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  1. No i haven't . Ill get some today and give it a go, Thanks.
  2. I put this one back in the box after a glue on windscreen mishap (rookie error) and chipped it when i dropped it. Decided to get it back out and finish it, there's still ghosting of the glue on the windscreen but a lot cleaner. I will go through the sanding process again and hope turns out better.
  3. A little bit more done to the 917k. Rolling chasis almost complete.
  4. I think it turned out great for a custom, a bit like those Hasegawa Egg planes but an Egg Willy.....
  5. A little progress on the 917K. Body in base coat and engine detail.
  6. Thanks Ed. I'm not sure which way i am going to go with it. This kit was a lot cheaper than say the Gulf Le Mans winning 917k so of course i bought it and another one just to keep it company. Ill go the artistic freedom way and try to create my own racer.
  7. I look forward to see how this build goes. There is nothing wrong with curbside to get the skills up. Ive got this Cobra Daytona kit that i don't plan to build for a few years yet - so i too understand the need for talent. Good luck.
  8. Another Porsche which will not look like the box art, i will put more effort into detail and hopefully turn out a better one this time.
  9. The Tamiya Taisan Starcard Porsche. An excellent kit with no fit issues and goes together beautifully. Lessons were learned and my skills determine its final look.
  10. Your builds coming along beautifully. I took your advice and bought another 4 Porsche kits. Cheaper to buy from Asia . Would really like to get a hold of a 904 Carrera kit.
  11. Nearly done, just needs a tidy a up and a better photographer.
  12. Mono theme - Too late . Ive got 4 Porsche kits out of the 12 kits that i have.The Australian sellers here on ebay know how to put a ridiculous price on certain kits so it makes it hard to collect what i want. My brother in law is a GM for one of the Porsche Centers here in Australia so my admiration and experience with the 1:1 vehicle goes back a long way.
  13. Looking good, im quickly becoming a Porschekit fan. Id like to see more getting built.
  14. Not much done since last week but a polish. Hope to have it finished by next weekend.
  15. I'm inspired. It often takes builds like this one that shows how a kit like this can look like. Great work.
  16. Looking good so far, i love the Fairlanes. Here in Australia the two door wasn't manufactured. Ford Australia made the ZC/D Fairlane 4 door http://www.fomoco.com.au/zcadd1.html. But they also made the ZA/B Fairlane which my dad had one in 70's http://oldcarbrochures.org/Australia-2/Ford/Ford/1968-Ford-Fairlane-ZB-Brochure/1968-Ford-Fairlane-ZB-02-03. Two door or four door they still look great.
  17. Nice progress. Another Porsche...? bring it on. Ive just opened a 917K Le Mans kit.
  18. Inspired by a google image of one. The rims have been d-chromed and that's their color underneath, nothing more to do to them. Didn't expect it to look that good and aggressive but ill go with it.
  19. Yep, great kit and quality is top notch.
  20. No i'm not doing the race version. I'm planning to do a street/weekend racer look with only a few decals. I could have bought the street version of this kit but at least this version i get a decal sheet to use if i choose.
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