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  1. Jim. Thanks for the complement I didn’t think it would with the green frame Jeff. Thanks for the complement. It’s been a fun build and I wonder if I could add the Dump trailer as part of this build?
  2. Thanks JT if I can fine what I done with the wheels I’ll post it with wheels but I’ve missed placed them
  3. I finished up some 1/32 trucks the first of the year when life was normal
  4. Thanks for the complement Mark. Think I’m going to add a dump trailer to it
  5. Thanks Jeff. You can build at a good pace when your Model kit goes together with out issues like these Ertl kits. If I get done with this Truck early can I start another build? If not that’s OK
  6. Well before calling it a night I painted the tanks and added some Spoke Wheels to it.
  7. Larry. Thanks for the complement. It took me a bit to figure out a color scheme
  8. Jim. Looks good it probably look a little better moved back but that just my opinion. Updates looks nice
  9. Nice conversion kit I’ll be watching this one
  10. Just clean the slate and start this one and don’t look back till it’s done lol ?
  11. That’s a nice kit one of the few AMT did with limited fit issues. I’ll be watching this one
  12. Assembled the Engine and painted it. Here’s a quick mock up
  13. Bill. Thanks for the complement seems the old Ertl Internationals got along good with me. I may have to build another if I get this one finished.
  14. Looks like a great build. I’ve been pulling sea containers now for 24yrs. I’ll be watching. I see these combos all the time. We have a Owner Operator that has a red Volvo like what your building and there’s several other truckers around St. Louis that run those Volvo’s too. If you need a pic of something let me know I’ll be glad to help
  15. This will be the power plant. Cummins 350 with a 16 speed transmission. The gear shifter always Remind me of a 16 speed splitter with a vacuum cleaner hose spiraling down it in this truck.
  16. Dan. Thanks for the complement. International always had different color Coronations with their trucks in the 70s-80.
  17. I got the frame painted this morning. Now time to let it dry this tractor paint usually takes up to 3 days to dry and cure.
  18. I’ll be watching this one and who wants to be in the main stream all the time I’m always looking to build something different it will look fine.
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