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  1. Mine is stuck in customs and have been for about 2 weeks I wonder if I will ever get it. On top of that I expect a nice fee. Sounds great though that it is an excellent kit.
  2. Thanks I will look it up. Your build looks great.
  3. Think I will buy the Mustang only for the nice box art.
  4. Will buy one for sure, I like the look of this one better than the AMT Haulaway.
  5. Although I don't have much interest in 1:32 scale I would like to watch an unboxing of these kits.
  6. I have always wondered what "Pro Shop" actually means so in this case nothing? ...
  7. Yay no more red. I can see on several of my boxes that it says "Made in Poland". Perhaps you could ask your contact at Revell how it is going fixing the windshield?
  8. There was a limited edition in 2013: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-07491-vw-karmann-ghia--237724
  9. If this turns out to be true then...lost for words. Also I hope they will stick with the gray plastic.
  10. Thanks good to know. So the only way to be sure I get a good body is to buy the US version or wait for a long time to buy the German version and hope it is not old stock otherwise I would have to ask support for a replacement.
  11. So in order to get a good body one has to complain and have them send you a spare?
  12. What's the story behind this kit? Was there a competition who could design the weirdest looking vehicle and the prize was to have it tooled? I am not criticizing the kit I am genuinely interested in how this kit came to be or the vehicle rather.
  13. I hope they will make a Delta with stock interior at some point.
  14. Is there any indication Round 2 is even considering reissuing this? Would buy one for sure. Or any other 1/16 Corvette.
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