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  1. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic AMT's Ford F350 pickups   

    I hope they fix the windshield & roof error.
  2. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic 1970 Ford Country Squire   

    As far as the model goes... wow. That's really nice. As far as the car goes, very sorry.
  3. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic AMT '71 Plymouth Duster 340   

    I had a ball building this kit, you can see pictures here:

    I built mine as a replica of a real Duster that was in our area back in the late 70s.

  4. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?   

    I built this as a review kit for RoR a few months ago. It is completely whacked, I hope no one expects it to be high quality because it's not. But it is a great looking shelf model and a reminder to many of us of our childhoods. I left the body yellow and by the time you get the decals on, the yellow body, black decals and red "glass" really contrast each other and look awesome.
  5. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic American SATCO?   

    I met Roger (Rodger?) several years ago when we went on a family vacation. Nice guy! We stopped at his shop in Iowa on the way back from the Mall of America. It was in an old school building and he also ran the town's post office in that same building. All thirty or so PO boxes... lol!

    I bought several items from him including a few kits. He told me the history of a bunch of his products including the awesome rubber tires he sold. I wish I could have picked up more from him but as always, I was low on money at the time.
  6. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic Gluhead is in the hospital   

    He's not kidding about the nurses either.

    I actually work in IT for that health care system so he got a little extra special treatment 'cause he's my lil 'bro.

    I quit smoking cigarettes back in 1986 and it's a real bear to deal with. I enjoy fine cigars these days but will never, ever touch a cigarette again.
  7. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic Gluhead is in the hospital   

    Thanks guys, I know he'll get a kick out of this when he gets back home. He'll probably be coming home tomorrow but by Sunday for sure. Heart problems run deep in our dad's side of the family and we haven't always eaten healthy, smoke, etc. so that doesn't help. A lot of that will change as it did for me a few years back when I got a stent. Our dad got two stents a couple years later, now Chris has his. As hard as we try to do the right things, genetics plays a big part in it and we'll definitely be fighting that in the future.
  8. gui_tarzan added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Gluhead is in the hospital
    Guys, most of you know my lil bro Chris by the name Gluhead here. He's in the hospital after having a heart attack earlier today. They put three stents in an artery and he's still got one that needs attention but they'll do that after he's recovered from this. He's in good spirits and will need to make some serious life changes but I'm sure we'll see him back on here soon. Thoughts and prayers for him would be appreciated by us all.


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  9. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic 80 Hg 200.59   

    Not bad for a hack, eh?

    lol! just kidding, Glu's my lil 'bro.

    Here's my version of the same car. His is a lot more detailed than mine.

  10. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic The "FreakShow" new project 1/12/13   

    I think the concept is cool, I just wondered. I've had to modify crossmembers and swap oil pans to get some custom projects to fit right.
  11. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic The "FreakShow" new project 1/12/13   

    Just curious, is there a reason the engine is sitting in there at such a severe angle?
  12. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic Snow Day Slammer Buick   

  13. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic Obscure Kits You Never Knew Were Made...Until Now   

    Yep, someone gave me one of these unbuilt several years ago.

  14. gui_tarzan added a post in a topic Model King F350 Pickup And Open Road Camper   

    Steve, did you raise the top edge of the windshield to make it correct? It looks like it in your pics. I just noticed it on mine, I made a few resin copies of the kit several years ago and I just noticed it so I have to fix it and re-cast the cab.
  15. gui_tarzan added a topic in Under Glass   

    My '62 Catalina
    The other 'Cat post convinced me to post mine. I did this several years ago and because the front end sits so high I wanted to do something a bit different. As you can see, I think I accomplished my goal. I scratch built the hoist, torches, bench, ramps and creeper. This project took approximately 100 hours over almost three months.

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