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  1. I know of one, possibly two coming soon from 'lil bro's shop of a more vintage style.
  2. I disagree, as long as it's not a $30 kit. It seems to be a good one for unskilled builders and people who just don't want to spends hours detailing the engine bay but want a nice looking shelf model.
  3. I got mine today. The biggest difference between the '67 & '68 is in fact the taillight and rear bumper. The '67 has the rectangular taillights in a panel above the bumper, the '68 has round(ish) lights in the bumper. So there would need to be some decent mods to make this kit a '68 but the front end wouldn't be that bad.
  4. Does anyone make a '68 conversion kit? I want to build one like I had many years ago.
  5. More new stuff guys! Olson Brothers Resin Cast Model Parts
  6. My son and one of his co-workers did a sound gig in the Cleveland area a few weeks ago. Apparently the Cavs had been at this location and they played someone the weekend before that had a player (now two I guess) that tested positive for CV19. So... my son and his co-worker were sent home immediately after they found out and told to self-confine for two weeks. They were going to be paid for it, until a few days ago. The entire staff, here in the USA, England and Australia were all laid off yesterday until the end of April when the company will re-visit the status. Fortunately, they will be able to get unemployment and the company is going to keep their health insurance going and is paying the part the employees would have paid from their paychecks so they won't lose their insurance while they're laid off. Hopefully by then this will be under control and they can go back to work. So far my son hasn't shown any symptoms, hopefully they didn't catch it but he's healthy and young so we're keeping our fingers crossed.
  7. Ok so not the car itself, but the particular engine. I've never had a big block Buick engine, only the 300s and one 225 V6 in my '64s and '65s.
  8. Buicks are on the passenger side.
  9. Yep, it's a Highway Series which is American. I looked at the others but nothing fit or felt as good as this. I bought it new in 2004 and the finish wear is real, not faked. There's a large spot under my forearm that you can't see there. It has vintage pickups and a really cool sound recorded straight into a deck. I started out playing drums along with CCR, Elton John, Frampton and KISS in the mid-70s. After playing guitar for a year I discovered the bass and it was off to the races from there on. I mostly play rock, motown, blues and once in a while metal. The bands I've been in in recent years focused on blues and motown for the most part. My amp is an Ampeg SVT III running through either a Hartke 15" or an EV SRO 15".
  10. I started on drums at age 12 (1975), guitar at 13 and bass at 14. My normal instrument is bass bit I have played rhythm and lead guitar in a couple of church praise bands over the years.
  11. Hey guys, Chris has been working on some new stuff that you truck guys might appreciate. A new winch is now available on our updated website and we finally have a shopping cart so you can order direct. This is 100% new, hand drawn in CAD, printed on a new 3D printer and cast using our standard resin process. And there is more coming soon...
  12. Just wanted to send kudos to Kris Morgan for some fantastic resin parts I got in the mail today. I ordered some auto transmissions and a couple of '78 Ford pickup grilles and they are all outstanding. Crisp and clean like always!
  13. Yes it does. I met them and Kris Morgan at one of the Detroit shows in the past. They are all good guys, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them. Actually I placed an order with Kris last week.
  14. I am one of those builders that will not pay big bucks for any kit. I don't care how rare it is, I don't need to have it that bad. I just shake my head when I see kits at shows that are priced at $150 and up when they were dirt-cheap originally. The ones I wish weren't so doggoned expensive and I would love to see re-released are the '69-72 Grand Prixs. I love that body style but $200 for an unbuilt kit isn't happening on my end. I wish I had all the kits I had when I was a kid because those buck and a half kits are fetching hundreds of dollars that I won't spend on them now. The quality of the kits today is far superior to most of the old ones, the nostalgia factor is what people are paying big bucks for.
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