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  1. Here's your break, Alan. Let the public decide who was polite here. I only mentioned "POS bodies" because he claimed in his other Q&A's on the auction that he had FIVE other POS bodies he had purchased from Reliable Resin. ------------------------------ What about the other POS bodies you paid for? Where's the pics? ----- Original Message ---- From: Alan <professionalenforcer> To: marc_nellis@xxxx.com Sent: Monday, April 9, 2007 10:54:00 AM Subject: Re: Question for item #140105114058 - Resin 66 Comet FC Body Hey Marc Nellis, So Theune is STILL telling people that he GAVE me that POS .... think about it , why would you GIVE someone such a pile of ###### !?!?!?!?! I resin cast myself , and there is NO WAY something like THAT would see the light of day !!! Make no mistake, I PAID for everything that JERK SOLD to me ........... He contacted ME and was practically BEGGING to get it back. He said he would go good for it, and the other stuff I was unhappy with, so I waited, then after some time I asked him if the stuff had been sent and he told me to go f*ck myself, as this A Hole has done to countless others ........Ya, he is a good businessman , and a great guy too ........... moron ----- Original Message ----- From: eBay Member: tulsaneon To: professionalenforcer@xxxx.com Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 8:24 PM Subject: Question for item #140105114058 - Resin 66 Comet FC Body eBay sent this message to Alan Bohach (timewarp9000). Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more. Question about Item -- Respond Now eBay sent this message on behalf of an eBay member through My Messages. Responses sent using email will go to the eBay member directly and will include your email address. Question from tulsaneon tulsaneon( 187) Positive feedback: 100% Member since: 19-Jul-00 Location: OK, United States Registered on: www.ebay.com Item: Resin 66 Comet FC Body (140105114058) This message was sent while the listing was active. tulsaneon is a potential Buyer. What a bogus auction!!! Even if this was legit, at least you got something in return for your money. Much more than you can say about Lookout, A/FX, and other resin casters who STIFFED many model builders out of their hard-earned cash. I've never had any problems with Reliable Resin and have won contest trophies with his resin products. I think the MOTTZ is on you!!!
  2. And I will continue to be so. Remember the Golden Rule...treat others the way you want to be treated.
  3. Ariel, My reply regarding the hobby and budgets had nothing to do with defending Reliable Resin. Just trying to make a point that if money IS an issue, one has no business spending $40-50 or more on a model kit, from Reliable Resin, Tamiya, Harold Bradford, Model Factory Hiro, Aardvark Models, or whomever. That's all, nothing more.
  4. And for those people, if you have families and $40-50 dollars is a lot of money to you, you shouldn't be spending it on a model kit. Let's see, shoes for the kids or a model kit...I'll buy the model. The kids can go bare footed for another month or two. Electric bill or a model??? Food on the table or a model??? I for one, NEVER take money off the table to spend on my hobby. And those that do should have their head examined.
  5. Thanks for your comment, Jairus. I was referring primarily to the "internet modelers". Many model builders I know never go to the internet or if they do, they stay away from these forums. It's probably why they build more than some of us.
  6. Hey Andy!!! This wasn't a personal attack on you, but a general statement about my observation of the hobby. This board and the one at the "other" magazine do have more builders that post their builds on average. But many of the other message boards are full of regulars that in the eight years or so I've been connected to the hobby thru the internet I have yet to see a build of theirs or even see them discuss a build. There are a great number of people in the hobby that are just "collectors". They talk a good game but I would just like to see them build too. There are guys in my local club that I've known for 5 years that do not build. They are at every meeting at the LHS and always go home with some new models, resin bodies, paints, etc, but they never build!!! It's only when we get the urge to build that resin kit we purchased years ago only to discover that it warped in the box, the quality was not what we remembered it to be, etc, that the tirades begin. You mentioned Modelhaus in your earlier post. I have one of their '57 Ford Custom 300 kits. It's a beauty, but it is THICK and will take lots of grinding on the sides to get the AMT '57 chassis plate to fit properly. Did I go into an online tirade when I discovered this? No. I'm a model builder and I have the skills to correct this issue. If I start one and find it to be unbuildable, I put it back in the box and move on. Write the money off too. It's not like we spent $200k on a rare musclecar only to find out when we got it home it was a total rust bucket underneath the shiny finish. We're talking at best $40-50 for a total resin kit in most cases. When it comes to resin, NO resin kit is perfect. Resin has gotten much better over the years and as such, expectations have risen. But bottom line, a resin kit will always require more work and a higher level of skill from the model builder than a styrene kit. Successfully building any resin kit will no doubt make one a better model builder. Hopefully, Modelmartin will come out with a resin kit that I would be interested in building. I would like to compare the quality of your castings with the others that are out there.
