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  1. flamefink added a post in a topic Tweedy Pie parts   

    Yes, they're good looking tires but they're still not right for the car. They're radials, and the real car had bias-plys and it.
  2. flamefink added a post in a topic Tweedy Pie parts   

    The "Rat Rod" tires are not exactly new to the kit. If you recall the Amigo Pack Rat Rod T Bucket. It was nothing more than the Tweedy Pie 2 with the same painted steelies, trim rings, caps and white wall tires that are found in the pickup and sedan kits. The use of the new tires was visible on the built up photos that all of the vendors had posted for preorders as well as on the Revell website a while back and eventually became the box art photo...

    I'm happy to have it back, but still disappointed about the tires. If they went through the trouble of retooling all of those "lost" parts, why not take it a step further and fix the tires as well.
  3. flamefink added a post in a topic New Minicraft Orange "Peel" 1/16 Model A   

    I know that the wheels are the obvious "sore thumb" in this kit, but has anyone else noticed that horrible bandaid of a rear crossmember, the fact that the motor mounts sit on the fenders and don't even touch the frame, there are no lower radiator hoses, and that its running an unsplit front wishbone attached to a stock model a trans? It really is a shame that they put so much work into tooling up some really nice new parts and did such a horrible job adapting them to the kits.

    Does anyone remember the horrible radiator hoses from the early issues of the pickup & roadster?

    These reissues with just a change in plastic color and decals remind me of the old Lindberg 1/8 Bobtail T... Mold it in adiferent color and throw some decals at it and instant "new kit"
  4. flamefink added a post in a topic Buckeye Scale Auto   

    Is that Ramada the old Mid West hotel?
  5. flamefink added a post in a topic 1/16 SCALE RESIN PARTS   

    RMR Resin offers a 1/16 69 Daytona conversion kit.

  6. flamefink added a post in a topic Brutal Legend The Deuce   

    Are you looking the build the car as seen in the game or a more realistic interpretation of it? The Von Franco "Eye Gone Wild" kit would really be a good start for the the game version of this car. It already has most of the same proportions. Move the rear wheel wells up closer to the belt line, cut the top off, scratch build a windshield and add a supercharger from the Mr Gasser kit...
  7. flamefink added a post in a topic 1/16th scale Camaro Funny Car 1/15/2011 update   

    Killer work on the wheels. If somebody started makin wheel sets like that, I'd be in for a couple sets! I've been itchin to do something different with a 1/16 Funny car so I'm definitely watchin this one.
  8. flamefink added a post in a topic 1/16th scale Camaro Funny Car 1/15/2011 update   

    Looking good! Where did you get the body and wheels/tires?
  9. flamefink added a post in a topic '31 Model 'A' Pickup   

    I've heard a lot of people bash the bed in that kit, but it actually isn't all the incorrect. The truck is a 31 and in the late 31 transition period a lot of things got weird. There was what they call a "wide bed" which looks a lot like a 32 bed... and that is the bed they depicted in that kit.

    A quick fix to make it look like the earlier Model A/T bed is to cut the lower 1/4" off the sides and replace it with a section of 1/4" tubing split into quarters lengthwise.
  10. flamefink added a post in a topic Anybody Interested In A New Body?   

    I could go for a 33/34 Coupe in 1/8. I wish I had known about the interest in this project before the real ones I had access to for reference were sold off.

    I'd also like to see a 32 Ford Pickup Cab done in 1/8. If you guys do decide to do the 34 Ford car, the 32 Pickup cab can be easily converted to a 33/34 Cab with minimal modifications and the 32-34 1/2ton Pickups use car chassis'. The 32-34 cabs are almost identical aside from an aditional body reveal on the late cab and a different firewall.
  11. flamefink added a post in a topic 60 impala redo   

    I like the straight white instead of the two tone on the body. Interior is looking good too. This build reminds me of the 1:1 60 Chevy a friend of mine had, it was white with a black/white two tone interior.
  12. flamefink added a post in a topic '79 Z-28   

    I've never been a fan of this gen Camaro, but the color, wheels, and stance on this one have my attention! Looks good, and the wheels give it a contemporary G-Machine look. Definitely needs something with big cubes and big HP under the hood backed by a 5 or 6 speed from one of the new Vettes or Camaros. A nice pair of high back bucket seats, 5 point harnesses and a tight tuck roll bar to look like the Ridetech "Tigercages" and this thing would look like it means business!
  13. flamefink added a post in a topic 68 DOGE HEMI ,49 MERC OTB   

    I expect to see both of these finished for Choppers! j/k... Lookin good. That blue on the dart is killer. I gotta pick one of those up soon.
  14. flamefink added a post in a topic 1987 Buick Grand National   

    Interesting build. its a nice mix of old and new. I've always liked this gen Buick and its about time someone did something different to one.

    Jantrix, the ironic part about that is SA photographed a New Beetle that I did exactly that to. I took the Revell kit and added louvers to the trunk lid, sunk a moon tank into the front bumper, put wide whites and cheater slicks on five spoke mags, huge exhaust tips out back and finished it off in flat black with red and white interior.
  15. flamefink added a post in a topic Motor City NNL Warren MI   

    Tom, don't ask questions just go. Oh, and stop in North Oldstead and bring that guy with the beard with you too... He needs to get out of the house LOL