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  1. Re-Visited this build today. I removed the gauges and interior details. Painted the dash, interior tub, and hood today.
  2. Gareth. Thanks for the complement it’s coming along pretty good Dan. Thanks for the complement I’m going to try to keep building this up.
  3. Thanks for the complement Brian. Hope to get more done on it soon
  4. Mike yes after I striped I thought has to be a 1973-74 I’ll be putting the low pro Air conditioner on it from the Pete T-501 kit. Thanks for the complement.
  5. Thanks JT, Gareth and Jeff. Yes seems that way Jeff there fun to build also.
  6. Thanks for the complements guys. Here’s a mock up I did yesterday.
  7. Never built one of these Cabovers with a long chassis seen one in a pic one time and always wanted to build one like it
  8. I started this truck last year sometime I was wondering if a AMT Cabover Peterbilt would work on a AMT little window Peterbilt frame. So far so good. I’ve used some spare parts I had laying around and one I found was a Battery Box lid from my brother Bill’s old Pete Cabover he built around 1970 thought it would be a classy touch to the truck. This is what I have so far.
  9. Thanks for the complement Brian. It’s Caterpillar Yellow from Tractor Supply in a spray.
  10. It’s been a while since I posted but today I worked a little on the Pete. I added the grill and finished the frame and painted it.
  11. Gator. I’m going to be using some bead wire I’ll post some pics of it later
  12. Gator. I have to agree with you looks better with the winch I need to put the cable on it and the mirrors and call it done
  13. Thanks gator I’ll be putting a lowboy behind it new ray makes a 1/43 scale tri axle lowboy I will try to see what that looks like thanks for the compliment
  14. Here’s mine I built back in 1989 like Casey’s the front axle looks center and the wheels snug underneath the hood
  15. Casey your truck looks great as well as the paint job. I ordered the exact same decals for my 4200 I’m gonna have to check mine now since I’ve seen the difference in your stripes I have a lot of problem with his decals be an offset from the original color strips a small band of white stripes outline in your main stripe that’s not supposed to be there my brother and I have addressed him on this issue but he still fails to correct it. I’ll get mine out and post you a pic of it.
  16. Very nice I like the Wig Wag and that iron lung on the engine those Engines sounded sweet with a split manifold. Great looking build
  17. Thanks for the complement yeah spell check got me. Posts some updates soon
  18. Bob. Thanks for the complement yes I enjoy doing different things with these JMT Mack’s. I’ll have another that I’ll be building after this one but it will be a single axle.
  19. Today I re-visited this old build and decided to add a Don Mills Winch to it. I’m going try to get this thing off the bench
  20. Thanks Gentlemen. I hope to get this off the bench soon just need to add the wheels and tires.
  21. Thanks for the complement it shouldn’t take long just a few more decals and add the wheels
  22. Here’s a old 1/43 AMT Fruehauf Exterior Post Van I’ll be working on. The decals were Custom made by me many years ago.
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