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  1. Nice to see it still survives and wasn't blown up with fire crackers or something.👍
  2. I bought one a few years ago and it's great!,i use it just before i'm about to primer,paint and adding clear,it's a great tool to have.
  3. Nice find!, i have a couple of the 64'convertibles with the working lights.
  4. Forgot these two that came today,have aftermarket decals coming for both of these.🤠
  5. Local Hobbyshop was selling off a big collection,the Miata is unbuilt,but the rest have been started,most will be used for parts.🤠scored some decals as well.
  6. kelson

    Cragar GT Wheels

    Correct me if i'm wrong,but weren't these wheels also offered in the Superteen Firebird?.
  7. I built the same kit years ago and never finished,it just didn't want to be put together!,one day i may strip and start all over again,nice to see you changed wheels the originals are just to small.
  8. kelson

    '67 Cougar

    That turned out really nice!!,btw i also have some of those Cragar G/T wheels,if you want to borrow and make resin copies sometime.
  9. Beautiful!!,i want to build one except with the automatic transmission,but i can't find one in 1/24th scale.
  10. Might be the first time i've seen someone build this kit!,looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  11. Off to a nice start!,maybe with the second kit build a 69'Malibu?.
  12. I got them on Ebay from a seller named Kootenay3dmodelparts,but i'm pretty sure Icemancollections sells the same parts on his website.
  13. Part 2 of the update the front grille was stripped and repainted using Molotow,but there's is a strip of body color between the front grille and bumper that's impossible to paint,the taillights were difficult as well😐
  14. Okay,back on the bench with this one,engine compartment is painted and i added door handles and used some P/E door locks and installed the windshield.
  15. Cool looking truck!Moebius really is getting the maxium out of this tooling,you can kitbash and create as many versions as you like.
  16. Beautiful build!,Revell needs to reissue this kit,they're expensive to find i think due to lowrider popularity,i have the 3d parts to do the 73,74 and 75'Monte carlo and they're nice done.
  17. Arrivals from yesterday,the Mustang is missing parts,luckily not the parts i need and the impala is unbuilt.🤠
  18. Looks great!, i have this transkit to,but never thought about using a Mustang chassis
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