get rid of them to someone who actually knew and/or appreciated them. I've heard similar stories with anything from Hot Wheels and Star Wars figures to tools and clothing. Thankfully, the Internet and Antiques Roadshow (or Pawn Stars) have made people a little more savvy to the value of "stuff". So this got me to thinking about my own basement. I'm sure many or most of us have a basement or room that looks like this: I used to joke that I was trying to be as big a burden as possible to whoever was going to clean out my basement when I died. But now I am realizing how much money I could potentially be "leaving on the table" for my heirs. They have no interest in this stuff and have no idea the value. I shudder to think that this could be sold in a yardsale for pennies on the dollar, or worse...hauled off to the dump. I am a builder. I haven't amassed this for investment purposes...you all know what I mean. 😊. As they said on Big Bang Theory: "someday this will double in value and be worth half what I paid for it!" Anyway, I have begun making an inventory and contacted a local auction company. The listing and auction company contact information will be included in my estate planning documents. It is my hope that when I go, it will make it easier for my heirs. No, they won't get rich, but this should help confirm and or work towards getting the most $$$ for the "old junk in the basement". Just sayin'
  18. No doubt! And we, the modelers were just eager for the product/contents. Just not a lot of shelf or eye appeal...sort of like early generic food offerings....mmmmm, Corn Flakes!
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