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  1. Rob mentioned that BMF is forthcoming. He just couldn't get it done in time for the Hobbytown show today.
  2. I'll second that, Jairus. This is one of the coolest builds I've seen in a long time. Let's give this one some serious consideration.
  3. Rob!!! What a cool "phantom" straightliner. Looks like a winner.
  4. Not as prolific as you think. I've completed two year to date...the '71 Judge (curbside) and the '70 Camaro SS (slammer). I only completed in 2006. Since I'm taking the Drew Hierwarter approach to building "shelf models" as he calls them, I expect to complete more than ever this year. Since I got serious about building 5 years ago, I've averaged about two, maybe three per year. I'm looking to at least 5-6 this year.
  5. Love progress shots!!! Looks to be some sort of yellow...what paint are you using? Or is that a secret :twisted: :!:
  6. Here's the pics!!! This is cool!!! I might have to get one of these. I think it would make a cool street rod.
  7. Zeb, are these recent acquisitions? If so, I thought I've spent a ton of $$$ on model related stuff lately!!!
  8. I just received a reply from Don Holthaus regarding this car. He remembered doing a few of these for someone in Texas maybe 10-15 years ago, but the molds were long gone. Could be a "rare" piece of resin.
  9. Me too!!! I look forward to seeing it at the Heartland Nationals in June.
  10. Got this on Ebay. Anyone know who cast this? It came with chrome bumpers, black grille insert and red taillights. The chrome looks like Modelhaus. Any thoughts from the resin historians?
  11. Cheez-Cast is long out of business, Darin. Andy mentioned that the proprietor of Cheez-Cast was "ripping" off customers, so he quit doing business with them. Don Theune made wholesale changes to this car and IMHO looks nothing like the original. Don also mentioned that the resin used on the Cheez-Cast part looked like cheeze too. Perhaps that's where they got their name. Perhaps Andy Martin should add this one to his current catalog.
  12. Yeppers, it's the AMT ex-MPC '72 GTO backdated to a 1971 with the Reliable Resin transkit. The headlights in the kit parts were drilled out and replaced with MV Lenses.
  13. Does this look like feedback from someone who is "afraid" to get a negative??? Just a sample of the nearly 1,600 POSITIVE FEEDBACKS received by Reliable Resin on Ebay. Every resin company should be like this one!"Reliable Resin" says it all ! Buyer lov2model68( 122) Sep-15-04 10:50 5918440127 Great person to deal with,great product! A#1 resin company to deal with!!!!!!!!! Buyer lov2model68( 122) Sep-15-04 10:48 5918444266 A++++++HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS VENDOR FOR RESIN CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyer 1968elenor0( 185) Jun-17-04 18:58 5902768877 Exellent resin bodies, will buy again THANKS GOTZ Buyer 1968elenor0( 185) Jun-17-04 18:57 5902763894 Got the Cyclone in good shape tonight. Thanks again! Buyer werfer42( 166) Jun-17-04 17:50 5903809841 Here some random feedbacks from 2005: Another top class resin, quick delivery and hassle free as always. A++++++++++ Buyer stevieandme( 96) May-10-05 10:48 5972492256 Great seller, Great item! Thanks! Buyer honez57( 325) Apr-26-05 21:05 5967683700 fast shipping sweet body very good quality!!!!!! Buyer promod1963vette( 186) Apr-25-05 20:23 5967708054 Great product. Very good to deal with!! A+++++ Buyer prumus99( 117) Apr-24-05 12:02 5967702856 Another top class resin from the best caster about. Thanks again A++++++++++++++ Buyer stevieandme( 96) Apr-21-05 14:23 5967723228 eBay Seller that stands behind his product. Thank you very much. Buyer mvadrag( 288) Jan-22-05 10:48 5929727682 Highest quality and great communication. Thanks!! Buyer eaglec4( 607) Mar-18-06 14:02 6029984837 This is the finest detail I've seen on a resin kit. Worth the wait! Buyer eaglec4( 607) Mar-18-06 14:02 6027076752 personable , curtious , and professional combined with an excellent product ! Buyer step13kid( 52) Feb-11-06 15:23 6029725155 top quality resin from a true professional ! will be doing more business soon. Buyer step13kid( 52) Feb-11-06 15:21 6025405960 good seller thanks Buyer terry6542( 14) Feb-11-06 14:08 6024711296 Great