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  1. cobrit added a post in a topic Is this kit rare?   

    It would probably be worth more if the back window was correct and if it was molded in white. Nice builder though.
  2. cobrit added a post in a topic Best place to buy kits?   

    Ebay will get you anything you want as far as kits go, but will often be expensive. For cheap kits, auto swap meets are probably the best, followed by model meets.
  3. cobrit added a post in a topic BMW kits   

    There are a few E36 type (3 series) kits in 1/24th scale around but you have to look for them. I have a Dragon 1997 M3 Lightweight 2 dr kit and a Hasagawa 320i 4 dr from the early 90's, as well as a ESCI 320 racer circa 1978 that was made to compete with the Porsche 935. I also have seen the late 90's 318i (bobtailed version) around. These kits are out there, you just gotta look (ebay). Prepare to pay a premium, but not resin money. There are plenty of resin kits done in 1/43rd scale, but these can be quite expensive. Good luck.

    Edited: I just checked ebay and some of these models are available at this time.
  4. cobrit added a post in a topic Barrett-Jackson: Lying stupidity you can't believe   

    As for "selling out to the highest bidder", what was the last thing you bought that WASN'T made in China?
  5. cobrit added a post in a topic Barrett-Jackson   

    And why can't BJ make eighteen percent on the transaction? The new car dealer you just bought your last car from probably made a much larger percentage on your purchase (did you ever see the Blue Book used car guide?). The big numbers these guys throw around is just like us guys buying hundred dollar models. It's all relative.
  6. cobrit added a post in a topic Barrett-Jackson   

    Many years ago, after JFK was killed, it was stated in the news media that his Lincoln conv limo was destroyed shortly after the assassination. It was (much) later acknowledged by Ford Motor Co., the limos owner, that it was rebuilt with a roof and used as the touring limo for LBJ, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Who can you beleive? Certainly the Washington DC politicos have no problem lying to the American public. Why would we be so surprised to find that this ambulance could be found languishing in some barn for fifty years? It would be just like our military to hide this albatross, especially with the influence of the Kennedy family. Only now has the Kennedy limo resurfaced and rebuilt once again to its pre-Kennedy condition and it currently sits in the Ford museum. I think this ambulance just may be the real thing.
  7. cobrit added a post in a topic Barrett-Jackson: Lying stupidity you can't believe   

    Barrett Jackson is so successful with American muscle because this is America. This is the product that the fans and participants want. I see more cars actually sold here than all the other auto auctions combined. You may not agree, but isn't that what America stands for?
  8. cobrit added a post in a topic 1964 Fia Cobra Csx 2323 Targa Florio   

    Also did a little decal work...just waiting for the Micro-Sol to settle the wrinkles a bit. I hope this thing is done soon.

  9. cobrit added a post in a topic 1964 Fia Cobra Csx 2323 Targa Florio   

    I was able to do some more work on my projest Dan Gurney/Jerry Grant Targa Florio FIA Cobra roadster. I lightened up the windshield frame and used Bare Metal Foil to cover it. I'm still not convinced it's right, but for now it'll do. I also did some interior work. I was hoping to finish it in time for NNL East, but not this year.
  10. cobrit added a post in a topic 1965 Shelby Cobra 427   

    Nice work. It's always great to see a Cobra done up in scale.
  11. cobrit added a post in a topic Time Attack/Circuit Racer Mitsubishi Evo V   

    Truely incredible work. The dedication speaks for itself. (I cannot wait to see the gearbox). Good luck.
  12. cobrit added a post in a topic Grand Sport   

    Great work. Nice to see one of these cars get completed.
  13. cobrit added a post in a topic AM Corvette Grand Sport Chassis #4   

    Which version of #004 are you building?
  14. cobrit added a post in a topic Non Formula One Fans Need Not Look Here   

    Great project you are undertaking. I love the F1 cars from the seventies and eighties. I have a kit of that updated '77 Tyrell done in 1/32 scale by Matchbox. I also remember seeing a resin version some time ago, although it may have been in 1/24 scale. Frank Williams also had a six wheeler, but the tandem was in the rear. I don't know if it was ever raced in competition, but the car was photographed at a vintage F1 event some years ago (I believe at Laguna Seca in CA). Good luck.
  15. cobrit added a post in a topic 1964 Fia Cobra Csx 2323 Targa Florio   

    Just finished up the wheels & tires today. I used some old Shabo lettering on the rear wheels & tires from two sets of Harold Bradfords great Racing Miniatures FIA wheels & tires. Set the tires on the car for first time just to see if they fit.