  7. You usually only see the tirades when a resin caster "takes the money and runs". The vast majority of people in this hobby are "collectors" and not "builders". Just look at the message boards and the percentage of posters who never post progress threads on their builds. We all collect, but few of us actually build. Just my two cents worth and the Nomex is on.
  8. Same here in Oklahoma...just bought a new bottle at Wally World and it only says "Super Clean". No Castrol, same purple pond water.
  9. Probably out of luck and out of $$$ too. One just sold on Ebay last week for $93!!! I guess mine with some Modelhaus chrome and some Fred Cady decals should be worth at least $150 LOL!!!
  10. It was not meant as a joke....this is serious and will no doubt result in serious consequences.
  11. Don't believe everything that is posted on Straight Line Modeler. Don is not an unscrupulous resin caster. In fact, the body that is posted on the Ebay auction was given to the person in question at the same time he purchased a good body in order to build a replica of Art Chrisman's flat top Cyclone flopper. Don does NOT sell resin like what is pictured in the auction. Don has been casting resin for 5 years this weekend and his positive feedback on Ebay proves his worthiness. I just won a first place and third place trophy with Reliable Resin products.
  12. Go for it!!! What kit has those rims and tires? They are awesome!!!
  13. Simon, It was a pleasure and an honor to meet you and your friends in KC last summer. That model was worthy of all the praise it received. Here's a picture I took of it. Hope you guys come back to KC in the future.
  14. Just like the original, orange is a natural color choice.
  15. Micro Mark is what I use. I recommend their starter kit as it comes with almost everything you need to start casting resin.
  16. Thanks for your comments, Ron. I stripped this one with Super Clean. It works the best on good old Testors enamel. As for the age comment, how did you know that I'll be 47 on the 17th? I built models from the age of 7-16, then started back into the hobby in 1995. Got serious about it when my lovely Wife let me have part of our 4th bedroom for a workspace. As of December 2006, I now have the whole room. I'm not a prolific model builder, but I have lots of fun!!!
  17. I've been collecting MPC '68-69 Chargers lately. I took a chance on an auction a few weeks ago and got this trio for $10. The one in the middle is an original '69 annual. Underneath what looked to be FIVE BOTTLES :roll: of brush applied Testors blue paint, here's what I had. But the rear end didn't look too hot. What's a modeler to do? Make a mold box on the rear clip of a good '69 Charger. Pour some RTV. Remove mold, dust with talcum powder, pour in resin, let cure and remove part. The damaged portion of the original body has been removed with a razor saw and is shown at the bottom of the picture below the new part. Stay tuned while I attach the new rear clip and finish the body work. Isn't model building fun!!!
  18. It's one thing to purchase a current kit with missing parts. Try finding parts for a Johan Rebel Machine!!! I purchased what appeared in the pictures to be a complete, unbuilt kit with all parts off the spure only to find when I received it that the bumpers were missing!!! :x And when Modelhaus doesn't have replacements, you're basically screwed. And I paid $65 for this one. Lucky for me, I've learned to resin cast and a fellow model builder loaned me his mint unused bumpers to cast. He even had to cut them from the tree!!! See, it could be worse.
  19. TWENTY TWO DOLLARS!!! :shock: Where do you live? I can tell you one thing...I would NEVER go back to that LHS. Is there a Hobby Lobby near your town? They often have 40% off coupons for any one item in the store. A quick search of Ebay turned up a seller with two kits like yours for sale at $11.50 US shipped. Buy another kit and use the one you got for parts. It has some good ones that can be bashed on other projects. Good luck!
  20. Did you purchase the kit at a retail store? Take it back for an exchange or refund. If you purchase your kits at an online source like Hobby Heaven or most LHS's, they will stand behind their products and make it right for you.
  21. 'bout darn time!!! This is gonna be one awesome Vette. Can we expect to see it on a table @ Heartland? At least the Project Table!!!
  22. Hobby Heaven lists the release date for the '55 Chevy as May and the '58 in August. Can't wait!!!
  23. I'll be watching this one too. Looks like you stole a page from the MPC Motorsports shop manual!!!
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