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  1. I created an Excel sheet for just this purpose including what I paid for each kit. When I saw the total I spent on kits I regretted creating it. I am sure you are aware of https://www.scalemates.com/ I think it works well to get an overview of your stash.
  2. Well done! The 288 GTO is a beautiful car want to get my hands one this kit.
  3. Excellent so far, blue looks like a good chose to me.
  4. Well done looks great. Is the Heller kit the same as the Revell one?
  5. Beautiful build of a beautiful car.
  6. Looks really good. Good to see it is possible to get such a good result even with all problems you discovered with this kit.
  7. Did they stop doing it? At least in previous videos they have shown the parts trees long enough to pause.
  8. Admittedly I know nothing about the process of manufacturing new tools but how hard can it be to get the a car body correct with the technology available today? Understandable if it was much harder 50-60 years ago. We can only hope that the new E-Type is as accurate as we always wanted.
  9. Would be nice to see some of them as kits for adults but don't see it happening. Quick build is like Lego isn't it?
  10. Great build, I look forward to the rest. I started to build this kit a couple of years ago but paused it when I had problems fitting the body to the interior and chassis maybe I applied too thick paint. Anyway watching your build got my interest back in having another go with mine.
  11. So that explains why there are so few new tools lately, too bad. Very happy they are doing a new E-Type though and I want the T2 as well even though it's an easy click.
  12. I used to own the Aurora kit but sold it. I also have the Heller kit both the Coupe and the Cabriolet. It seems all but the Gunze tool (which I don't know anything about) are from the 60's-70's one would think they would be able to do a more accurate kit with today's technology.
  13. Says the E-Type is a new tool. Got this newsletter with a small photo of the T2: https://www.revell-news.de/display.php?M=21252&C=8e59249e112b9ecc742ea2dcbbab8f7f&L=2&N=249
  14. Thanks for the heads up, maybe it is a good idea to stay away from Renwal all together. Almost bought the Ferrari 275 GTB a week ago glad I didn't.
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