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  1. Central Pneumatic is on the box, but that is a Harbor Freight brand I think. I've seen several online airbrush dealers selling the same unit as well. I like the auto on/off feature, as it does not run continuously. Good luck with your selection.
  2. I would use Gunze Mr. Color thinner if you have access to it. My LHS carries it and I use it to thin the real HOK paints, so it should work with this stuff as well. The Kustom Kolors thinner is stupid expensive, just like all hobby thinners. Mr. Color is not as "hot" as generic lacquer thinner, and works wonders on styrene.
  3. We'll never know what the AMT Cuda would have been. After the F&F and 2F2F cartoon kits, I didn't have high expectations.
  4. If I build a '70 AAR, I'll get me a resin MPC body, a resin AAR hood and combine these bits with a shortened AMT Challenger chassis. I already have the AAR decals frm Fred Cady. Will it cost more, absolutely. Will it look better and be more accurate, absolutely. That's how I'll skin this cat.
  5. If you are going to use this compressor outdoors, any of the above mentioned units will work fine. I just bought this unit at Harbor Freight to use INDOORS. My shop is a bedroom in between my two daughter's rooms. I'm real happy with it so far, and a $20 two year in-store replacement warranty put my mind at ease regarding Harbor Freight quality. Quiet operation. Delivers 0 to 40 PSI constant pressure for a quality finish. Works with all airbrushes. Auto shutoff at 40 PSI, auto-on at 3 PSI Adjustable pressure regulator with moisture trap Direct hook-up with all airbrushes using universal 1/8"-28NPS fitting with 1/4" NPT male adapter Thermal overload protection with automatic reset Rubber suction cup feet for stability Built-in carrying handle for maximum portability Includes 10 ft. coiled air line, Teflon tape, easy-to-read pressure gauge; 1/8 HP, 115 volt, 2 amps, 1750 RPM, Overall dimensions: 9-/14'' L x 5-3/8'' W x 9-1/4'' H, Weight: 7.85 lbs. ITEM 93657-5VGA $79.99 $69.99 Email link to a friend http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/disp...temnumber=93657
  6. I've recently scored a few built up MPC '69 Charger annuals. One of them is pretty nice but has some glue damage around the rear window trim. I've not even cut out the window yet. I also have a number of the AMT exMPC Daytona Chargers laying around. I was thinking about combining the Daytona fastback rear window area with the annual body, which is seen by many as the best overall '69 Charger in scale. I would like someday to build another '69 Charger 500. Where would be the best place to cut? Thanks in advance for your ideas.
  7. El Camino Billy Kingsley reported on the HHMB that it was made on a computer. I'm guessing one of those "rapid prototype" machines.
  8. I'll second that, Bill. While I'll probably buy one Merc, it doesn't do much for me like the '55 & '58 Chevies. If the AAR was as good as the Bowtie duo.....I guess we'll never know. IMHO, the Merc will sell like gangbusters initally, but won't have the staying power as the Deuce kits or the venerable '55 Chevy and '69 Camaro.
  9. Now, this one is a slam dunk, grand slam, kick return for a touchdown, you name it!!! I'll definitely purchase multiples of this one. Kudos to Revell for finally pulling off this "no brainer". To Ed Sexton @ Revell, I'll buy enough of these to offset the AAR Cudas that I won't be purchasing.
  10. Better than their first attempt, but they still missed the mark. This is one turd that with Revell's polishing, will still be a turd. And it's still 1:24 scale too. I would have rather seen an all new 1:25 scale version. Nice try.
  11. It's an illness with no known cause and no known cure. Enjoy it!!!
  12. Matt, the "Hot Rod Guy" builds a nice street machine. Someday soon, I'll show you guys how MPC Motorsports builds a street rod!!! 8)
  13. The website will be updated sometime this year and changed to a format that we can maintain ourselves. The current site requires an outside webmaster to make changes. Email, PM or ask here for any specific items or check Ebay under "Got_de_mottz".
  14. Oooh!!! I like it!!! What is your base coat under that Kandy Tangerine? Looks like it has lots of flake.
  15. Like was posted above, you could get a whole Revell Dick Landy '68 Charger kit for the price of a resin conversion. BTW, I have an old MPC '68 Charger built up, a nice one, that I spent over $30 just in Modelhaus chrome. Same for an MPC '69 Charger that I just got two weeks ago.
  16. Modelhaus parts are for the MPC 1968 Charger annual kit or promo.
  17. Thanks Chris. With the early problems I had with the paint, it's almost like "magic" that it looks this good. I did tear one of the stripes on the right side when I was applying the decals, but it's not too noticable.
  18. One week until the MCMA Showdown and one week to finish this one. Polished the body and I'm ready to BMF. Just finished the BMF on the Camaro SS as well. More updates as we get closer to next weekend. Enjoy!!!
  19. I wouldn't wait for the Revell 300 SRT-8 for its rims. That kit will be part of line shared with the Dodge Charger and Caddy SLS. Scissor doors and huge bling rims. Nothing stock about it. Love the work you did on the wagon!!!
  20. Go to www.slixx.com and look for "Competition Resin" parts. They have what you're looking for.
  21. Back in the day, the FI on the Cossie was finicky at best and more than one enthusiast scrapped the FI for a set of Webers.
  22. Keith Marks and Fred Cady have Cosworth Vega decals. Seems someone once upon a time made a resin Cosworth engine.
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