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  1. Interesting, how could they get it so wrong then? I thought the reason was that they could reuse the parts.
  2. I want the Impala only have Revell's version atm.
  3. Wasn't planning on buying one but it will be difficult to say no to that box art.
  4. I want the '62 Bel Air been close to picking up one of the previous reissues.
  5. I have the non Street-custom version what are the differences apart from the wheels? Wish they would release a Z version in 1:12.
  6. Some more photos: https://www.revell.de/en/products/novelties/1967-corvette-sting-ray-sport-coupe-2n1.html Says 2n1 in the title but not on the box...also it is cheaper than most other car kits for some reason.
  7. I have the roadster and didn't know it was that bad. I have never seen the 1:1 irl so the kit is probably good enough for my untrained eyes. Or would I be better off buying two coupes and chopping the roof off of one of them?
  8. Based on the photos you posted earlier of the 1:1 car I think the front was already good. But I agree with gbtr6 it looks even better now. When I build mine I will keep it as it is because when I do modifications more often than not it gets worse.
  9. I hope they reissue it again soon. I only have the lowrider issue and I am pretty sure it cannot be built stock which is what I want.
  10. What about the BMW M1, also inaccurate? Is an engine included?
  11. 2022 preview is available. Bugatti Type 35B 1:12 new tool coming, not sure if there is anything else we didn't already know about. https://www.italeri.com/en/article/793
  12. Thanks, hopefully it is the same for Europe.
  13. Nothing we didn't know I guess. https://www.kitreviewsonline.de/revell-neuheiten-juni-bis-dezember-2022/ I wonder when we start to see some release dates for the '67 Corvette, Malibu and other Revell USA kits?
  14. I am sorry someone has to say it, there is no engine... Seriously though I think it looks great I want one. Unfortunately Hasegawa kits are usually really expensive where I live.
  15. The old MPC Toyota 2000 GT please. I have read it is a bad kit but I am a big fan of the car and I have never owned a MPC kit it is time now.
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