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Been building model cars since late 1970s. Prefer factory stock cars from the 60s - 80s. Having the most fun trying to build odd ball smog era American cars from the 70s. There aren't many, that's what makes it challenging and fun. I like to create cars that may never become model kits.

I kit bashed a Johan 72 Torino race car into a stock 75 Ranchero GT. This was way back in the early 90s before the Starsky and Hutch Torino came out,  so I had very little to build from.

In progress is a 67 Galaxie starting with a broken ex-slot car body, grille, bumpers, glass and nothing else. I'm searching for the interior and I'm using a 66 Galaxie chassis which fits perfectly.

I'm also converting a Snapfast Chevy Tahoe into a 96 Gmc Suburban. Roof is sagging so I'll have to fix that before continuing.

I also currently have a 70 Galaxie police interceptor that I'm converting into an 69 LTD wagon. I know that there is already a resin kit of one out there, but I like building my own.

That's what I have on my work bench right now.

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