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  1. Sorry 'bout that. Perhaps another pledge to stay focused...
  2. Anyone have one? Contact me via email or PM and we'll work out the particulars.
  3. The grille in the pics does have the vertical bars, look a little closer. These are repops from a '79 MPC annual. MPC recycled the '78 grille which had the emblem molded in. Perhaps someday I'll tackle the challenge of mastering a new grille without the emblem. It will be a greater challenge than the non-SS grille I made for the RR '70.5 Camaro.
  4. Anything specific you are looking for in that OTHER scale? Anything's possible if a business case can be made for it.
  5. Nothing Lee. The RR '70.5 Camaro SS is a repop of the one year only in kit form MPC '70.5 Camaro with the full width standard front bumper. MPC changed the tooling to the RS version in 1971. Look for my thread in "under glass".
  6. Also quoting Dr. Evil, how about "www.shhhh.com.org". One of my favorite movie characters too. This subject has become the proverbial dead horse and has been beaten nine ways from Sunday. I'll be glad to see it go away. Let's get back to having fun building models :!: :idea:
  7. For those who have demanded to see Reliable Resin products "au natural"... '70 Camaro SS with flash removed from hood opening. Corvette roadster - I have the vacformed light covers and the lights if you want to see them. '79 Camaro Z28 '67 Cougar before I started to build it with some window flash removed. All of these were acquired by me in the last 18 months and are what you get NOW from Reliable Resin. FWIW, I created the master on the '79 Z28. And I could care less if Don listed my name as the master.
  8. The Swede is cool no doubt, but I'm going with the Vette too.
  9. I've heard it works but haven't tried it myself. I have both the '64 and '05 GTO's I would like to do that to someday. Or, perhaps I'll just strip them and repaint. Especially since I'm in the middle of remastering the front fascias for the 2004-05 GTO's to add proper fog lights. 8) :wink:
  10. I believe that Larry Greenberg's original question was about "Kustom Kolors by the makers of HOK", not GENUINE HOK paint. I'm pretty sure all the thinners mentioned here will work fine on either.
  11. Got the front pan attached and molded to the body and the AMT '69 Cougar Eliminator kit gave up a front airdam. The same kit will also give up its hoodscoop and rear wing. Just a little more work and it will be ready for paint. Enjoy!!!
  12. Well, aren't you special!!! Welcome aboard and post some builds soon!!!
  13. KDog has the "stock" cowl hoods for the '72 Chevy truck and '66 Nova. PSF has a cowl hood for the '76 Nova. It's somewhere in between "stock" and "outlaw". I have one on its way to me as I type.
  14. The AMT '70.5 Baldwin Motion Camaro has a nice set of big 'n little S/S rims.
  15. I picked one up at a show last year. It's a 1971 or 1972. can't remember right now. What a trip in the wayback machine!!!
  16. Any specific kits you want hoods for? Try making your own sometime. It's what the resin casters do before they go into the RTV bath. Drag City Casting and PSF Hobbies seem to have the largest selection overall. Reliable Resin has a number of different hoods and KDog Graphix aka Bandit Resins has some nice ones too.
  17. Thanks!!! I see a split bumper Camaro in your future.....
  18. Overcoat those decals with Microscale Liquid Decal Film before you apply them and use two coats of you like. It will protect them from clearcoat damage. I use it on all my decals now and have good luck clearing over them with Tamiya TS-13. IIRC, you use two-part urethane, so you should be fine with the Liquid Decal Film. Give it a try sometime. If not on this one, the next one.
  19. It is a Reliable Resin body with Modelhaus chrome bumpers. I could have just used Alclad chrome on the Reliable parts, but lately I choose Modelhaus chrome when it is available.
  20. What an ambitious project and a fitting tribute to "Mr. 4-Speed". Who did the AWB body?
  21. F&F Resin was ran by the late Ed Fluck. His son, Ed Jr., has started his own business called Drag City Casting. Eddie is gradually phasing in some of his father's old product and has introduced a number of his own stuff. I have some of DCC's hoods and they are good quality. I have an old F&F '62 Nova that was probably nicer when it was new. Mine has some faded chrome and a slight warp to the roof from improper packaging. I bought it second hand on Ebay and is probably not representative of the original quality.
  22. How's this? Will be upgrading the fogs on both the 2004 and 2005 GTO front fascias. The lamp bucket will be cast into the fascia and the lens is a modified kit part that will be cast in crystal clear resin. Just add some matt black paint to the area, BMF the bucket, and attach the lens with white glue. I think this is what you are looking for. Now if I could figure out something for the headlights and taillights.
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