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    1963 Morris Mini

    Very nice build, the colour suits it very well
  2. GeeBee

    1963 Morris Mini

    It's actually a post January 1965 bodyshell on the Tamiya kit, before then there was no safety boss fitted on the doors, there was a few other things as well,
  3. I built this model a few years ago, before Italeri re-released it, the cab can be built and the floor inserted afterwards, can't recall having any major problems doing it this way.
  4. No kits, but I have too many as it is, got a Airbrush holder, which I have wanted and needed for a long time, no longer will the airbrush fall over and make a mess, a new 10 foot braided airhose, a few books, as I like reading, and the best of all, a USB 400 x microscope with built in LED's, doesn't sound exiting, but when I plug it into the laptop in the hobby room, it will be so useful, after having to wear glasses from the beginning of this year I have struggled with the finer detail, having to move items closer to my face, anyway I plugged it in to the PC downstairs and had a play with it, the photo's are taken off the screen with my digital camera, thinking about it now, I should have just hit the "Print Screen" button.
  5. A very nice pair of models, I wish those old AMT kits were available this side of the pond when they re-issue them, as I don't build European trucks, as they pretty much look the same as each other.
  6. Well after going from pillar to post, I finally had some good news, and my paint will soon be on it's way, I have 100mls of basecoat and a litre of basecoat thinners on order, although I couldn't find it on there on-line database, they found it elsewhere, so in the future, if there is anyone in the U.K that needs paint mixing up give http://www.paints4u.com/ a go.
  7. Thanks for the replies, but this morning I had an email from Scalefinishes "Geoff, Thank you for contacting me. I just got a new computer, and I don't have any of my Scalefinishes files transfered over. Everything should be transfered to the new computer by the weekend, and I'll be able to give you an email with the paint code for the Carlile blue then. Thanks again, Jameston" So hopefully I will be able to get the paint mixed up over here,
  8. Must be a problem your having in the U.S, as most of the hobby shops over here in the U.K have it on there shelves.
  9. Thanks for all the help and info' guy's I'm not giving up just yet and getting the proper colour mixed, and about shipping paint in the U.K, there's no problem, as you can order aerosols, and lacquer paints, and the post office will ship them all.
  10. For quite some time now I have been watching the series "Ice Road Truckers" on our t.v over here, it's even better now that we have it in HD, anyway I have wanted to build a model truck in there colours for some time, I have an Italeri Peterbilt 378 coming, I know it won't be 100% prototypical, as they seem to run kenworths, but I have just found and ordered the decals from Modeltruckin.com, in 1/25th scale, hopefully I will have them soon, the next problem is the paint, scalefinishes have the paint in stock, http://www.scalefini....com/fleet.html, see Carlile blue, but they don't ship out of the U.S, Now I would prefer to use the basecoat and clearcoat, is there anyone that side of the pond that could help, if I can't get the paint is there anyone who has a colour chip or code I could probably get the paint mixed this side of the pond. Any help would be gratefully accepted.
  11. Very nice builds, they both looking stunning, I do like the two tone paint on the beetle, well done.
  12. I like there paint, but I just don't get on with the aerosols, so I decant the paint and use the airbrush.
  13. Well apart from the Expo tool I spotted a extraction hose kit for it on a site in germany, it arrived today, but I was a bit put back when I logged onto a hobby website over here to see that Expo tools now import it, and at a much lower price than I paid, oh well, you live & learn. The kit is pretty simple with only a few parts,Anyway the instructions quote "just remove the screws holding the fan to the back of the spray booth and use them to connect the hose" sounds simply, but the screws are too short once they have gone through the plastic shroud, there's not enough thread to get the to bite properly, luckily I had a box of bolts the correct thread, and simply put in some that were slightly longer. If there available in the U.S I don't know, but worth looking out for one if you have the spraybooth to go with it, no doubts it could be modified to work with other spraybooths.
  14. Mail Orders: Please print a copy of your order following the steps in our online calalog and include with your payment. Mail to: Terry Kinnear 1711-3 Vineyard Drive. Wilson, North Carolina 27893 Phone or e-mail us so we can expect your mailed order. Online Orders: Comming Soon
  15. only managed a few builds this year, the black Mini was a tamiya Mini Cooper I converted to a basic Mini, the other two are Austin cooper S models
  16. Just bought myself one of these, there made in China, (but then what isn't these days ?) by the Fenghua Bida Machinery Manufacture Co. Sits nicely under my desk, gives plenty of power and is pretty quiet, you can talk quiet easily while it's switched on, I know a lot of people bang on about Iwata, but the cheapest Iwata over here was £250.00, and then it only had a small 450 c.c airtank, I paid 75.00 for mine, has a 3 litre airtank, no contest !
  17. I've never used it, so can't comment on it's quality, but they don't need thinning, they are designed for screwing straight to your airbrush, and working without adding any thinners.
  18. I never spray from the can, I usually get mine mixed in 100mls, and delivered in small bottles, but if I do find the correct shade in aerosol I always decant the paint into a glass jar and add a small glass ball to the jar, which helps mix the paint later.
  19. is this the one ? http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35623
  20. I pretty much use Dupli Color paints to paint my bodyshells all the time, although I rarely use a clearcoat, as I prefer to polish out the paint which I think looks more like the factory finish for the models I build, I have used there clearcoat a few times, and had no problems with it.
  21. Here's a few shot's of mine, the spraybooth and the desk it sits on are new,
  22. Paasche also do a compressor with an airtank, model # D300R, I've just bought the same unit, but not branded as Paasche here in the U.K, but very quiet, I've also got there spraybooth, (HB-16-13)again, not branded as Paasche over here, which I will only be using acylic's with it, I will wait until the warmer weather to spray with lacquers and spray them in the booth I have in the garage, but it's way too cold to go out there this time of year, the Paasche seems a good booth and a little bit bigger than I though it would be, for the price I can't think of anything else that comes near.
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