product !!! Will buy from again, thanks Don! A++++++++++++++ Buyer danimation53( 448) Feb-11-06 13:23 6024719290 Awesome casting, tons of detail, this will be great with my next project. Thanks Buyer markandjo12( 108) Nov-24-06 07:32 250041285550 Excellent product, fast shipping, item exactly as described. Thanks! AAA++++++++ Buyer nsxwheel( 504) Nov-23-06 18:41 250039837525 Excellent product, fast shipping, item exactly as described. Thanks!!! AAA++++++ Buyer nsxwheel( 504) Nov-23-06 18:39 250041284920 great to deal with anytime again AAA+++ Buyer jonn223( 107) Nov-22-06 14:08 250046517139 Accurate description,fast delivery. Buyer hejore( 316) Nov-22-06 13:00 5972424814 No Problems. Easy to do business with. Buyer hejore( 316) Nov-22-06 13:00 5972424814 GREAT CASTING, GREAT SERVICE, THANKS. Buyer models129( 125) Nov-22-06 10:12 250046523377 VERY NICE RESIN...STOOD BEHIND HIS PRODUCT & REPLACED DAMAGED RIM Buyer delraymustang1984( 185) Nov-22-06 05:55 250034247769 Great product, well packaged - good international trader A+++ cheers! Buyer grantysid( 11) Nov-22-06 00:07 250033284647 Outstanding service, will buy from again, Thank-you A+ Buyer outlaw7.86( 88) Feb-27-07 12:09 250081710299 VERY NICE! Don is at the top of the resin casting business! Highly recommended Buyer wweedhopper( 687) Feb-27-07 10:54 250068602476 Nice resin body kit will make a great build Thanks Buyer baldnmean( 130) Feb-27-07 10:15 250079492943
  14. You do??? Meet the seller Seller: cruzn( 333) Feedback: 100% Positive Member: since Aug-02-98 in United States
  15. :roll: :roll: Just think how many models could have been built with all the time and energy spent on this one.... :?
  16. I know for a fact that Reliable Resin sold this resin package two years ago but it was discontinued. The owner of the original kit would not allow Reliable Resin to glue the body together and piece it properly to make a good replica, so it was cast just like the kit parts. Here's the new and improved body: Available separately is this package: As for the scam auction linked above, does it have some flash? Yes. Does it look like a Modelhaus piece? No. Could I work with it? Hellya! Can you get this item from any other resin caster? Doubt it. ANY modelbuilder with ANY skills at all could build that one. Guess the seller doesn't have any, skills that is.
  17. I'll be watching this one Iz. Several guys were "fighting" over one at the hobby shop where our club meets. Cool car and should be a cool model. What color are you planning?
  18. One of my best friends in High School 30 years ago drove a black 1967 Mercury Cougar. It was a 302 with duals and a Holley 2bbl carb. It had five slot aluminum wheels and a red interior that he upgraded with reclining buckets and the rear seat from a wrecked Ford Granada. Thanks to Reliable Resin and The Modelhaus, I am building a modern, pro touring inspired version of this car. It will be black with a red interior. Alclad Polished Aluminum will adorn the Aoshima BBS rims with MPC Motorsports resin wheel lips on the back and MPC Motorsports resin Pirelli tires. The emblems have already been shaved and a rear spoiler from an AMT '69 Cougar will grace the decklid. The '69 will also give up its hood scoop and perhaps the front air dam. I also removed the front vent windows, partly for looks and to make room for the '69 Cougar interior tub, which is wider than the '67. Here's some pics. Like my 1971 GTO, this one will also be a curbside build. Enjoy!!!
  19. AMT 1972 GTO with Reliable Resin 1971 GTO transkit and spoiler package. Corrected rear bumper and taillights mastered by myself and cast by Reliable Resin. Sport front seats from Reliable Resin. Wheels are Aoshima Victrix Pleasure wide rims. Paint is HOK Ultra Orange Pearl with Keith Marks Judge decals and cleared with Tamiya TS-13. Won 3rd Place - Curbside at the MCMA Showdown on 3/17/2007. It's pretty tough to compete against Tamiya kits in the Curbside class.
  20. Reliable Resin 1970 Camaro SS built slammer style with 19" and 23" Pegasus T's. HOK Goldmine Pearl with Keith Marks decals topped with Tamiya TS-13 Clear. This car won First Place - Slammer at the MCMA Showdown in Irving, TX on March 17th. This was my first 1st Place winner.
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