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  1. I'm looking for the 2300cc (140ci) four cylinder Vega engine (not the Iron Duke or that style), preferably complete, and a front bumper and grille for a '72 Grand Prix.
  2. Ok, thanks. Hers had the auto trans and the info I've found says it's a TH-2100 (possibly TH250?) 3spd auto. The engine wasn't the Iron Duke, it was the aluminum 2300cc.
  3. It was this engine, the140ci with the angled top cover:
  4. My wife used to have a '77 Chevy Monza so I got one of the Monza re-releases the other day. It doesn't have the 4 cyl engine, but the rest of the kit looks decent enough to build like hers was. Does anyone know where I can get one or does someone have good pictures of all four sides so I can? A lengthy google search was unsuccessful, I only found a good picture of the passenger side. If this is in the wrong forum, please move it mods.
  5. Buckeye Scale Auto Clubs 8th Annual Classic show

    We'll be there this year.
  6. Olson Brothers Resin

    Hey guys, Olson Brothers is at it again with a new, handmade soft-top for the Revell Bronco that will fit either the original version or the new Baja Bronco kit that's coming out. There are also new side rails and much more available on our "favorite" site.
  7. A few I've done after a long break

    Thanks for all the comments guys, I like 'em simple and clean. The wrecker is actually a resin cast (every part) that I did from one of the Moebius kits. My brother, Chris, did the cab and extended the frame, I made the tires and wheels in resin from a set I had from some other truck and I scratch built the entire bed and boom out of styrene. It's far from done but I needed a break from it.
  8. A few I've done after a long break

    Thanks! It's not a 4wd, I just modified the front a-arms and put taller springs in it from Menards' hardware department. This version was one GM sold for utilitarian applications.
  9. A few I've done after a long break

    Thanks guys. My '64 is actually a combination of two, a '64 2dr top half and a '65 4dr bottom half. Turns out the wheelbase, frame, floorpan and rockers are identical so I took the two best halves and made one.
  10. A few I've done after a long break

    I don't post much but I do enjoy looking at the great builds you guys come up with. I took a break from modeling for a while to work on guitar tube amplifiers and my 1:1 '64 Buick Skylark, but some serious health issues sidelined those hobbies. During my on and off recovery periods over the last couple of years I decided since I couldn't do any heavy work, I'd break out the models again. Here are a few that I've done within the last year. The Bronco is a bone-stock version. The Suburban is actually a 2wd version called the "hi-riser" that was used in commercial venues. The SuperBee is a tubbed, dual quad street car, the wrecker is a replica of one our family had when I was a teenager, The '53 Ford and the '48 Chevy are mild customs.
  11. Fender skirts are available now for the Foose Cadillac! These are handmade and fit perfectly to the body, however the kit tires and wheels are too wide to use once these are installed. If you're using the normal tall & skinny whitewalls they will fit fine as [url=https://www.ebay.com/itm/Olson-Brothers-Resin-Fender-Skirts-for-Revell-1-25-Foose-Custom-Cadillac-NEW-/253284647786]shown here[/url].
  12. Bronco Resin parts on ebay

    As promised, the new "Buckaroo" hood is available now. Link
  13. Looks great so far! If you haven't already, check out Olson Bros. Early Bronco parts too. There are rally doors, fenders, different types of bumpers, a raised hood, etc.
  14. Bronco Resin parts on ebay

    There is more there now and more in the works. Thanks for the awesome reviews, Chris does an incredible job! Check out the website at www.resincastmodelparts.com