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  1. Looks like 2007 is off to a great start for you Ajay!!!
  2. That was easy. I've never built the Revellogram Chevelle, so I figured that you started with the cowl induction hood.
  3. Can't wait to see more of this one. How'd you do the hood?
  4. This year will be my 5th year at Heartland. It is a "must go" show in the midwest, if not the whole USA. Great people, awesome models, and even more awesome swap meet vendor area! Two day event makes it even better to meet and greet too.
  5. Matt, On all my models, I use Tamiya spray primer, HOK thru an airbrush or Tamiya or Testors lacquer sprays, and Tamiya spray clear. Polishing is easy for me. I use 4000 and 6000 Micro Mesh, Wizards Finish Cut, and Meguier's #26 carnuba wax once I'm sure I won't be painting any more. I can polish out a paint job in an evening from start to finish. I love seeing the process from start to finish. I've learned how to be careful to avoid burn thru. My '71 GTO has once again tested my patience as it has been colored twice and cleared twice, correcting flaws (some major) along the way. But what started to be a "not so hot" finish is going to be killer once I finish polish it. I too only do 3-4 paint jobs per year but I'm looking to increase that output by changing my build style to more curbsides and slammers. I have friends that shoot two part urethane clear and they swear by it. But only one of them does NOT polish the clear. I refuse to use it because of the fumes. My Pace paint booth removes all traces of Tamiya TS-13 from the room, and until I got the booth all my painting was done in the garage.
  6. I think I'll leave 'em chrome. What do you think? Just took it out of the dehydrator for these pics. Don't worry, it's been off for a few hours. Paint only needs a light wet sanding and some Wizards and it will be good to go. Still need to some work on the wing before I clear it.
  7. Aoshima wide rim Victrix Pleasures. I've had these since early 2001 when they were last available.
  8. Here is a somewhat new project from MPC Motorsports. This one's been on the bench for about two months I'm backdating an AMT '72 GTO to a '71 Judge using a conversion kit from Reliable Resin and some Keith Marks decals. Paint is HOK Ultra Orange pearl with yellow/blue/red Judge decals and cleared with Tamiya TS-13. It will be ready for polishing after a night in the dehydrator. I have Monday off for the President's Day holiday, so I hope to shoot some paint on the chassis and interior parts. Like my '70 Camaro SS, it will be a pro touring curbside build. I'll be using a Modelhaus engine plate in the kit chassis for the curbside conversion. Enjoy!!!
  9. Check out Jada Dub City and Maisto Pro Rodz die cast cars. Many of them have larger diameter disk brakes on them. Could be the way to go.
  10. I too have some friends that are looking at getting a Pace paint booth of their own. Bob should give us a commission.
  11. Never cast a wheel either. Tires need to be two part molds. I've done lots of tires with Micro Mark Tire Casting Resin. I hope someone shows us how to cast a rim.
  12. MJ, where do you find all these cool old models? I never find anything like this.
  13. You'll love it!!! I plan to use mine some more this weekend. I have Monday off as well for President's Day!!! Here's a pic of mine. I made a removable vent using a prefab dryer duct and hose and some 1/8" masonite board. When I use it, I open the window and insert the vent. Then I close the window to the top of the board. When I'm finished, I remove the vent and close the window. Keep us posted on how you like it.
  14. Here's an Ebay store that has the Paasche H for about $37 shipped. http://cgi.ebay.com/PAASCHE-AIRBRUSH-PAINT...oQQcmdZViewItem I'm thinking about buying one of these myself.
  15. Sure do.... Not much to it, Chris. They have a wide, stable base that turns easy in your hand while you paint and they fit inside my Nesco dehydrator with two extra rings. My oldest ones are 7 years old now and I have probably 8 or 9 that I use.
  16. Go to the grocery store and buy some Kikkoman soy sauce in the small restaurant style bottles. I use masking tape to hold bodies, hoods, etc to them and using poster tack I can hold a myriad of parts using wire, toothpics, etc to hold them. You can buy a lot of bottles for what the Tamiya paint stand costs.
  17. Don't know about too hot but they are too thick IMHO. I would stay with hobby paints. Testors has Ford Engine Blue in a 1/2 oz bottle in their new Model Master Lacquer line. Part #28010, I would check this out.
  18. I'm getting a vented paint booth for my indoor workshop. Because of the noise and cost factor, I've ruled out using an air compressor indoors and want to use an air tank that I can fill with my garage compressor. I was considering a 7 gallon tank that I can get at Wal-Mart. I know I need a regulator, pressure gauge, and a water trap. What do you recommend and how do you hook this up to the tank? Show me pics of your setup and how it works. And thanks in advance for your help.
  19. Modified a door panel from AMT's new Concept Camaro kit to fit my resin interior tub. I think it better suits the Pro Touring look than a stock '70 door panel. Add some photo etch power window switches and I'll be good to go.
  20. Not sure if Pegasus actually sells these in mixed sizes. You might try www.psfhobbies.com. Or, just purchase a set of each, then you'll have two sets of "big n littles".
  21. Got the front bumper installed. It is a resin piece painted with Spaz Stix Chrome paint. It is similar to Alclad BUT it can be applied over Tamiya spray gloss black! Seems pretty durable, as durable as a paint can be. I'll let the pictures do the talking. The bumper looks dark on the left side but that is a function of the lighting more than the finish. Enjoy!!!
  22. Been awhile since I've posted an update on my Camaro. It's all BMF'd except for the passenger side door and the front lights, grille and spoiler are installed. Also trying out my new workbench lighting which should greatly enhance the quality of my progress pics. I installed two swing arm desk lamps I purchased at Hobby Lobby and outfitted them with 100w equivalent GE cool daylight compact fluorescent bulbs. I'm waiting on some new pieces from Reliable Resin for the interior buildout. Enjoy!
  23. All American Models has been out of business for a long time. Sorry Drago.
  24. Looks nice from here. Take it from me, every model is a practice one.
  25. Not to mention something that was already built before he started :wink: :!:
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