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  1. I'm in a curbside building mood and the first one that's getting built is a resin 1970 Camaro SS from Reliable Resin. This one's a repop of the uber-rare MPC kit, which was a one year wonder. MPC changed the tooling in 1971 to the Rally Sport with the split front bumperettes. I'm building it with the ducktail rear spoiler which GM used before the three piece wraparound unit was introduced. The chrome bumper is only for the pics as I have mastered a new unit that Reliable will be incorporating in this trans kit very soon. I have filled the side marker lites and removed the SS emblems. The SS emblems will be replaced with decals. I'm leaning toward big and little Pegasus Torque Thrusts with grey spokes like I used on my '69 Chevelle SS. Paint will be HOK Goldmine Pearl with black Fred Cady SS stripes. I also mastered a new front spoiler that Reliable will be offering soon, along with a new three piece rear spoiler. I'll be using the new front spoiler on this one. My plan is to build several curbsides each year. It's too easy to get bogged down in the details when you do a full detail build. I really want to increase my output because there are way too many cars I want to build and one or two a year is not cutting it. They all look the same on the shelf! Enjoy...I am!!!
  2. Be sure to check out the "Resin" section of the forum for many new announcements from Reliable Resin. I've posted a number already this weekend and will be adding to the list during the weekend.
  3. Another brand new offering from Reliable Resin. The frame rails were painstaking moved inward to open up the wheel tubs for bigger rear tires. The 12-Bolt diff was narrowed accordingly as was the fuel tank. Also available is an interior tub with the wheel tubs widened to fit the chassis. The chassis will fit in any 1:25 scale '67-81 F-Body model with minor trimming and the interior will fit any '67-69 F-Body kit with minor trimming. The Revell '69 Camaro rear leaf springs and front suspension are also required if building any other F-Body with these parts. Tires on the mock up are Reliable's new Street Meats #2, but nearly any wide tire short of a full pro street tire will fit. Pegasus 23's and the wide Aoshima 18's fit beautifully as would the large Goodyears found in the AMT Wagon Rod and like kits.
  4. Reliable Resin has upgraded their '68 Camaro SS packages with the SS gas cap and transparent red taillight lenses. Email Don at ReliableResin@aol.com to order.
  5. I'll come to Tuledo if someone will send me a round trip plane ticket. Perhaps I could share the bridge with Gregg & Jairus :!: Bottom line...no Toledo this year . But Toledo is on the "Things To Do Before I Die" list. :wink:
  6. That's what I do now and some I even have 3 sets of. When I figured out that the "wide rim" wheel lips and tires fit the other two-piece rims, I bought 6 or 7 sets of the Stich Dish wide rim sets at my LHS that had been sitting on the shelves for a long time. Sorry Ken, none of mine are for sale either :!:
  7. You won't find much on Ebay, only current stuff. Once and a great while you'll find some OOP stuff. What about Fujimi rims? Anything there interest you? Fujimi keeps on cranking out wheel sets and they are readily available.
  8. Sorry Ken, but you are probably out of luck. Aoshima produces its rim sets in small quantities when they are issued, which means you are almost forced to buy them when they come out. Are there any particular styles you are looking for at this tme? My LHS has a few in stock but I'm not sure if they have what you are looking for. You also might try www.americansatco.com as they sell Aoshima rims too. You might be able to find an Aoshima kit with the wheels you are looking for, although this could get kinda expensive. I have an Aoshima catalog that I can cross-reference wheels to a kit.
  9. Get some white plastic spoons and test your paints with them.
  10. Get some Polly S Easy Lift Off. It will work on ANY paint.
  11. The Pro Mod Camaro from Reliable Resin has undergone a few adjustments and is now ready for RTV. Here are some new pictures to wet your appetite!!! Changes are subtle, but really give this F-Body the "look". Custom decals will be sold with this body for '67-69 Camaro grilles and taillights. It should be in RTV in the next few days. Contact Don Theune at ReliableResin@aol.com for ordering information.
  12. PSF Hobbies has a nice one. You can go to www.psfhobbies.com to order.
  13. 1410 yen for the kit and 1280 yen for the SAL s&h. About $23 USD for the total. Not too bad IMHO. It was my first order with them and I'll recap the whole experience when the kit arrives. Don't know if they are a division of Aoshima as they sell Fujimi, Tamiya, etc as well. The translations are somewhat humorous as well. The website lists the car as the Galant Ramda. Here's some of the text from the email I received the other day: "Thank you very much for your always coming to Hobby World and patiently waiting for its shipment. We sent your baggage today. We hope that you receive the package very soon in good condition and enjoy your Hobby Life!!"
  14. One of my best friends in high school drove a 1976 Celica GT. His Dad totaled it after my friend went to college and bought an orange one after seeing and driving my silver one. They liked it as much as I liked mine.
  15. HLJ does not have this one. I got mine from Hobby World International. http://hobbyworld.aoshima-bk.co.jp/eindex.asp I stumbled into this one while looking for images of the new Aoshima wheel releases. Glad I did :!:
  16. I second that motion on the wide body Starion. I'll post pics of the Galant Lambda contents as soon as I get it. There are a couple of pics of the kit body on the HWI website and the proportions look pretty spot on from the pics. I'm just glad to be able to get it in styrene as it is the one car that I've owned that I thought I would never be able to get a scale version of. I'll add some modern rims and such to this one, sort of an "old school" tuner.
  17. Got notification that it shipped today. It apparently is a new offering from Aoshima that was just released. I know it's an oddball car with limited appeal, but I owned a 1978 Dodge Challenger back in the day. I loved that car. No it wasn't a real Challenger, didn't have the performance of the Toyota Celica, but it was cool nontheless. Here's a pic of a vintage Dodge ad with the two toned model that got me through five years of college commuting. I bought the car new in the fall of 1978 and drove it until February 1983. Very trouble free car. Only major maintenance repairs were for a clutch and the "silent shaft" chain assembly. I'll post pics of the contents when it arrives from Japan. I'm thinking "old school" tuner with modern touches like stance, wheels and tires, etc. in MPC Motorsports style.
  18. Coming soon from Reliable Resin. It will feature a removable hood and deck lid/spoiler and will work just fine on a Revell Pro Stock kit. Isn't Model King doing a Revell Pro Stock reissue later this year? Watch this space in the coming days and weeks for more new product announcements from Reliable Resin.
  19. I preordered two sets myself. Isn't there a thread on the "Rants" page about wheel fetishes? :wink:
  20. Here's a list of two piece Aoshima rims that I own: Aoshima 18" rims: Blitz BRW-Type 03 Wisesports Stimulator Stich Dish Stich Mesh III Vitrix Pleasure BBS LM Gartmaier Exclusive Materasse Andrew Racing V Andrew Racing Dish Altstadt ABC Glanzen AME Modelart Koenig Imp Aoshima 19" rims: Amistad R Racing Hart Type CR Kranze Borphes Fabulous Profound Equip 5 Spoke Kranze LXZ Junction Produce Scara Auto Couture Supreme Bersaglio Spoke II Amistad V Koenig WRV
  21. You might get some Micro Mark Liquid Mask. It works real good for masking wheels. I masked these with M-M Liquid Mask.
  22. I have a pretty decent collection of Aoshima rims. I'll compile of list of mine when I get home from work.
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